Vince chilling, while high.

We get to meet The Washingtons (Greg’s family) and boy if you thought Greg was different, wait till you meet his parents – and sister.

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We get to meet The Washingtons (Greg’s family) and boy if you thought Greg was different, wait till you meet his parents – and sister.

Director(s) Chioke Nassor
Writer(s) Carla Banks Waddles
Air Date 10/3/2019
Introduced This Episode
Greg Washington, Sr. J. Oscar Simmons
Brenda Sherry Richards
Karen ?

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Did Someone Escape A Jordan Peele Movie?: Karen, Tracey

Greg has a sister named Karen. Someone who creates a “Where’s Waldo?” game if you wish to find her in any pictures, and even in real life, she pops in and out as she pleases. However, while most are just freaked out by her, or ignore her, Tracey befriends her. But it isn’t 100% clear what Karen sees in Tracey.

Karen and Tracey coming face to face.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Why does Greg’s family act like Karen doesn’t exist?
  2. Is Karen mute or just weird?

Were You Aware They Made Black Stepford Wives?: Veronica, Tracey, Deon, Vince, Greg Sr., Greg Jr., Brenda, Layne

Greg Sr. and Brenda seemingly have an old school household. One in which Greg Sr. works outside the home and Brenda’s job is to support him, keep a tidy house, pop out kids, raise them to be at the level of their father, and cook. That life isn’t something Layne is necessarily for.

The first issue is Layne can’t cook with a damn, the second problem is she doesn’t believe in sacrificing her goals, dreams, her store, to support Greg Jr. All of this the Ride or Die Five know, but between Veronica not wanting any smoke, after her messing around with Vince got put on blasts, it seems no one else has the gal to say anything.

Greg Washington, Sr (J. Oscar Simmons) in his cannabis room.
Greg Washington, Sr (J. Oscar Simmons)

Thus leading to Layne trying to make excuses while dodging this sweater Brenda wants her to wear.

Oh, and when it comes to Veronica and Vince? Yeah, with everyone knowing their business, they break things off. At least, them just being f*** buddies ends. As for something beyond that? Well, while the door isn’t wide open, it is at least unlocked.

Seeing The Signs: Greg Jr., Reggie, Layne

Despite Layne making excuses for her Greg’s family, and attempting to seem happy about the engagement, Greg knows she isn’t. There are no bridal magazines around, it took forever and a day to secure a ring but the real issue? Layne didn’t tell her mother they were engaged. With that, he realizes he has been so invested in making her happy, convincing her they could be good together, that he missed all the signs.

However, he is now wide awake and seemingly done with Layne. Leading to her going to Reggie who says he can offer a hard d**k but can’t offer a warm shoulder. Why? Well, that is not what side dudes do.




Greg Knowing He Deserved Better

When you think about it, it’s sweet that this Black guy was bending over backwards trying to make it work for his woman. Mainly due to that not being the norm, at least in media I’m familiar with. Because, usually, if the woman is being trash, you can justify it.

On this show, originally it was justified by Greg being terrible at sex since no one probably criticized him his whole life. Though another example would be Issa on Insecure cheating on her man who didn’t have a job and wasn’t doing anything besides giving her okay d**k. However, as Greg has unfurled before us, like when Lawrence got his stuff together, it becomes harder and harder to justify their behavior. Making it so, while the lead holds their appeal, you begin recognizing how flawed they are and wondering what shifted them away to what you may find to be normal.

But, comparisons aside, Greg seeing the signs and recognizing what he has to offer, and that Layne isn’t matching his excitement, shows how Bigger is trying to have that delicate balance of comedic moments with a sense of realness. Something that, so far, it is handling far better than most shows in their first season.

Layne Hitting A Rough Patch

Let’s be real: Layne had to get her comeuppance sooner or later. While a lovely girl, she can’t bust it open for a real n***a like Reggie, have financial stability with Greg, and Karma not do something to her. Be it send her hairline back, make her hair thin, learn she is pregnant, something. So, all things considered, losing Greg may have been Karma giving Layne a break. Heck, add in Reggie curving her too, maybe this is a sign that Layne needs to just be single? That, as shown, with Greg, she was trying to settle, and she can do better and deserves better.

So maybe this rough patch filled with crying, Vince calling her stupid and how Greg was the best thing they ever had, and reflection may lead to a new Layne. If not revisiting old feelings for Deon, as the preview shows.

The Question Of What Are You Willing To Sacrifice For A Relationship?

Brenda (Sherry Richards), Layne, and Tracey talking to one another.
Brenda (Sherry Richards), Layne, and Tracey

Whether we are speaking about Brenda, Layne, or even Veronica, we are shown three different women asked what they are willing to do in a relationship. For Brenda, the answer is anything. It isn’t clear why, beyond love, and a bit of dependency, but from cooking, cleaning, to having her life be a support beam for another, that is what she is willing to do. Even if it means sacrificing her own identity.

As for Layne? She is in between Veronica and Brenda. Layne is willing to be amiable and adapt, but she isn’t trying to bend over backwards. For one, she can’t do half the stuff Brenda does and two, she wants someone who isn’t her world. Layne has a life, friends, and likes that balance between being someone’s girl yet being her own person. Yet, she is getting older, seems to have some insecurities, so there is the question of what would she sacrifice for stability?

One of the things was good sex, but in exchange for companionship and consistency, is that a terrible trade-off? Never mind the fact Greg wouldn’t cheat, and he has a good job? Much less, the main baggage he has is being used to having a maid for a mother? An issue that, with time and effort, could be dealt with or broken? Is that so bad?

Well, if you are Veronica, yeah! Currently, the idea of sacrifice or compromise seems like a curse word. Hence her having multiple men for multiple things, and her not against expanding her roster. Which you have to admire when it comes to Veronica. From what it appears, she isn’t necessarily looking for a relationship, and may not be a relationship type of woman. She just needs someone to take the edge off sometimes, and while she enjoys companionship, see Vince, she has a way of living her life she doesn’t like compromised.

Meaning, to sum all this up, like how Brenda fully adapted to Greg Sr.’s lifestyle, to be with Veronica, you may have to do just that.


Granted, the show did Karen so dirty that her name isn’t in the credits, but her weirdness brings something to Bigger I hope isn’t lost with Greg breaking up with Layne. For whether it is Tracey having a friend she can giggle with, or giving us a real weird Black girl, don’t you want to learn more? Assuming the mystique isn’t rooted in her silence and every one treating her like someone who haunts the Washington family.


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