Overview When Bo gets sick, it seems those of Project Orchestra maybe the only ones who can save her. Review (with Spoilers) As someone said on the IMDB boards, sooner or later Bo is going to get caught. After all, Winter’s resources seem to dwindle day by day, and I’d argue it has more been…

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When Bo gets sick, it seems those of Project Orchestra maybe the only ones who can save her.

Review (with Spoilers)

As someone said on the IMDB boards, sooner or later Bo is going to get caught. After all, Winter’s resources seem to dwindle day by day, and I’d argue it has more been luck than anything else allowing him to survive on the run so long. But when Bo gets sick with a fever of around 105 degrees, Tate seems unable to rely on Winter’s promises and faith when it comes to the safety of his daughter.

Topic 1: Sara and Carl

Seemingly the side-stories of Believe may no longer have little to nothing to do with Bo’s journey, much less the main characters. In this episode, for example, we meet what seems to be one of Bo’s former foster parents, Sara and Carl. Former due to a certain familiar character attacking them and making their home no longer a safe place. More on that later, though. What matters most about Sara and Carl is the fact that it shows that despite the first family we saw, in which Bo was the cause of their deaths, maybe there are some families out there who did survive being in contact with her, know about her, and still care about her deeply.

Topic 2: High Fever

As for the reason Bo’s former foster parents are in the episode, the reason is because Niko Zepeda shot Bo with some type of tranquilizer and combined with a surge in Bo’s powers, this causes her to inflict a self-induced coma, with a side-effect of causing her a high fever. This naturally is a problem since Winter only has Channing at this point, who at most is a bodyguard, and they are in need of a medical professional. Now, as most would assume, a hospital would be an option, but considering how unique Bo is, as well as the Amber alert, this can’t be an option. So despite Channing’s desires to find somewhere besides Sara and Carl’s farm, Winter finds Sara, who is a nurse, to be their only option.

En route, though, they find Zepeda on their tail and shooting at them. But with a handful of defensive driving maneuvers, they knock him off his bike, capture him, and hold him in a barn. His stay there isn’t permanent, however. You see, as Bo goes from simply being comatose to having a fever in the 100s, Tate starts to panic. So, the first thing done is Winter risking his team by contacting Zoe, Roman’s right-hand woman, and while she certainly could be considered an ally, she still very much is under Roman’s thumb. And even after discovering Roman has her followed, and her attempt to expose things a few episodes ago, she remains cautiously loyal. Luckily, though, her loyalty to Roman doesn’t trump how she feels for Bo, so she does present some type of serum which is used on others who take part in Project Orchestra.

Said serum is supposed to help with these comas induced by power spikes which often lead to damaging effects on those like Bo. But, after its application doesn’t lead to any clear results, desperate times call for desperate measures and Tate goes to Zepeda to cut a deal: Help Bo get treated, even if it means taking her to Project Orchestra/ Roman. This backfires but does leave Bo in Winter’s possession, though with Zepeda still free and able to cause them future issues.

Topic 3: A Venture into The Past

Meanwhile, as everyone scrambles to help her, Bo is trapped in her version of her memories. This leads, at least for me, some consistency issues since said memory is supposed to take place 3 years back, despite in episode 4 it being said that Winter has only had Bo for a few months. Either way, what Bo’s storyline deals with is establishing Channing. Formerly, Channing seemed more loyal to Roman, and seeing Bo as property, than the surrogate mother, or perhaps big sister, she is today. In fact, she is the reason why Carl and Sara no longer have Bo and that is because she attacked them.

However, despite her original feelings, upon meeting Bo in person and experiencing what she can do, much less receiving her kindness through Bo healing a wound inflicted by Carl, something seemingly changed in her. Which upon Carl discovering who she is, doesn’t necessarily set things right, but when they come together to defend Bo from Zepeda, who takes Carl’s shotgun, it is perhaps what led to all of them ending the situation without any causalities.

