TV Series Collected Quotes: Awkward

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Every disappointment could seem like the end of the world, and conversely, every victory felt like an ascension.
— “The Graduates.” Awkward

“If he can’t be civil to you at lunch, or make plans with you rather than showing up whenever he feels like it, then you’re his f-buddy not his friend.”— “Touched by an Angel.” Awkward

“If any of us were ever going to deal with what was on our plates and become the adults we wanted to be, we were going to have to be smart about it. There was still a bunch of things we needed to learn: We needed to learn when to ask for help; when to accept help; and most of all, when to help someone else.” — “No Woman is an Island.” Awkward

“This isn’t a movie, this is my life and I don’t have a remote to take control.”
— Jenna Hamilton – Awkward – 12:00

“I used to jump into the sack thinking it would clarify how I felt, and if the feelings weren’t there before than the sex was just that: Sex.”
— Ali – Awkward

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