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As one character seemingly exits, another enters. Though it is the truth about Arthur which matters the most and how Holden reacts to his first memory of Willa.

Topic 1: A History Lesson (Willa)

With Willa barely able to do anything with Daniel around, it makes it so trying to help take care of him is hard and going through his things. Yet, thanks to some lock picking skills, Willa gets into one of Arthur’s safes and discovers what the Mustard Jacket warned her about. Arthur, working with Dr. Frost, used to do some sort of experiments on those like Holden. As for what was the result, besides maybe death or them becoming the evil ones of the realm, that is unknown.


So, we learn that Willa was definitely born and raised in our world and once again, the realm is presented as something like The Matrix. A place where being in a coma like state, if not a coma period, allows you access to it. Though as for what the fabric of the realm is, be it a network, another dimension or what, that isn’t known. What increasingly is though is that Arthur frequented that world and seemed to recruit and train those who found themselves trapped in there. Leading to you wondering if, perhaps like X-Men, could it be Arthur and Dr. Frost had a common goal but their thoughts on how to obtain it differed to the point they had to split apart?

As of now, especially based on the way Charlie reacts, noted in Topic 2, it seems while Dr. Frost seems to be the richer of the two, his ambitions maybe less detrimental to the health of those like Holden vs. what Arthur pursues. Though we won’t know the truth for sometime.

Topic 2: Second Chances (Charlie [Eden Brolin], Jamie, Holden, and Tess)

Despite missing their first date, and acting strange, Jamie gives Holden multiple chances. However, with him unable, and unwilling, to explain what he is going through in terms of his PTSD and his weird moments, she decides to not pursue a relationship with Holden. Though with one girl leaving Holden’s life, another one enters. Said young lady is Charlene (Charlie) Singer. She, like Holden, has special talents but hers deal with probability and she was only in a coma for 4 years. Lastly, she is associated with the Hollow City. Not in the same way as Mustard Jacket, but they are on good enough terms that when Tess approaches her there isn’t any running or threats of violence – just some exasperation.

Yet, when she hears how Arthur got to Holden before Hollow City, it seems that, among some other deal to be made with Tess, she will get her (Charlie) to help them.


I’m really hoping with Jamie exiting the picture that Charlie isn’t going to take her place. For while Willa and Holden aren’t a “Awe” inspiring couple, with Arthur making it seem forbidden, and the way she was looking at him when he took his shirt off, it shows the actress is trying to get fans excited. Though, again, with there being so many more interesting things going on, I honestly think that unless they step up this romance sub-plot, it is going to be more of a liability than an asset to this program. Even if they decide to have Arthur, or someone else, threaten Willa’s life the way Mustard Jacket threatens Holand’s friends and family.

Topic 3: I Remember Now (Willa & Holden)

Not too long after Jamie decides to walk out of Holden’s life does he get hit by a car and sent to The Realm. Well, one of his memories in the realm and the first time he met Willa. With this, he never minds any thoughts and feelings he had for Jamie since Willa is the one. He runs to her, kisses and makes out with her, and before the possibility of sex, he catches a glimpse of the Arthur tapes Willa has been looking at and asks about him.

From there they go see Arthur and while Holden, at first, seems game to help however he can, he destroys the machine which could allow him to enter the realm and help. If just because, the more he remembers about the realm, the less he wants any association or possibility to end up back there.


So, with it being told Arthur’s inability to comeback is partly thanks to Holden, you have to wonder how will that factor into things? He just destroyed what was being touted as the easy way to bring Arthur back. Now the only way, that we have been introduced to, is a medically induced coma. Something we know Holden refuses to do, so does that mean the end to Arthur? Could the Hollow City do anything to help? Much less, depending on Dr. Frost and Arthur ended things, would they even offer their services?

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1.       What lives in The Realm? We have thus far only seen wolves, Holden, Willa, and the some kind of living plant. What is in there which makes it so dangerous? Are those faceless people there or are they simply a figment of Holand’s fears and PTSD?
  2.       Luke is worried that maybe his brother isn’t ready for the real world.
  3.       Jumping back to an old topic, if people thought Jeff was the reason Holden ended up in a coma, how come he didn’t end up in jail – thus making it where he couldn’t be in the military?
  4.       So, we aren’t going to talk about Luke and his girl’s drug problem yet? Ok.

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