Will all the ladies have done in pursuit of Desna’s dream lead to jail time, death, or the glory they always hoped for?

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Will all the ladies have done in pursuit of Desna’s dream lead to jail time, death, or the glory they always hoped for?

Aired 2/6/2022
Network TNT
Directed By Dale Stern
Written By Eliot Laurence


Why Did You Confess? – Virginia

The first sign of trouble for the ladies is Virginia getting arrested and confessing her sins – i.e., killing Georgia. With this, it seems she is back to blaming Desna yet owning up to her part.

Do You Know Where Desna Simms Is? – Dean, Jen, Dr. Ken, Virginia, Polly, Ann, Bryce

Luckily for her, Desna adapts and gets Dr. Ken and his nurse to pretend to be ICE agents to break her out. However, while Desna makes calls and face times, no one has seen her in the flesh. This is an issue for some, like Jen, who are trying to figure out their next move amongst all this chaos. But what doesn’t help is Bryce thinking Cuba is a good idea, and Jenn not wanting to leave since EJ is nice and all, but she doesn’t want to leave her kids.

Well, thanks to the Baron’s accounts clearing, Polly pays off EJ, gets Jenn and Bryce’s kids, and it seems everyone is going to Cuba – except Dr. Ken. Polly, out of her love for him and all he has done, pays for him to get his own practice and restart his life just like everyone else is. But that isn’t all Ken does in this episode.

Dean alone in Artisinal Nails

Knowing Dean would pitch a fit and try to find Desna and get involved, Ken is pushed to keep Dean from coming and not only trusting his sister but allowing the dependency to officially end.

The Great Escape – Desna, Ann, Virginia, Polly, Lori, Jenn, Bryce

So, what was the grand plan? Well, it began with Desna and Ann reconciling, after Jenn nearly dying, and a plan being concocted where Ann would appear to be an informant and the intensity of their fight leading to Desna appearing to kill her. However, thanks to some marines, special effects, and trickery, she would survive and get to Cuba.

As for the rest? In the assumption that Ann wanted to destroy Desna and keep her from ever having the chance to make a comeback, it is made to seem Ann blew up a boat meant just for Desna, but it ends up having Virginia, Jenn, Bryce, and Desna, alongside Jenn and Bryce’s kids. They are all meant to be seen as dying in an explosion, and with that, it is assumed that they lived in peace in Cuba, raising Jenn’s girls, and where we leave things off, Ann is going into labor.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So what happened to Ann’s prison softball teammates now that they aren’t working for her and Clay?
  2. Heck, what happened to Clay’s empire once he died, in general?
  3. Surely, when they didn’t find bodies, or at least Ann’s, they had to have known their deaths were faked, right? Even Desna and the people on the boat would have had identifiable remains.



Despite The Happy Ending, There Is No Reason To Be Mad At It

The girls celebrating making it to Cuba

Are there good questions regarding how Desna and the crew got away with all of this? Sure. But between the walk down memory lane and Claws pretty much escalating from season to season, having a happy ending may not fully seem deserved, but there isn’t a strong reason to be mad at it.

Yes, Desna did deserve to be punished besides getting the cold shoulder from Ann for most of the season. Also, Virginia getting out of jail because of two random people saying they are ice agents was ridiculous. Then add in EJ surely not being able to lie forever as the child protective services seek out the girls creates another issue.

Yet, who really watched Claws expecting logic? It was always about being over the top, crazier than the last season, and showing a different kind of ghetto that may not be what everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely presented a different narrative. Especially as we watched the ladies of Palmetto rise and fall, get into and sometimes destroy their romances, all while trying to keep it classy.

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Despite The Happy Ending, There Is No Reason To Be Mad At It

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