That aside, there comes a question of why, even after the serum is administered, Bo has made herself a prisoner of her own mind? And perhaps the answer to that question came in episode 5 when she was talking to Tate about how everyone leaves, or she leaves them. She couldn’t stay with Sara and Carl due to what Channing did, and what others would likely do, and while Channing and Winter surely have a place in her heart, there remains that issue of them idolizing her. And as previously noted, Tate really doesn’t do this. However, his previous showings of how he values her, and sometimes seems to want to get away, seemingly played a role in her self-induced coma.

But perhaps that bond between father and daughter, i.e. him telling her she is his kid, is what she needed to hear, for that wakes her up. I must admit, though, be it circumstantial or her wanting to choose the right time, or force, Tate to tell, it is hard to say. Either way, perhaps with Tate saying he is her dad, and seeming more committed than ever, Bo’s strength can continue to grow, and be stabilized.

Episode 8


As Orchestra mounts for a comeback against Winter, Bo learns more about her mother.

Review (with Spoilers)

Believe reverts to its old storytelling style of one-off stories which don’t do that much for the overall series plot, and personally, I welcome it. For while Winter is finally having Bo train, her powers aren’t at the point where they make for a good “wow factor” when it comes to the show. But, with her getting stronger means Roman getting giddier about all the stuff she can do for him and with his Cerebro-like machine, which can track telekinetic events and register who did them, Bo’s freedom is threatened now more than ever.

Topic 1: Daddy & Me – Tate & Bo

With Tate revealing to Bo he is her father, we see him assert himself a bit more in Bo’s upbringing. First by him almost seeming like the Winter in a situation which has Winter as Roman, trying to push Bo into really honing her abilities. However, with that coma really freaking Tate out, he puts an end to the training just in time for him, Winter, Channing, and Bo to escape which is either Winter’s team, or the FBI. Who, by the way, seem less and less fond of working with Roman, or at the very least Agent Ferrell seems like she is done taking orders, even if done subtly, from Roman.

But, with Winter discovering Roman’s Cerebro is in working order, there is a need for Bo to go off the grid for a while, as we are reintroduced to one of Winter’s team members, Leeds, who we haven’t seen in ages. Sort of leading me to wonder how many are really left on Winter’s team, much less what do they do while Winter and Channing are traveling all over the Tri-State area?

That aside, while Winter, Channing, and Leeds try to figure out a way to plant a chip in Roman’s machines, Bo and Tate bond. It all begins with Bo wanting a bedtime story, but not some fictitious one, but how Tate and Nina met. Said story isn’t that vivid but provides enough details to make sense. Tate walked into Nina’s old psychic shop to get out the rain and with a free reading, Nina fell in love with all of him and he her. However, we don’t get to see any bit of their relationship, though it is hinted we should get more details in the future.

Topic 2: Infiltrate Orchestra

As for what is happening in the present? Winter’s team finds a way to infiltrate Orchestra, using Channing naturally, but she is forewarned that no one is coming to rescue her once inside. Though let’s be real, likely Zoey will let her loose sooner or later, but more on that in a minute. What needs to be noted is Channing is successful in planting the chip, but upon her attempting to escape she first runs into Zoey, who I assume says nothing about Channing entering the facility, but when she tries to escape through the sewer she finds herself trapped and, with many armed guards surrounding her, enters Roman. And we are sadly left without knowing what happened to Channing, but considering how more and more Zoey seems like the Achilles heel to Roman’s operation, I’m sure that even if she doesn’t defect, she will likely end up helping Channing to escape, especially after Channing likely ends up tortured by Shawn or another telekinetic.

Topic 3: Side Story – Gary’s Debt to his Family (Bo & Tate)

Thus leaving us with this episode’s side story featuring a man named Gary. In what seems to be a self-contained story, as Bo and Tate try to lay low, Bo starts reading feelings and finds herself particularly attracted to the guilt of Gary. Now, Gary is a family man who owns a mom and pop tool shop which has hit hard times. Because of that, he has borrowed money heavily and even resorted to borrowing from a loan shark to pay his bills. Luckily for him, though, Bo decides he is worthy of her time.

