After a lengthy hiatus, the Ladies of Palmetto are back, and with Desna losing so much, she is ready to burn what’s left to survive.

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After a lengthy hiatus, the Ladies of Palmetto are back, and with Desna losing so much, she is ready to burn what’s left to survive.

Aired 12/19/2021
Network TNT
Directed By Dale Stern
Written By Eliot Laurence, Sharon Lee Watson, Emily Silver


You Can’t Set Fires And Not Expect To Be Burned – Ann, Desna, Jenn, Polly, Virginia, Clay, Bryce

After Ann set fire to the casino, Desna cut her off, and her life has taken a bit of a downturn. She lives in a trailer park, with it seeming that she is barely eating, and while she does look for work, her record cancels out her education. But, even with how she is struggling, she is too proud to apologize and make peace. That is, even though Jenn, Polly, and Virginia so badly wish the group would get back together.

But, they got bigger problems as Desna learns gentrification is about to push her and the girls out of the nail shop and when she tries to pass the cost onto Clay? Oh, he laughs in their face. So, Desna decides to get bold and not only stop laundering Clay’s money but steal his Oxy and plan to begin selling it herself, with her girls, of course.

The Quest For Independence – Dean, Virginia, Desna

While Desna is focused on trying to survive, damn a comeback, Dean seeks independence by trying to be an influencer. The problem is, what he is interested in isn’t drawing attention, so he seeks Virginia’s opinion. Her note for him, just give people something to look at, so Dean starts stripping on IG Live to get people watching. All the while, Desna is unaware, but thankful Dean’s skills have led to her finally having a website.

Scorched Earth – Clay, Ann, Desna, Virginia

With the hope that just getting Ann and Desna in the same room would help things, Ann is tricked into coming by the shop when she assumes Desna won’t be there. However, Desna is there, and both say some of the cruelest things they can imagine to each other. But Ann gets the last laugh.

How? Well, thanks to Virginia blabbing at the mouth, Ann knows Desna stole from Clay, and with her desperate for a job and desiring revenge, she tells Clay what Desna did and secures a job under him. This leaves Clay ready to whoop some ass and not caring if it means hitting a woman.

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Jenn saying motherhood is great

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

What Could Happen Next

  1. Desna is going to have an on-sight attitude towards Ann for this betrayal, and I don’t think Virginia and the rest will appreciate being collateral damage.



Desna v. Ann/Clay

Clay noting he is back and badder than ever

Claws has always had a villain problem. Yes, Clay was one for quite some time,  but after Clay stepped down from that role? We had a string of people who came in roaring hot, and were discarded often in a way that undermined their introduction or rise. But, with Clay roaring back and having Ann by his side? Desna may get the adversaries she deserves! Also, the kind we know won’t get killed off or disappear a little more than halfway through the season.

Plus, considering all Ann knows about how Desna operates and all of her untapped potential, she may have quite the come up as a character. Especially if her linguistics knowledge gets Clay new partners to work with.

All The Knowledge, But Nothing To Show For It

At this point, Desna has seen the top of the mountain and was so close to the riches she has long fought for. So for her to be at a point of almost losing her shop? I don’t think there is a way to fully appreciate how that could feel. It isn’t a humbling feeling at all, but one that helps you understand why her rage seemingly overflows.

For let’s be real, at this point, Desna probably has a sordid enough reputation where she can’t rub elbows with someone up and coming, or established, without her long history of screw-ups, betrayals, and more coming into play. So, it almost seems like just when she broke the glass ceiling, she got buried in an insurmountable amount of sand, and she is sinking more with every move she makes.

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Desna, before killing Ann
Claws: Season 4/ Episode 1 “Chapter One: Betrayal” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
With having this season's villain be Clay once again, alongside Ann, while we know the people who bought the mall, and raised the rent, have to come in play, right now, I think we got the best people to challenge Desna and have Claws go out with a bang!
Desna v. Ann
All The Knowledge, But Nothing To Show For It

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