Claws: Season 3, Episode 5 “Zaddy Was A Rolling Stone” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Just as it seems Mac and Melba have cut ties and made peace with Desna, Mac tries to hold onto Dean and stirs up trouble.

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Calvin Simms (Glynn Turman) shocked to see Desna after 20 some odd years.

Just as it seems Mac and Melba have cut ties and made peace with Desna, Mac tries to hold onto Dean and stirs up trouble.

Director(s) Niecy Nash
Writer(s) Darrin Dortch
Air Date 7/7/2019
Introduced This Episode
Calvin Simms Glynn Turman

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You Thought You Was The Only One: Polly, Yolanda, Joe

So, Yolanda apparently used to date Joe, and with that now over she threatened to snitch on Polly and Joe about their extortion scheme. That is, unless they cut her in. Which Polly goes to Joe about and next thing we know it looks like Yolanda hanged herself. Which Polly thinks, and we know, Joe did.

Some Are Naturally Gifted: Brenda, Jen, Bryce, Uncle Daddy, Toby, Virginia

With Bryce letting Brenda and Jen’s issues get in the way of him helping her, he fires her for Virginia. Someone who the group not only likes better but also fixes Jen and Brenda’s relationship. However, with Brenda around more comes Uncle Daddy taking a liking to her. Something Toby doesn’t like what so ever.

Toby knocking something over for attention.
Toby: Oops

Daddy’s Here: Dean, Calvin, Mac, Melba, Desna, Roller

As Roller starts getting a bit fast with Desna, talking about moving in and redecorating, Dean is really getting comfortable under Mac’s thumb. Something Melba doesn’t like, since they just got rid of Desna, but Mac is in love. Not in a creepy or romantic sense, but he does feel very attached to Dean. Which creates a huge problem for Desna.

Why? Well, she has tracked down her father, Calvin, who is doing well, and he seems to desire to be in Desna and Dean’s life. Which, for a little while, he makes headway. However, Mac gets jealous, scared even, and when he can’t buy Calvin off, he has Melba drug him. Leading to him embarrassing himself publicly and coming off like the addict Dean knew him to be.

Which causes Desna to be tired of trying to be crafty or handle Mac and Melby in a political way. Now she has a gun and plans to use it for she is tired of their BS.

Desna with her gun loaded.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Who is this boss figure Melba seems to revere so much? It’s not the governor, who surprisingly only showed up for one episode, right?


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Despite Jen handling that tacky girl in the salon, Polly has ascended to the second best character on the show, and while Virginia might be competing for that title, it will be a hard battle. Mostly since Polly is getting to do a little of everything. She can be funny, romantic, and heartbroken all in one episode. Something usually only Desna was afforded to do. Yet, with this Joe thing, and the casino storyline, I’d submit Polly is getting more out of the whole casino escalation of the show than Desna is.

Virginia Being Beyond The Gift of Gab

Like Polly, due to Virginia’s antics, it is easy to often see her as this comical character who is mostly good for a punch line. However, after her eye surgery, and talking with Uncle Daddy, increasingly we’re reminded there is far more to her than that. Heck, one of the big things this season is her being able to talk to people and heal them or their relationships. Which may seem like a new thing, but let’s take into account her entering Desna’s life to the point Desna has learned she can depend on her. Something which isn’t easy since Desna usually has her guard up.

Also, let’s not forget even before this eye thing, she was one of the few who could not only get Dean to calm down, but Virginia is also one of the few he’d let touch him. And while, yes, their relationship is on the rocks, I’d submit that while she sometimes double teams Dean with Desna, she also has given him the ability to play the man he sees himself as. For better or worse.

Virginia crying.

Low Point

Is It Wrong I’m Indifferent About Yolanda’s Death?

Whether it is I enjoy Joe more than the people he kills, or I liked Polly far more than Yolanda, there was no major sense of loss seeing her dead. It just produced an “Oh well” or “That’s unfortunate” kind of response. Which seems inappropriate considering she was one of Desna’s first allies in this casino thing.

On The Fence

Daddy Simms

Having Calvin brought in seemed kind of rushed to me. Compared to us meeting Desna’s foster mom, when she was having her breakdown, Calvin just swooped in and got dragged into Desna’s mess like we’ve known about him for ages. Which leads me to wonder if he is going to stick around or if he is one and done? Since the way Calvin got handled makes it seem like there was a potential scheduling conflict on the horizon so they filmed Turman’s scenes as quick as they could, and then he exited.

But, here is hoping, after rushing things, maybe they’ll take their time now.

Quiet Ann Is Pregnant

Considering we haven’t met Quiet Ann’s child, and she hasn’t really had any storyline thus far, this seems a bit much. I don’t want to say desperate, or last minute, but if not handled right it could just seem like a last-minute thing to throw in there to give Judy Reyes something to work for her paycheck. You know, beyond knowing a handful of lines, where to stand, and hoping she gets to have something like the other ladies which allows her to flex her acting muscles a bit.

Quiet Ann's positive pregnancy test.

Dean & Virginia’s Relationship

While things were cute during Calvin’s event, it’s clear something between them is about to go down. It’s just hard to say if they’ll make it after their first real major fight or not. Also, how Desna will deal with inevitably being put in the middle of it?

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  1. Nice, thorough review. Also, you’re not wrong about Yolanda. When I saw her hanging, I was just worried about Polly’s safety, being around Joe.

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