But, unlike past stories, Bo helping isn’t the most clean here. I say that because past stories simply meant making sure two people met and were back together, for this one, though, Bo has to use trickery and I don’t know if this is a sign that Tate is having an effect on her, or simply Bo being more willing to do what it takes to seemingly do the right thing. You see, in order for Gary’s $100,000 debt to be repaid, a horse must be stolen. A horse that Mr. Belfort, the loan shark, thinks he lost due to a horse owner who cheated him. And despite no proof he was cheated, Bo, Tate, and Gary magically find a truck which can hold a horse, trick the new owner so that they can steal her, the horse, and then take it back to Mr. Belfort.

Which, to me, sort of signals that while Bo maybe for happy endings, it seems she isn’t looking for the purest ways to achieve them no longer. And maybe this is a one-off thing, or setting up a precedent for Bo maybe turning to the dark side, who knows? Either way, I must say this was probably the weakest of all the side stories for it didn’t have the emotional impact of lovers reunited, a mother finding her son, or even the journalist and his pregnant girlfriend. It was just an ok story which, to me, only became interesting when Bo bent the rules a bit. Still, with Bo being capable of something remotely bad, it does make future adventures just a tad bit more interesting don’t you think?

Episode 9


With Tate and Bo still training, and Winter trying to think what is his group’s next move, Roman seemingly has found himself a new Bo.

Review (with Spoilers)

Something I am noticing about this show as it continues on is that it is starting to defy reality. Take for example all of Bo’s showings of her powers. You’d think between all the social network sites, someone would have exposed her by now. Much less, in the episode Roman shoots at Winter in public, and Agent Ferrell just looks at him like he is crazy. Which, increasingly, he seems to be. More on that below.

Topic 1: Meet Dani

The girl from the last episode, Dani, introduces herself as a 19-year-old who has been in and out of foster care and group homes since she accidently killed her little brother. But, despite Zoe worrying about the girl’s mental state, Roman is just salivating due to her potential. Thing is, with seeing Dani you almost can vision what Bo may have been like if Roman really did get a hold of her and squashed Winter ages ago. She has screws loose, looks for affirmation where possible, and with this she sort of attaches to Zoe as she acts as Winter did when he was around. But, by the end of the episode, as Zoe warns Winter of Dani’s arrival, of which Dani hears, it seems their new relationship maybe over.

Topic 2: A Hostage Situation – Channing, Winter & Roman

With Channing strapped down and prepped for interrogation, Roman is ready to show off his “subjects.” The first being Jacob who is far too weak to dig into Channing’s mind, but after checking what Dani can do, Roman decides this would be the perfect first assignment for her. After all, she quickly told Roman, upon meeting him, every thought he had and even delved into his memories, so who is Channing right?

And low and behold, despite Channing’s training, Dani extracts everything she needs out of her. Thus sending the FBI, with Roman following, to the backup safe house of which they spot Winter in. But then things get tricky. Agent Garner, with a team, is sent in to get Winter and I’d like to argue that Agent Garner is on Winter’s side. The reason I say this is because after infiltrating the building, there is a moment of silence long enough to push the idea he was waiting for Winter to get out, and then to cover his tracks a bomb went off and he claims he was taken by surprise.

That isn’t the only surprise that comes from the operation, though. As Roman watches the situation go down, with baited breath, his team is knocked out and Roman kidnapped. Luckily for him, though, it’s just Winter and the two have a heart to heart in which you can see that despite Roman seeming evil, truthfully he is just a bit misguided, if not off his rocker. I’d say he is the type which wants there to be good in the world, but he wants to be an instrument in it. He wants the fame, and likely money, saying he discovered, cultivated, and revealed the savior of mankind, by whatever means necessary. Meanwhile, Winter simply wants to keep those with potential pure and just be a guide who stays behind the scenes.

