Tracey learning Keisha is talking mess about her.

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As Greg spends a day with the guys of the Ride or Die 5, the ladies bolster Tracey up for the Basketball Exes reunion – and share some secrets.

Director(s) Crystle C. Roberson
Writer(s) Angela Nissel
Air Date 9/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
Keisha Ashani Roberts

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Veronica confirming Layne and Reggie are still getting it in.
Veronica: You still fucking Reggie?

The Willy Situation: Willy, Kristi, Layne, Liberty

Increasingly, Kristi is getting uncomfortable with Willy, and she confronts Layne about it. Which, due to her not liking Kristin, she is increasingly showing how tired she is of her whining and complaining. Leading to Liberty showing up, taking her earrings off, and revealing she has a blade in her mouth. Thus ending the conversation.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. What kind of life has Liberty lived, or is living, to keep a razor blade in her mouth like that?

There Is More To Layne Than You Know – Her Friends Too: Greg, Reggie, Layne, Vince, Deon

With Greg being with Layne for only a year, compared to some like Deon who have known her for 20, it puts him at a disadvantage. Making it so Layne cheating with Reggie, and enjoying it, that might be on level with the simple fact he doesn’t know her or her friends. Which makes the opportunity to have a “Man Day” exciting!

However, it turns into Greg dragging Vince and Deon around for errands, like ring shopping and house shopping, and both lying to Greg’s face with no qualms about it. In fact, Vince takes full advantage of the situation and even recognizes how good of a man Greg is.

As for Deon? Well, between revealing the reason Layne doesn’t like trees and two-story houses, to Greg’s insecurities about how hot and cold Layne has been, it seems Greg may start questioning what’s going on? If not wonder if he jumped into proposing to Layne before getting to know her.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Were Greg and Layne friends before they started dating?
  2. Why was Deon going to a check-cashing place with $3,000? Also, why is he a frequent customer?

Where Does Greg Fit In: Greg, Layne, Veronica, Tracey, Vince, Deon

Greg realizing how little he knows about Layne.

The Ride or Die Five, composed of Layne, Veronica, Tracey, Vince, and Deon, may have their issues, like Veronica hiding she is having sex with Vince, and Veronica firing off on Tracey and Layne like she barely knows them, but they are family. When Tracey goes to a Basketball Exes reunion and gets into a fight, Layne and Veronica jump in – even with them being mad at one another.

Which leads to the question of how Greg fits in? He is a simple guy, and everyone else has big personalities or are a bit more extroverted than him. So in Layne’s world, what is his role for as Deon makes clear to him, if Greg tries to integrate Layne into Greg’s simple life, this picture of a world with two-floor houses and trees, she won’t be happy. Yet, it is increasingly clear that Greg may not find happiness in Layne’s world and who knows if either wants to create a middle.



Greg Representing For The Corny Dudes

Setting aside weak d**k game, the Corny Dudes Association™ isn’t going to claim that, you have to respect the fact Greg isn’t this cool Black guy. What I mean is, he isn’t like Deon or Vince in terms of being chill, hip, or a Reggie type. Yet, he doesn’t come off like a nerd devoid of Blackness either. Greg is somewhere between your usual, “I almost live in a gym” and “Carlton Banks was clearly the star of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I mean, Will didn’t have the money or status so who was the real prince, huh?” Which we don’t see all that often out of Black men. Even if you take note of OWN, which has the most diverse depiction of Black people on a network.

Veronica Being Checked, And Back To Her Old Self

That whole Shelley saga through Veronica off and into a crazy person. However, she is back and snatching necks and showing no shame. Be it arranging a date while Vince is right next to her, or getting Tracey and Layne together within the same paragraph. And yes, they may have exposed her relationship with Vince, but who is still winning while both of them barely know their next move?


Reggie & Layne Are High School Couple Cute

I know it is wrong to like Reggie and Layne together, but they are so cute and giggly. It’s like they are two teenagers, each other’s first love, and we’re still in that honeymoon period of things going well. Add in Reggie seems like the type who is cool with being a side piece, for now, but could grow to like Layne and it leaves you feeling torn. Especially since, cut out the financial aspect, Reggie seems more like Layne’s type considering the company she keeps. Think about it, no one in her friend group, even extended friends like Willy or Liberty, are remotely like Greg.

Low Point

What Are We Doing With Liberty?

So, is she just comic relief? An Asian woman who is more hood than the majority of the Black cast? To me, like how they showed Willy is a person, not just a bunch of jokes stemming from a stereotype, they need to build up Liberty to be more than someone who swoops in ready to portray an around the way girl.

On The Fence

Tracey’s Reunion Show Brawl

Veronica, Layne, and Tracey after having a fight.

On the one hand, it is nice to see Veronica, Tracey, even Layne, be a little ratchet. It reminds you that, despite the business women they are, that doesn’t mean they are afraid of respectability politics. They fully own who they are, how they could be perceived and, outside the friend group, they couldn’t give a damn.

Yet, Tracey coming out of pocket like that reminds you that this is essentially a comedy and seeing woman act ghetto is funny. But, as you reflect, considering how Keisha pushed Tracey to act this way, and the problems this exhibits amongst the Black community, should you laugh? For me, the answer is yes, because I don’t take the situation that seriously. However, for others, this could be a cheap joke.

Is Greg Going To Assume Deon & Layne Got Something Going On?

With there being only two men in the Ride or Die 5, and one being Layne’s cousin, you have to wonder if Greg may think, after 20 years, maybe Deon is a threat to him? That may be, even though Deon has a good job, Layne is using Greg in some way? For there is this air of insecurity over Greg that makes it appear, like how Tracey showed a different side of herself this episode, Greg might be on that track.

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Veronica Being Checked, And Back To Her Old Self - 86%
Reggie & Layne Are High School Couple Cute - 84%
What Are We Doing With Liberty? - 65%
Tracey’s Reunion Show Brawl - 75%
Is Greg Going To Assume Deon & Layne Got Something Going On? - 74%


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