Cherish The Day: Season 1 Episode 7 “Synopsis” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

In what is partly a recap episode, we walk down memory lane as we question if Evan and Gently’s marriage has hit the end of the road.

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Gently and Evan in couples therapy.

In what is partly a recap episode, we walk down memory lane as we question if Evan and Gently’s marriage has hit the end of the road.

Directed By Aurora Guerrero
Written By Sylvia L. Jones
Aired (OWN) 3/17/2020

Plot/ Recap

What They Love About One Another: Gently, Evan

Throughout the episode, Gently and Evan visit different therapists, three in total, and they explore the high and low points of the relationship. The highs include how he felt more free and able to take risks due to her example while he provided the ability to see anchors weren’t necessarily bad things. There was also a note of how their families are involved and how Ben supported them while Evan’s family is a mixed bunch, but came around in the end.

Where Things Went Left: Evan, Gently

Gently calling out Evan being passive aggressive.

However, while good moments exist, they aren’t strong enough to fight off the insecurities that, mostly, Evan is dealing with. Specifically, with Zuberi apparently going under, and Gently and Miss Luma’s podcast kicking off, it has changed the dynamic of his and Gently’s relationship. For now she is the one working all the time while he, well, we assume he is doing something. It isn’t clear what Evan does post-Zuberi, but he is home in time for what used to be dinner time, and Gently not being there is a problem.

Why? Well, because Evan likely is looking for someone like his mother. Meaning he probably would prefer a housewife with hobbies than a working woman, which he has now. Though, Gently changing is but one of many issues Evan has. There is also the issue of them not having sex of much, and for Gently, there is Evan being passive-aggressive and trying to put the reason they are having problems on her. Add in him feeling he isn’t getting enough attention and him saying he wants someone who would put him before a job, and it makes it so, clearly, Evan and Gently not only need couples therapy but likely individual therapy as well.

Proposed Solutions: Gently, Evan

Leading to what could the solutions be? Well, Evan purposes things going to how they were but with Gently finally finding something which is fulfilling to her and essentially is anchoring her, so she doesn’t have the ability to run, that isn’t going to happen. As for what Gently would like? Well, just for the double standard to end. Evan was allowed to come and go as he pleases, would often be on his phone, and note it was for work and wasn’t expected to stop what he was doing for Gently. Heck, he wouldn’t even match her energy when she talked about all the things going on with the podcast – which has become a hit by the way.

Leaving the two at a bit of an impasse since neither is sure what can be done so both parties can be happy.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Coral (Wendy Raquel Robinson) greeting Evan and Gently.
Coral (Wendy Raquel Robinson)

That’s all a part of this glorious life. Your reactions, your perceptions, and your processing of these things, they all determine the rise and the fall, darlings. And we’ve got to rise.
— Coral (Wendy Raquel Robinson)

Review/ Commentary

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Marriage Isn’t All Sunshine And Daisies

As much as it is needed to see two people in love, and it be filmed in a lovey-dovey artistic way, there is also a need to see them argue and try to work out their issues. Now, are Evan and Gently’s issues universal? Depends on how you view and experience relationships. However, what is clear is that they are going through a rough patch that, one could submit, deals mostly with Evan not allowing their relationship to evolve.

Which for those who watch “Black Love,” you’ll remember in the latest season, one of the topics were given space for your partner to grow as an individual in terms of their career, emotionally, and also the relationship itself. After all, while years may be short in retrospect, so much can happen during that time. Just look at Evan and Gently. Evan, previously, was working on deals that brought in millions of dollars and was the head of a major company while Gently was a personal assistant to a low maintenance actress.

Yet, within a year or two, now Gently is likely working with Barbara to really make something of herself. For, lest we forget, part of the reason Gently could run about, travel, and what have you, is because she wasn’t beholden to anything. Ben didn’t need her just like Evan doesn’t. Also, Miss Luma, while she enjoyed Gently’s company, didn’t require the girl be at her beck and call. And as much as Gently liked Miss Luma, that was a job.

Evan noting that Gently was beholden to him.

However, now she has a career while Evan has, whatever he is doing. Which, on a side note, him not saying what he is doing now and whether Jaydo’s team leaking information tanked the company confused the hell out of me. For what is Evan doing now?

But, I digress, the point is, Gently’s growth has been exponential and likely over a short time. So, in many ways, what we’re being shown is the side effect of when a partnership isn’t equal but wholly dedicated to one side’s success and what happens when a life shift undoes that dynamic.

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Marriage Isn’t All Sunshine And Daisies - 89%


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