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Beyond: Season 1/ Episode 1 "Pilot" [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Perhaps like many, one of the first shows that made me a loyal viewer of FreeForm, then ABC Family, was Kyle XY. Since then the network hasn’t had too many sci-fi shows in their primetime lineup. Fantasy shows, yes. But sci-fi dramas? Not so much. So with Believe you have to wonder as good as things have gotten with The Fosters, Switched at Birth, and the first season of Twisted, will that be what we should expect? Or the various failed shows as the network tried to figure out what its brand is?

Noted Actors

Holden (Burkely Duffield) | Luke (Jonathan Whitesell) | Kevin (Jordan Calloway) | Willa (Dilan Gwyn) | Arthur (Alex Diakun) | Diane (Romy Rosemont)

The Introduction

For 12 years Holden has been in a coma, and when he awakes he is able to walk, talk, and seemingly has gone through puberty as if nothing has happened. However, if a young woman named Willa is to be believed, a lot happened over those 12 years Holden’s body was dormant. Of which include him developing supernatural powers.

Things To Note

Holden was born February 17th, 1992


Brotherly Love

Though not a big part of the plot, I must admit it was nice to see two siblings get along. Especially since it seems Holden’s little brother Luke will be who helps introduce him to the world he was only physically in. Much less, catch him up on all he could of done during his teen years.

The Mystery

Some of Holden’s visions look quite satanic and with FreeForm no longer worried about some type of family moniker, it’ll be interesting if this destructive force is as villainous as Satan. Much less, with said being seemingly being Arthur, an old man who speaks through a cellphone Willa has, you have to wonder if Willa is perhaps the friend she seems to be or some sort of femme fatale?

On The Fence

Can It Stay Interesting?

It’s an interesting concept. Someone is in a coma for 12 years and over that time, while they are trapped mentally somewhere, they develop powers. Powers which, somehow, people in the outside world learn about. Ideas like that can quickly hook you but the problem is longevity. After the first season, and the season finale cliffhanger, where can the show go from there? With Pretty Little Liars, we have seen FreeForm milk a show for all its worth rather than end things on a high note. So if this is a ratings smash, will they milk this too? Then again, if it isn’t, when we reach that season finale apex, will that be the beginning of the show going downhill or will it remain stable? Hell, could it even perhaps get better?

Missing 12 Years – Captain America type Jokes or Nah?

While a strong focus of the show will likely be Holden’s superpowers, the other aspect likely will deal with Luke, and Holden’s childhood friend Kevin, trying to catch him up on normal things. Be it drinking, learning to drive, and of course technology. Leading you to wonder if there maybe some Captain America type jokes as Holden looks at things with wonder or if pity will be applied? Much less, with Holden missing 12 years of school, what will be done about that? Will he even go to school, will he decide to find work? Perhaps those are things better left for the “Can It Stay Interesting” section but it also factors in on how are they going to handle a person who missed the formative years of his life?

Will It Have Emotional Depth?

Holden’s mother Diane was a wreck when she realized her son is back, and when Holden randomly teleports in his sleep and walks back in the house the next morning. So, I’m wondering if this show may apply some of the same depth we have seen in The Fosters and Switched at Birth. Not some of the more over the top moments, but Holden dealing with how much he missed out of life because he was in a coma. Perhaps his parents wondering what can they do with a son who physically, and age wise, is a man, but outside of some 15 seconds of fame, has nothing to show for it? Do they push him to go to school, to work, do they just wait for him to decide?

Then with Kevin and Luke. Luke has his own life and now things have kind of flipped. Will Holden try to follow him around and observe what it means to be alive? Then with Kevin, can things ever really be the same? Much less, with Holden likely being stalked and Kevin a possible lure, and anyone who Holden cares about, how will that play out in the long run?

Overall: Mixed (Home Viewing)

For reasons which confuse me, it seems the whole season, or first ten episodes, are available on Xfinity/ FreeForm OnDemand. With that said, I wish this released a week ago so I could have a Netflix-style marathon for while the pilot hasn’t completely sold me, the shows on FreeForm usually reveal themselves to be good or not by episode 3. After that, with perhaps the exception of Twisted, you get a firm grasp of how good the show can be and at least get 2 good seasons before the show messes with the formula to try to stay fresh. So, here is hoping this is a new obsession.

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