Desna seeing the nursery Clay made for Ann

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It’s the penultimate episode of the series, and the one thing you thought may never happen does!

Aired 1/30/2022
Network TNT
Directed By Damian Marcano
Written By Sharon Lee Watson, Emily Silver, David Rambo


Hold Up, How? – Dr. Ken, Dean, Desna, Eve

Dean reveals the happy news that Eve is pregnant, which pregnancy tests, her holistic methods, and a doctor confirmed. This is a shock but welcomed surprise, as it puts additional pressure on Desna to get her stuff together and potentially leave the country for Cuba.

But, before that happens, it seems Dean has a plan. Not one that will save his sister, but he talks to Dr. Ken, who is spiraling, about marriage, and after their talk, it seems Dean plans to propose to Eve.

Dragging Me Back In – Ann, Lori, Clay, Tony, Bryce, Desna, Jenn, Polly, Virginia

Because of Bryce killing Tony, that ends up dragging back in Jenn and Virginia, who are ready to start their own thing together. But between Bryce, Polly, and Desna’s willingness to apologize, the team is back!

Now, what’s the plan? Originally just make it look like Tony died in a robbery and high tail it to Cuba. However, with Bryce calling Clay, the plan switches to pinning the murder on Clay to handle that situation. The problem is, getting Clay away from the warehouse or at least somewhere Desna won’t get caught sneaking in.

As that plan is coming to fruition, Ann is coming to learn snitching isn’t a single statement, and you’re done. Lori forces Ann back into Clay’s circle for additional information, and it is awkward. Especially because the nursery Clay has set up is just bizarre, with stuffed animal heads on the walls, alongside other things which would scare the average child.

On A Midnight Train To Juanda – Bryce, Clay, Desna

Juanda greeting Clay

But, Bryce brings Clay out of that room to the bar, which allows Desna to plant the gun, but no sooner than she tries to leave, Clay catches her, with his gun raised, and forces her back into the room. Bryce soon catches up, and it seems Clay is ready to kill Desna and win the war. However, in the process of trying to force her to confess and remove his name from Tony’s death, Desna gets the gun and shoots Clay between the eyes. Thus sending Clay off to his sweet wife, Juanda, and lover boy, Toby, in a flamboyant, bi-sexual heaven.

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Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Where was Ann during all the Clay v. Desna commotion?
  2. Considering all Clay did, why is he in flamboyant bi-sexual heaven?
  3. Is Ann going to join the rest in Cuba?

What Could Happen Next

  1. I think there could be one more major death. Be it Dean or Desna, due to the DEA having a shootout.



The Shock of Clay Dying

Clay is an original on the show, the first villain, and Desna shooting him and killing him? That is a shocker. Not as much as him going to his form of heaven, but a shocked nonetheless, and it almost puts you on notice as a fan that maybe no one is safe? That, despite what you may think, we may get a bittersweet ending.

The Baron Thing Being Put On Ice (Or Out To Pasture)

Thank goodness the show didn’t dedicate a second to the Baron’s children fighting for his money, and all we got was a note that Poly hasn’t gotten the money yet. That storyline doesn’t deserve the final episodes at all (it didn’t even deserve the final season if we’re being honest).

On The Fence

Dr. Ken Unraveling

Dr. Ken in a skunk costume

What happened to Dr. Ken bossing up? Are we supposed to see Selena not having time for him so devastating that it could reset the trajectory he was on? He was finally having growth as a character after three full seasons! What happened?

How Quickly Virginia and Jenn Forgave Desna

A part of me gets it. All that Desna’s crew wants is Desna to admit she is fallible and to own that her influence led to ill decisions. However, considering the reactions we got in the last episode, doesn’t this all seem pretty quick? I get the show is ending, so they can’t dwell and have them like Quiet Ann, but it seemed like, after all Jenn has gone through, and Virginia as well, they seemingly outgrew Desna and their need of her.

But that’s the thing bout shows ending, especially shows like Claws. Rarely do they get to end on their own terms, and even then, how do you not give fans a handful of shocks, like Clay’s death, but ultimately an ending which may not represent the trajectory of stories, but is a send-off which can give thanks?

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Desna seeing the nursery Clay made for Ann
Claws: Season 4/ Episode 9 “Chapter Nine: Wrath” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
It’s bittersweet knowing Claws will end in its next episode, but with setting aside many storylines that could carry over into a 5th season and bringing most of the core characters together, there is hope the finale can be epic. I mean, they did kill Clay, so that opens up the door for quite a lot.
The Baron Thing Being Put On Ice (Or Out To Pasture)
The Shock of Clay Dying
How Quickly Virginia and Jenn Forgave Desna
Dr. Ken Unraveling

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