Big Little Lies: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Serious Mothering” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

As we get to know the woman of Monterey, surprisingly Madeline almost seems like the normal one. Especially as the state of Celeste’s relationship is revealed and Jane’s vulnerability makes you question her mental state.

Trigger Warning(s): Domestic Violence

Topic 1: Battle Lines Drawn (Madeline & Renata)

With Renata still reeling over Jane and Ziggy not taking responsibility, naturally, when it comes to Annabelle’s birthday party Ziggy isn’t invited. Leading Madeline to decide Chloe won’t be going. Something she believes will lead to no one showing up. This, needless to say, pisses Renata off. However, to add fuel to the fire, Madeline learns about a Frozen on Ice show which is the same day as Annabelle’s party, and she invited everyone. It gets so bad that Chloe, with assistance from Skye, try to patch things up but that ends up failing when Ziggy kisses Annabelle [2].


While Madeline explaining she is sticking up for Jane since when she was forced into single motherhood she didn’t have support, I think it is becoming clear to Jane that it is hardly about Ziggy. If anything, Madeline is similar to Christina Applegate’s character in Bad Moms. She lives for the drama because she has nothing else. Her husband is stable and boring, her kids are either looking to others, like Bonnie, for advice or they are pretty much self-sufficient outside of making their own meals. So what is she to do besides champion for Jane? Especially against Renata for she makes her feel inferior. After all, Renata may not be with Annabelle as she may like, but she is still some kind of super mom. I mean, have you seen Renata’s husband do anything with that child? His scenes are solely dealing with her after something happened to Annabelle. So, pretty much, it seems Renata is doing it all.

Topic 2: The 2nd Choice (Ed, Madeline, Nathan and Bonnie)

Despite there being 30,000 people in the town, Madeline keeps running into Nathan and Bonnie. Something she hates for nevermind Bonnie is starting to have more influence over Abigail, but how is Madeline supposed to move on?! Which, with it being 15 years, naturally Ed finds himself questioning his place? Is he the consolation prize since Madeline couldn’t get who she really wanted?

On top of that, Nathan tries to use him in order to get Madeline to not be aggressive with Bonnie [1]. Something Ed doesn’t appreciate for he feels like he is being bullied and he was bullied in the past. Now, he is just waiting for a reason and opportunity to not turn the other cheek but whoop an ass. Meaning, Nathan gets put on notice. Leading to, so it seems, Madeline taking a bit more of a note of her husband.


You have to wonder what was the final straw for Nathan? Madeline, as we can clearly see, is not the easiest person to get along with. She is very upfront, aggressive, and very confrontational. Yet, what pushed him to walking out on them? Also, she notes how she was a single mom and had it hard, leading you to wonder what is his relationship like with Abigail? Did he essentially leave her too and start a new family? All Abigail seems to talk about is spending time with Bonnie and not Nathan so you gotta wonder these things.

Switching to Ed, I feel like his and Nathan’s pissing contest was hilarious. Almost to the point that I’m hoping these two fight. For between Nathan’s build and Ed seeming like the type who probably took classes waiting for the day a mofo would, I’m very hyped for their match.

Topic 3: An Elle Type Relationship (Celeste and Perry)

It is hard to say whether Perry and Celeste’s marriage is abusive or they both like it rough. He hits her, she hits him, they argue and have passionate sex. Yet, it isn’t some kind of BDSM they are into, but the type of fights usually associated with domestic violence. Plus, take into account how Celeste retired and now is reliant on Perry, it seems like he controls her. But, again, it is hard to say whether or not she likes their situation. Even if they do go to therapy.


It’s hard to get a real grasp on how to feel about these two. On one hand, they are excellent parents and Perry is so cute and sweet on Celeste. Yet, on the other hand, he hits her hard enough to leave bruises. But, while she is not into being bruised, she seems a bit kinky and into it. At least, that is what she conveys to Madeline. But I gotta admit, with how Perry is, I do wonder if he pushed or forced her to retire from practicing law. For there seems to be more to that decision than we are being told.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Bonnie takes Abigail to Planned Parenthood for birth control and while Madeline is adjusting to how socially conscious Bonnie is leading Abigail to be, a line has to be drawn. Of which, getting medication for her daughter is the line.
  2. In fact, it fails so bad that the term “Sexual Assault” is used and Renata is talking about a lawyer. Which, with Jane not having a job, trying to start a new life, and one of her official reasons for coming to this place was the school, it is all too much. She actually breaks down and cries. On top of that, she snaps on Ziggy when he notes one of the moms saying he is a monster. I mean, she snaps in the type of way which will scare you, the viewer.

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I love my grudges. I tend to them like little pets.

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