Cherish The Day: Season 2/ Episode 2 “Sun Has Shine” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

The closer Ellis and Sunday get, the more they are reminded about what they were. But is it too soon to pick up where they left off?

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The closer Ellis and Sunday get, the more they are reminded about what they were. But is it too soon to pick up where they left off?

Aired (OWN) 10/11/2022
Director(s) Sheldon Candis
Writer(s) Sylvia L. Jones
Introduced This Episode
Momo Alison Mills Newman

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Good and Bad Secrets – MV, Lynette, Anastasia, Everly, Sunday, Ellis

With Anatasia seemingly moving in with her new man and leaving her kids behind, it is only natural that Everly would want to latch onto her dad rather than spend time with her mom. However, Ellis is keenly focused on Sunday. He goes to her home to finish the job for MV, then delays it further when Sunday talks about spending time with her and her mother’s side of the family.

At first, this seems cute until Ellis lies to Everly about what he is doing and who he is with, which sours things a bit. Yet, with Ellis introducing Sunday to a cottage he is renovating, with the plan to sell it and splitting the cash with the current owner, things get on an upswing until we’re reminded of one of the flaws in Ellis and Sunday’s relationship.

From what we’re told, Sunday wasn’t above flaunting her privilege. Be it skipping school or shopping for Ellis, she has done things that, in retrospect, he isn’t the fondest of. And with Sunday talking about having Ellis work for Lynette to do some work she needs, while he knows this is all coming from a good place, it doesn’t change the feeling of her not recognizing he doesn’t need that kind of help.

This All Feels Too Good and Too Familiar – Momo, Ellis, Sunday

Momo, Sunday’s maternal grandmother, is the key to why Sunday loves to cook. And despite it being 25 years, and Momo not seeing Ellis since he was around 17, she remembers him and welcomes him with open arms. Sunday’s family does the same, which pushes the idea maybe they don’t know why the two broke up for. Otherwise, they’d likely be like Lynette, if not worse.

But, without that information, the only question on everyone’s mind is are they back together, and for Sunday, she is just trying to get her hands on Momo’s recipes. Which, by the time she leaves, she gets, and you can see, like so many things in Sunday’s family, it is about preserving the history and the connections they share. It’s not about favorites or Momo expecting Sunday to cook for everyone around the holidays. It’s all love.

I Don’t Need More Friends – Sunday, Ellis

Speaking of love, Ellis may present red flags regarding how he lies to his daughter, but beyond that? Everything he is doing is making Sunday’s feelings return, so when he is about to drop her off, she initiates them making out, and it seems she is willing to go as far as to see if the d*** is as good as she remembers.

However, Ellis isn’t ready for all of that. A lot is going on, and at first, Sunday respects it, but then she recounts not just Ellis being kind to her father and melding well with her family but him dancing with her in a way that gave her a sign. The kind which makes Ellis talking about being friends seeming like he is more so trying to keep her on the hook, waiting for him to get his stuff together, than him truly valuing her as a person.

Momo (Alison Mills Newman) talking to her granddaughter
“Momo (Alison Mills Newman) talking to her granddaughter,” Cherish The Day, “Sun Has Shine,” directed by Sheldon Candis, 2022, (OWN)

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did Sunday’s mother die?
  2. What’s Ellis’ family like?
  3. So most don’t know Ellis was an addict?

What Could Happen Next

  1. A few episodes where we focus on Ellis and Sunday as individuals before something brings them back into each other’s space


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Ellis Knowing He Isn’t Ready And Not Forcing It

Faking it till you make it is sometimes the worst advice you can give another person, especially concerning something which affects other people. So we’re thankful Ellis didn’t try to power through, potentially sleep with Sunday, when he clearly is still navigating the headspace of being cheated on while he was trying to support his wife.

Yes, it was an act of karma, but there is a world of difference between a 17-year-old cheating or getting cheated on compared to someone in their early 40s. Kids were involved, assets had to be split, and let’s not downplay Anastasia, with her asking Ellis to drop off her car for her, seemingly struggling to comprehend she isn’t married to Ellis, so certain privileges and favors are inappropriate. Yet, some could say because it could benefit the kids, there is some incentive for him to go beyond the role of co-parent for her.

All of that, combined with him feeling the need to be secretive with Everly, shows it is still too soon for him to be with Sunday. Especially since it seems Sunday has forgiven Ellis because of how much time has passed vs. actually hashing out all the details.

Understanding The Less Cute Side of Ellis and Sunday’s Dynamic

Sunday and Ellis are deceptively perfect. So pointing out how her privilege sometimes bothered him was a good start in understanding how the relationship broke down. For whether it was her skipping class and encouraging him to do so, even though he needed a clean record to get into and afford college, was one issue. Follow that up by her, on her own, buying clothes for Ellis, knowing he didn’t have any formal attire, was two.

Now, as third parties, you and I can recognize that Sunday buying clothes for her man, like her wanting to help him get some job opportunities, was a showing of support. But, lest we forget, Ellis is southern born and raised. There is a certain pride and culture where, as much as a loving woman is appreciated, some lines are preferably not crossed. And while we don’t have the full extent of Ellis’ home life yet, it is clear that he’d rather be the “Pull myself up by my bootstraps” type than take a handout, even if it is from the love of his life.

Sunday’s Playfulness and Relationship With Momo

It could be rather easy, especially after hearing Ellis’ perception of Sunday in the past, to write her off as someone privileged. She was able to goof off in high school, have nice things, go to an HBCU, and have a successful restaurant in one of the most notable cities in the United States. Add in, when her restaurant is in trouble, due to a lack of liquor, she can call more than half a dozen people to get what she needs with ease.

This all sets up the idea Sunday is privileged in ways that, easily, she could have been made into a brat. Yet, as shown through her relationship with Momo, even her dad, Sunday isn’t spoiled. She has no issue working, getting her hands dirty, and making it fun for herself. And that is part of Sunday’s charm. She has a strong work ethic but doesn’t believe in living life in an all-work and no-play manner.

Also, as shown through her dad, and especially Momo, she values her family and elders. Her going through that family history book, being Momo’s sous chef, and even how she reacted to gaining Momo’s recipes just makes her all the more endearing. Almost to the point of questioning why isn’t Joy Bryant seen more in romance movies? Be it romantic comedies or dramas?

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Ellis and Sunday Cherish The Day Season 2 Episode 2 Sun Has Shine
Cherish The Day: Season 2/ Episode 2 “Sun Has Shine” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
As we move beyond the surface with our leads, it is becoming clear that the façade presented in episode one, while accurate in many ways, isn’t the full truth behind who Sunday and Ellis are or the state of their relationship past and present.
Sunday’s Playfulness and Relationship With Momo
Understanding The Less Cute Side of Ellis and Sunday’s Dynamic
Ellis Knowing He Isn’t Ready And Not Forcing It

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