Closure and being happy. One usually means having the other but there is usually some obstacle in the way. Of which, usually it is one conversation which could clear things up, allow you to get something off your chest, and give yourself the permission to move on. But getting to that point of having that…

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Closure and being happy. One usually means having the other but there is usually some obstacle in the way. Of which, usually it is one conversation which could clear things up, allow you to get something off your chest, and give yourself the permission to move on. But getting to that point of having that conversation? Oh, there are few things harder.

Jane and Ziggy

After talking about being raped, there is a slight pep in Jane’s step. Not one which is long lived, but it seems the boulder on her back has been broken in half. Yet, she still hasn’t obtained that ability to start over and move on. For one, Madeline finds what likely is Ziggy’s dad and now there is this need to confront him. On top of that, Ziggy is still asking about him and seems to still be having problems at school. His teacher thinks he maybe bullying Amabelle and even recommends a child psychologist for him. Someone Jane takes her son to and learns that, if anything, he might be the one being bullied.


Well, there goes the idea that maybe Perry was her rapist. But perhaps that is for the best. Though I do wonder why Madeline decided to find the guy who raped her new friend? I understand that most rapes don’t go reported, for various reasons, and obviously Jane is still trying to deal with it on her own, without therapy, but I didn’t understand how finding him would make things better. If she went to the cops, she’d have to rehash the whole story again and if there is no rape kit, it is he said vs. she said. Which, as you can imagine, Madeline’s drama loving self would aggravate. And considering Jane seems to be on a tightrope between maybe killing herself if not him, I think Madeline doesn’t fully understand she is dealing with a person just barely hanging in there.

As for the Ziggy situation, with the doctor noting maybe he is being bullied I almost wonder if he is being setup. Like, Chloe, to me, I fully think is capable of pulling something off, if not Skye, to make it where Amabelle feels forced to be friends with Ziggy or else they don’t like her and are using the new kid as a scapegoat. An idea I’m not 100% confident in, but I do think there is more happening with these kids than we know.


Madeline’s life is so much more complicated than we know. On top of learning that her father pretty much only took time with her brothers, and sort of abandoned her, thus making Nathan leaving her a triggering moment, we learn she had an affair. You know Joseph? The guy she works with at the community theater? Well, they had an extended affair more than a year ago and old feelings flare up after she goes to bat for him to keep Avenue Q in production.

But that is not all! Bonnie is trying to have a meeting of the minds with Madeline, alongside their spouses, to set some ground rules [note]Something likely needed immediately since Bonnie is a very liberal parent while everyone else seems to want to ask questions and be a bit more hands on[/note]. Ed recognizes the importance of the meeting and supports it, so he goes to see her at her studio with eyes wide open and his neck moving in all directions.  Though, from what it seems, while his eyes wander his hands don’t touch. However, him going to the studio pushes how uncomfortable Nathan is with him.


With Ed revealing Madeline’s past and Bonnie saying everyone has one, you have to wonder if we may ever learn more about Bonnie. Will she remain this sort of bohemian wife without any apparent flaws or complexity? Also, with Joseph seemingly no longer satisfied with keeping his and Madeline’s past buried, how messy may he get? He kisses Madeline in a public place and seems to give no F—- anymore. So what can she do? Hell, considering her and Ed aren’t intimate really, what will she do? Another divorce? Maybe make the claim Joseph assaulted her, as she kind of says with Celeste when she tells her about what happened, or will she try to make him her secret again?

From what it seems, she isn’t happy and with Abigail gone and Chloe basically a little woman, she is reminded she has her own life and wants to live it. Question is, does she necessarily want to with Ed anymore? Also, because it makes little sense to me, what exactly does Madeline do for the community theater besides creating drama for Joseph to deal with?


With Celeste going to bat for Madeline’s production, so comes that passion for law, negotiations, and legal combat. It awakens something in Celeste which has been dormant for years and she thinks she may want to return to work. Problem is, Perry wants another kid and one of the main reasons Celeste stopped practicing is because the stress of work made pregnancy difficult. So with her helping Madeline and getting back into the swing of things, this is setting off red flags. Mostly because she isn’t being upfront with him, but also because he is controlling and possessive. Leading to him once more getting violent with Celeste and only stopping because his son walks in.


Between Perry and Saxon, one of the two are likely to end up dead. Jane is off the rails and Celeste seems about that life. But, talk of murder aside, you have to wonder what drew Celeste to Perry and when did he start being violent? Was it when they were dating, after they were married, or after the kids? For she recognizes he is very possessive and while many a network show exhibits women who are smart in their profession but dumb in their personal lives, Celeste doesn’t seem like that type. Could it be, similar to Renata in a way, that with how much control and fight she had with work she wanted someone to take over when she gets home? Maybe she likes being dominated since she would be such a force at work? It is just Perry now takes it too far? I mean, forgive me for trying to justify Perry’s actions but with each episode comes a nugget of pertinent information which helps us understand one of the eccentricities of a character. So I’m really looking forward to the moment we get to know Perry and Celeste’s individual past and that of their relationship from before they were married. [note]Honestly, doesn’t this show have one of the most awesome soundtracks?[/note]

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