Desna sitting in a chair, the morning after burning her wedding dress.

Desna begins to make moves which will have dire consequences. Including possibly pissing off the wrong people. Network TNT Director(s) Jamie Travis Writer(s) Sigrid Gilmer Air Date 7/22/2018 Bryce In Recovery: Jennifer, Zlata, Bryce As Bryce goes through physical therapy, to walk again, and preps for surgery to get a bullet fragment out of his…

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Desna begins to make moves which will have dire consequences. Including possibly pissing off the wrong people.

Director(s) Jamie Travis
Writer(s) Sigrid Gilmer
Air Date 7/22/2018

Bryce In Recovery: Jennifer, Zlata, Bryce

As Bryce goes through physical therapy, to walk again, and preps for surgery to get a bullet fragment out of his lung, Jennifer is right by his side. That is, except when she is at work and, out of all people, Zlata waltzes in, shuts down the place, and makes Jennifer her nail technician. All the while rubbing in Jennifer’s face what she did and throwing stacks of money for medical bills. As if that would cure their issues.

But, with all this money in hand, Jennifer decides it would be best used getting her and Bryce out of Palmetto and moving away. Something which, with Bryce done being part of the Dixie Mafia, may mean normalcy again.


Bryce on his way to surgery.

As much as I’d like to believe Jennifer would pull a move like this, you know she isn’t going to leave. Be it Desna needing her or something holding Bryce back, they are going to stay and be miserable. It is all that can really happen here.

Now, he can and might leave the Dixie Mafia, but that may be as far as anyone leaving anything might go. That is, unless this show desires to surprise us all.

Pulling Rank: Quiet Ann, Desna, Clay, Virginia

Desna is nearly blinded by rage. After all, she has done so much for everyone, has been ride or die under trying circumstances, yet where is the reciprocity? Quiet Ann giving Desna grief since she feels pushed too far, Virginia getting masks from the zoo, and after taking Ruval’s cocaine, coming to find out the main reason Ruval is pulling this game is to inherit Desna’s clinic license.

Yup, that’s the reason for the marriage. To inherit that license by any means necessary. But, with taking the coke, based off Clay’s recommendation, rather than burning it, Quiet Ann has had enough and decides to bail. Leaving Desna down one person she is capable of trusting. Especially with a little under 250 kilos of cocaine sitting in her office.


Ann venting to Arlene.
Ann: I work with some shitty people who do some shitty things.

This is Zlata’s influence at work right now. Desna pulling rank, trying to boss Ann around, that is all Zlata’s training. Which may just bite Desna in the ass. After all, as Ann states, she is not trying to go back to jail in an orange jumpsuit. So imagine if Arlene decides to bring her in as a witness. Heck, considering how Arlene’s partner is, imagine her pushing Arlene to either bring in Ann as a star witness or lose her job for real this time. Do you think Ann would risk the one thing which makes her happy for Desna twice? Especially since their relationship has been so rocky?

That aside, what was the purpose of those masks when all of them barely kept those masks on? No sooner than they were inside the warehouse the masks were off from that point forward. Making me really think there is an idea being pushed in terms of Desna, Clay, and their people, being way in over their heads yet somehow finding ways to survive.

The Stumble Before The Fall: Dr. Ken, Arlene, Desna, Ruval, Roller, Zlata

It seemed to be all set up to perfection. Ruval now distrusted the Russians, Roller planted drugs that Ruval found, and so the two people who conspired against Desna would come after each other. Problem is, thanks to Dr. Ken getting Zlata to mention her crimes, and name Desna, now Desna is going down.

Now, whether she’ll go down with a record, and possibly lose her oh so valuable license, or Arlene is just looking for a better informant than Dr. Ken? That remains to be seen. However, this path was foreseen back in season 1 so, more than likely, this is just Desna building her relationship with the cops and trying to maintain keeping both hands on either side of the law.


Desna in the back of a police car.

Considering the mention of an Aryan Brotherhood and the Columbians as other gangs, there is always the potential for additional drama to come to Desna’s crew. However, there is always the option Jenn is working on. That is, getting the hell out of there. Which can come in one of two ways. Desna could legit run from everything, maybe with them relocating near Polly’s sister to develop that storyline or witness protection.

But, with both options comes the question of what will happen between Ann and Arlene. As of now, Arlene is the only thing which could, if this show does allow the cast to relocate, which will complicate things. Ann isn’t losing her twice and certainly not for Desna. Plus, maybe it is time for some, like Ann, to move on? Hasn’t her debt been paid and she is stable enough to move on? She isn’t rejected by her family for anything beyond lack of ambition, there is Arlene there to support her so while Desna remains a good friend, she isn’t a crutch anymore. There isn’t any real obligation to stick by her as if she is her whole world.

Any way you put it though, a shakeup is on the horizons.


  1. The Russians and Haitians going to war.
  2. What Desna getting arrested could mean for the series.

On The Fence

  1. The increasing possibility Desna and Roller will get back together. Especially since he learned he was not the father of that Russian baby.

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