Desna ready for Ann to catch some hands

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As Desna shows a rather frightening level of desire for violence, Jenn seems to begin questioning if this “partnership” is worth the drama anymore.

Aired 12/26/2021
Network TNT
Directed By Damian Marcano
Written By Janine Sherman Barrois, Sharon Lee Watson


I Think I Found My Calling/ Person – Polly, Baron, Eve, Dean, Ken, Selena

Ken and Selena having a good date.

Let’s begin by saying, new Ken is quickly moving up our list of favorite characters on the show, and him falling for Selena and not caring about her being trans? It makes him A-OK in our book. But, he isn’t alone in finding peace and joy. Dean, thanks to Eve, thinks being a midwife is his passion, and Polly? She thinks being a death doula is her thing after helping one of the Baron’s terminally ill friends OD on Oxy.

We Don’t Like Traitors – Ann, Desna, Jenn

Desna is not someone who knows how to chill anymore. Drama follows her, she embraces it, and if things get too quiet, she seeks it out. So when she learns someone is rebranding her bottles? She is on a hunt that leads her to Ann, then one of the people who work for her, and damn if she doesn’t kill that person. An action which, for Jenn, is starting to make her question how much longer is she going to stick with Desna because she is doing THE MOST!

You Gotta Move On Sooner Or Later – Ann, Desna, Clay, Jenn, Bryce

With Desna feeling no remorse over killing someone and Clay pressuring Jenn, alongside Ann trying to create a premonition, she is stressing out. However, the real stress comes from learning Bryce didn’t make it home in time to watch the kids once the sitter had to leave, and now Child Protective Services are in their business. This leads to Desna having to show up for Jenn in a way that, hopefully, makes up for all she has put Jenn through.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

What Could Happen Next

  1. Jenn eventually, deciding Desna is doing too much, and she can’t enable it anymore
  2. One of these new people being revealed as a cop



Ken and Selena

How did they do this? How did they make it so I have gone from loathing Ken, wishing he would die every season, to him being the sole highlight of an episode? Mind you, it is because he and Selena are cute, and he loves her for who she is, but also, this confidence is charming. Granted, he stumbles in asking her out, but it just makes them getting together and somehow spending an excessively long time at mini-golf all the more butterfly-inducing.

With that said, what was with that kid and the popcorn? Was that just Claws usual randomness at play?

On The Fence

Growing Accustomed To Desna’s Drama To The Point You’re Unfazed By Her Murdering Someone

Jenn shocked by Desna's inability to admit she can make a mistake

I think Desna has peaked. There is no surprise when it comes to her anymore. Her killing someone, getting dicked down, flipping out on people, I’m not even fazed by it. There isn’t any shock or excitement which comes from it since, on top of knowing this is the last season, it isn’t like she’s doing anything to characters we know. She didn’t kill Ann, Virginia, or Jenn. She killed a character whose backstory we just learned.

And, can I just say, I don’t know why they are doubling up on episodes, but can someone tell TNT this isn’t the kind of show which does well in batches? Because another factor in why I think Desna’s antics led to a simple hunch is that this show is so high energy that watching more than one episode at a time is draining. It’s the kind of show you need a break from so that what happens can still feel like a hearty punch and not a child who hits you to get your attention.

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Desna ready for Ann to catch some hands
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Trajectory: Plateau
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Ken and Selena
Growing Accustomed To Desna's Drama To The Point You're Unfazed By Her Murdering Someone

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