Melba taunting Desna.
Melba: We took your lover!

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Desna comes to fully realize she may be way out of her depth as Melba checks her. Also, as that happens, Dean pushes away Virginia for Mac.

Director(s) Sheree Folkson
Writer(s) Sam Forman
Air Date 6/30/2019

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The Ghost Of Brenda: Brenda, Jen, Bryce, Clay

Clay is still trying to help Brenda but is struggling since, while his heart might be in the right place, his brain doesn’t know a thing about helping people – it’s used to exploiting them. So he needs Bryce to help, but after what Brenda did before, Jen doesn’t want him to be anywhere around her mother. However, while Bryce may not be able to help Brenda, it seems others might be taking to his encouragement.

Dean Loses Focus: Dean, Mac, Eric, Desna, Virginia

Virginia watching Eric perform.

Since the series began, Dean has been looking for something to dedicate himself into that he was good at. It started with bodybuilding, transitioned to being an exotic dancer, and now his focus is Mahjong. A gam Mac teaches Dean, in secret, but Desna wants him not to do for it means getting closer to Mac and being at the casino. Something Virginia doesn’t like much either for with her being based at the salon, it means she doesn’t see Dean much. Especially now with him spending all day at the casino.

Thus giving Eric, Jen’s ex, an opening, and her wavering over to him since he is giving her attention.

What You Won’t Do For Love: Ken, Joe, Polly, Desna, Mac, Melba, Roller, Clay

Ken, with seeing Polly moving on, decides to be as obnoxious as possible. Yet, as much as Polly may not want Ken, it does hurt her to see him move on. But, even with Joe’s alliance being to the enemy, there is something special there she cannot deny. Plus, he ends up being helpful in the long run.

How? Well, Mac and Melba kidnap Roller, force Clay, and Desna on a wild goose chase and when they get Desna to finally come alone to get Roller, they leave her for dead. Oh, not before she signs away her rights to the casino though. Leaving Desna, thanks to Roller, without her major new asset.

But, despite losing a major come up, she got Roller back, minus a toe, and seems committed to loving him. Even after all they’ve been through. Something which could also be said about Clay and Roller’s relationship which, thanks to him being in a life or death situation, also becomes better than ever.

Desna confessing she loves Roller.
Desna: I think I love you, Roller


Desna Got Checked For Real

Escalation for a show like this is a necessary evil. However, one of the things which haven’t made a lot of sense is Desna reaching this point and not stumbling more than she has. Don’t get me wrong, you have to admire her ambition, but Desna is a girl who has made gargantuan leaps from being under Clay’s finger to formerly being 1/3 of a major casino. Much less, the work the Dixie Mafia was doing in no ways compares to Mac and Melba’s. So her getting major push back like this almost seems overdue. In fact, a part of me hope she continues to struggle since now there isn’t someone holding her hand through all of this. And while Zlata taught her to think like a boss, it wasn’t with an operation of this size with still only relying on the same handful of people.

Also, can I just say, even if they still seem a bit campy, with causing real harm to Roller, it made it so you had to take Melba and Mac a tad more serious. Not to say I think they’ll still live past this season, but now there seems to be an ever so slight chance. Though I wouldn’t bet on it.

Polly Is Really Breaking Out This Season

Polly seeing Ken on a date.

In the past, Polly was just a comic relief. The odd duck who, surrounded by women of color and the urban Jen, was the strange member of the crew – in more ways than one. However, between harnassing her mental health, relationships, her desire to become other people, and also maintaining that sense of comedy we’ve come to love, she has been showing up and showing out. I’m talking making more of an impact than damn near everyone but Desna and being a true joy to watch.

Low Point

This Brenda Storyline

From Clay trying to get people clean, Bryce not having anything better to do, a minor character’s return, and Jen being relegated to this vs. her work on the casino, the whole Brenda storyline is a bit lackluster. Not to say I don’t feel bad for Brenda, but it isn’t in a genuine way. It is more so due to her being between us being force-fed, and Brenda made prominent enough to seem like a co-star more than a guest star.

On The Fence

Virginia Possibly Cheating

It really does seem with Polly’s rise came Jen, Ann, and maybe now Virginia’s downfall. However, unlike Jen and Ann, Virginia possibly cheating is something you can kind of see happening and dealing with. Mostly since things have been rather good for her personal life for a while and with Dean ignoring her, you can see that flaring up insecurities. Plus, her cheating on Dean is the ultimate test for her relationship with Desna to see if Dean is the source of their friendship or if it has moved beyond Desna’s brother.

But, I gotta say, I wish it weren’t Eric who she was going to cheat on Dean with. If only because it seems like now he is spending no time with his daughter and his only focus is on Virginia. Making it so, in the long run, the conflict Jen could have, boosting her and Bryce up, is being ignored.

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