My analysis aside, the key thing about this chat is that Winter tries to work with Roman and convince him to end his ways, but something is keeping Roman from going fully pure. What exactly I couldn’t hear, and subtitles weren’t available, but whatever it is, Roman was surprised Winter knew. Which perhaps would explain when Winter swapped Roman for Channing, he took an FBI agent’s gun and shot at Winter, who luckily got saved by Channing taking the bullet. And I bet, despite this action, the FBI will likely let Roman be free, even after attempted murder.

Topic 3: Side Story – Margaret’s Violin (Tate & Bo)

As for our two leads, while Winter is off finding their next location, Bo is training. She can now levitate and is working on controlling her ability to lift things. Later we find out that her powers even allow her to manipulate a computer. But, the key thing about this side story is that it gives Bo another opportunity to touch someone’s life.

Said person is Margaret, a girl Bo foresaw dying in a rather horrible car accident. So, being that Bo tries to be a psychic who is always wrong, she has Tate assist her in helping Margaret. But, being that Tate takes after his father when it comes to parenting, he seems to want to have a stronger influence over Bo and not always be her assistant for these rescue missions. Almost in a, “you can’t save everyone” type of way, which I assume may come true if the show continues.

Anyway, Bo finds Margaret, this teenaged girl with a very aggressive mother who isolates her daughter by homeschooling her and has her practice to the point where you’d think she had plans to live vicariously through the child. Thankfully, though, she just expects a lot out of her daughter and allows Bo to befriend Margaret. Something which saves their life. For between Bo turning the wheel to stop the fatal accident and Tate trying his best to stop James, the driver Margaret’s family almost hits, everything ends well. In fact, James we learn is a conductor for the New York Philharmonic and offers Margaret his card for when she is ready to audition.

And while I didn’t fully note it, watching Bo finally make a friend her own age was quite touching and this story made me much more emotionally invested than last week’s. But, I must admit, I am getting slightly tired of Bo’s sass. I get Tate hasn’t been around and isn’t the ideal dad, but she is just a little too much sometimes.

Episode 10


With every step we take to the series finale, it makes Bo growing stronger bittersweet.

Trigger Warning(s): Terrorist Attack

Review (with Spoilers)

With Believe officially being cancelled, we are left with never fully getting to see Bo’s potential, nor see if Winter’s sacrifice, as well as those who work/ worked with him, maybe in vain. But, even if the ratings are in the crapper, at least the remaining episodes will be seen allowing some sense of closure.

Topic 1: Clairvoyance – Tate, Bo, and Agent Ferrell

With a nightmare about a bomb going off, and watching Agent Ferrell, her daughter, and Tate turn to smoke, Bo wakes up in a panic. Which, naturally, leads her to dragging Tate to where the bomb goes off, in a subway, in order to try and prevent the situation. Unfortunately, though, though Bo could pinpoint the where, she can’t pinpoint the when, much less where the bomb was. But, with Ferrell drawing her gun on Tate on sight, she scares off most of the people on the platform just in time for them to escape before the bomb goes off.

Leaving Tate, Bo, and Agent Ferrell just dirty, as Ferrell’s kid seemingly has a collapsed lung. And with Sarah’s injury comes a chance for Tate to try to sway Agent Ferrell, which originally is a hard task. For while he helps with her daughter, shows himself as a parent, and tries to connect with her, her duty continuously trumps her feelings. And just to note, considering how Bo helped Channing with her injuries back in the day, I found it strange she didn’t even attempt to heal Sarah.

But, anyway, once they finally get above ground, Bo spots the terrorist, and Tate and Agent Ferrell chase him down. During this situation, the terrorist has Agent Ferrell, but Tate saves her and then applies the Undertaker’s “Hell’s Gate” to knock him out. And seemingly, even with him saving her life, she is still too pragmatic to just let Tate go, or so it seems.

Topic 2: Channing Update – Channing/ Winter

After taking a bullet to the lower abdomen, Channing is in bad enough condition that originally she can’t move, but after taking the bullet out, a band aid, and some sort of liquid being applied, she seems visibly better in a few hours and can walk, talk, and move about. All of which is very convenient, though considering how she answers phones before they visibly ring, maybe she has powers as well?

