As guilt and accusations fester and eat away at everyone, it seems Mary Louise is either at the brink of getting what she wants or it all being ruined.

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As guilt and accusations fester and eat away at everyone, it seems Mary Louise is either at the brink of getting what she wants or it all being ruined.

Director(s) Andrea Arnold
Writer(s) David E. Kelley
Air Date 7/14/2019
Introduced This Episode
Ira Denis O’Hare
Juliette Nelly Buchet

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Too Much At Once: Renata, Gordon, Juliette, Madeline, Ed, Tori, Corey, Jane

With Corey being seen at the police station and questioned, whatever was happening between Jane and him? Yeah, that may have promptly ended. Though Corey doesn’t seem like he wants to give up that easily. Hard to say if Jane finds that endearing or not though.

As for Madeline and Ed’s relationship? Well, let’s just say Ed is contemplating cheating with Tori, but he’s very iffy about it. Mostly due to him having a minor breakthrough with Madeline and with a glimpse of hope, he doesn’t want to blow things up.

After all, it isn’t like he is Gordon. Someone who has been having sex with Amabella’s nanny all this time. Leading to your weekly dose of Renata flipping out.

And For All This, I Blame You: Bonnie, Elizabeth, Martin

Bonnie before her confession.

Bonnie has long made clear how she felt about her mom. She even fantasizes about killing her and in front of her dad, and a doctor asks if they can. Which doesn’t make it surprising that, as Bonnie feels the need to confess about pushing Perry, she decides to blame Elizabeth.

Let’s step back a moment. What Bonnie blamed Elizabeth for is the abuse growing up, emotional and physical, and how her lack of love led her to have sex when she was 13 and eventually marry Nathan. Also, when she pushed Perry, it seems that push was triggered by a memory. Maybe not of Bonnie being kicked, but one of the abusive moments, so pushing Perry was a cathartic release.

And the kicker here is that Elizabeth was awake to hear all of that.

If We’re Going To Have A Trial, Both Of Us Will Be Forced To Defend Ourselves: Ira, Mary Louise, Jane, Celeste

The trial begins, and Ira really lashes into Celeste. I’m talking bringing up how Perry died, the fact Celeste, apparently, has had many lovers, and things aren’t looking good. Heck, Jane even gets involved by, stupidly, flipping out on Mary Louise. Talking about how she should have killed Perry herself but didn’t get the chance.

But, before the judge makes her decision, Celeste calls into question Mary Louise being mentally fit to be a parent and while she doesn’t seem worried, this could be fun. Particularly since Celeste plans to use her ability to practice law and question Mary Louise herself. Why? Well, because her lawyer is underperforming.



Bonnie & Elizabeth

I won’t say one scene erases any and all criticism of how Bonnie has been written. However, I must admit Bonnie getting all those long-held feelings off her chest? That scene made me teary eyed. Especially when you realize Bonnie was awake to hear that.

In fact, that might be one of the best scenes we’ve seen Zoe Kravitz perform in a long time.

Mary Louise’s Turn In The Hot Seat

We’ll bypass our usual, “The only thing which justifies this season is Meryl Streep” comment. Let’s just get straight to how she took Celeste to task and now it seemingly will be her turn to be in the hot seat. For, as shown when she went back and forth with Jane, and when she let Celeste know about the custody hearing, Mary Louise works best when she can be sneaky. Maybe even play the victim. So comes the question of what happens when she can’t run and maybe giving a sob story doesn’t work?

Celeste asking for Mary Louise to be scrutinized as she was.

Isn’t that one of the reasons Celeste’s lawyer was glad they got the lawyer they did? Because she could see through theatrics? Leading to you realizing how trash Celeste’s lawyer truly is if Celeste had to come up with questioning Mary Louise being fit to be a parent. Which could backfire in Celeste and Mary Louise not seeming fit, but I don’t think the show will get that ridiculous.

On The Fence

The Left Turn Corey and Jane Took

Jane has trust issues for understandable reasons. Yet, considering the healing that came from being with Corey and the desire to do the work, it makes it possibly ending suck. Though, with Corey saying he won’t give up, there are mixed feelings.

On the one hand, there is something romantic about him not allowing to put her walls up and shut him out. But there is also the fact she said they were over and he is refusing to accept that. Thus, taking note of the climate we live in, making it hard to support Corey to the fullest.

Ed & Renata’s Drama

When it comes to Ed and his back and forth with Madeline, alongside Renata yelling about something new week in and week out, they’re the reason I question the need for a second season. Granted, one which ends with the next episode, but these two have made it feel so much longer.

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Ed & Renata’s Drama - 70%
The Left Turn Corey and Jane Took - 75%
Mary Louise’s Turn In The Hot Seat - 89%
Bonnie & Elizabeth - 88%


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