Better Things: Season 2/ Episode 7 “Blackout” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Better Things Season 2 Episode 7 Blackout - Sam
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After a blackout, Jeff and Sam head on down to the store to buy a generator. Which leads to her running into Robin.

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Director(s) Pamela Adlon
Writer(s) Pamela Adlon, Louis C.K.
Introduced Characters
Mia Bunnyann Riley-Holmes


A blackout suddenly hits the region Sam and the girls live and this causes a bit of a freakout. Especially since, even the landline, requires power. So, upon Jeff’s advice, Sam decides to go get a generator. Which starts off kind of fun for Sam since she can enjoy Jeff’s company. Jeff, also enjoys Sam, though he could do without her bringing up the divorce. If only because it still is such a sore subject. After all, he didn’t just lose his wife but all of their mutual friends and pretty much the community. For now everyone just sees him as the butthead who didn’t do Sunny right.

Leading to the topic of Robin. From what it seems, whatever happened between episode 5, when we last saw Robin, and this one, it has pretty much led to Robin and Sam being over. For whether she ghosted him or what, they don’t talk anymore. Something Robin vocalizes in front of his daughter and that had Sam all the way messed up.

But then Jeff chimes in, on the way home, and basically paints Robin as manipulative. On top of that, he asks of Sam to show the forgiveness and understanding she does towards others, like himself, toward herself. Something that gets Sam a little hot and bothered but she has no intentions of going there with Sunny’s ex-husband. However, if it wasn’t for him talking about tasting his penis, something might have gone down.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Frankie uses Sam’s temperament to get her phone destroyed and get a new one.
  • Phil seems back to her old self.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Better Things Season 2 Episode 7 Blackout - Robin

  1. So Sam really cheated on Robin huh?


Divorce For Men

When it comes to men and divorce, more often than not they don’t take the blame for the situation and only focus on losing their family. With Jeff though, he illustrates, due to his behavior, he lost family, friends, the school community, and how much that sucks. An interesting take that I don’t necessarily think is worth exploring further but was a welcome change of pace.

Sam Didn’t Take The Bait

Better Things Season 2 Episode 7 Blackout - Sam and Jeff

Bad enough Sam cheated on Robin, possibly, but her making out or having sex with Sunny’s ex would have been too self-destructive. That would have been on a Shonda Rhimes level of “messiness” in the pursuit of trying to present a complicated character. But, luckily Pamela Adlon don’t play that nonsense.

Yet, I got to admit, with Jeff calling out Robin’s actions, especially in front of his daughter, sort of pushes me to realize how low-key manipulative Robin might be. I mean, think about it, he knows how to lay down some guilt by coming off as this vulnerable ad communicative dude. Making it seem because you aren’t open about how you feel that you’re the butt hole of the situation. Maybe that is why his ex left him.

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