Topic 3: Meanwhile at Orchestra – Zoe & Roman

With Zoe making an enemy out of Dani, it has made her days numbered. For Dani has finally found a home, stability, and people unafraid of her powers, and Zoe is ready to take this all away from her. So, upon Roman’s return from being in holding, and learning of Zoe’s betrayal from Dani, he tries to give Zoe one chance to prove Dani a liar. Unfortunately for Zoe though, she falls into Roman’s trap and this leads to one final chat between the two.

And as they speak in an interrogation room, Roman is left wondering why his right-hand woman would betray him? Part of the reason is a love for Bo, the other because his ambitions have clouded his judgment, especially since Winter left with Bo. Which can be seen for in each “subject” we meet of Roman’s, we see him aggressively try to compensate for the power he no longer has access to with Bo gone, and even Dani sees this and seems to have a slight jealousy over the importance of Bo. But, with her nowhere to be found, and Zoe showing herself as a liability, it seems Roman has no choice but to use Dani to be the Bo he needs. And to safeguard any complications, he has Zoe’s mind wiped.

But, while Zoe wasn’t allowed to walk away with the information she knows, seemingly Agent Ferrell and Sasha are. For perhaps after all Tate has done, Agent Ferrell, despite multiple opportunities, decided that while she may not help Tate and Winter, she’d rather not get in their way. So, she is now off the case. Leaving us with Tate and Bo returning to Winter’s team, and a cute moment between Tate and Bo in which she says he is getting good at tuck-ins.

And while likely we may not see the day, all this makes for an interesting setup for the eventual battle between Dani and Bo. For, Dani’s jealousy of Bo I doubt could ever be easily placated. If anything, her jealousy over Bo is probably like that of Zelena’s jealousy in Once Upon a Time. The life she didn’t get she sees this child having, and with her finally finding a place to call her own, you’d think she would make sure there would be no reason to share the spotlight. But, with this getting cancelled I doubt the final episodes may go that deep.

Episode 11


Trust is a major subject matter in the episode as it leads to two very important decisions.

Review (with Spoilers)

The end is nigh for the series, and with two characters making decisions which will surely rock the series finale, I am left increasingly saddened that this will end so soon. For Tate and Bo seem to have fully solidified their relationship by telling each other “I love you,” and while Bo still has nightmares and fears of being taken away from Tate, her trust in him is stronger than ever. Meanwhile, Dani also has a building trust with Roman. One which is becoming increasingly uneasy as Roman hides his true feelings from her. But, with her mind reading abilities being as strong as they are, it is hard to keep secrets.

Topic 1: I Don’t Need No Doctor – Channing

Despite how well Channing seemed to be in the last episode, we find her in this one battling an infection. One which leads Winter to kidnapping an old friend named Brad who informs Winter that he doesn’t have the tools to really help Channing and that she really needs a hospital. After all, Channing has a 104-degree fever and looks horrible. But, Winter is worried about her going to jail so he tries to hold off taking her to the hospital. In the end, though, they agree to go to one off the grid.

Topic 2: Tell Me a Secret/ Leave Us Alone – Tate and Bo

And while Winter worries about Channing’s life, Tate & Bo venture out in the world to go see Roman. For as Bo continues to get nightmares due to the chaotic life she leads, she thinks that maybe if she asks Roman to leave them alone he will. But, even after disabling all of Roman’s security technology, and having a private chat, he seems as adamant as ever in having Bo come back with him. He even offers a place for Tate, as well as offering him exoneration. But Tate calls BS on this and says Roman is just saying whatever her can to get Bo. Which he may be right about.

However, something Tate isn’t right about is his impression on how Nina died. As of now, Roman has pretty much got the sole blame for the whole thing. He pushed Nina too hard, he is the reason why Bo didn’t get to have a mother or grow up with her father, and he is the bad guy. This isn’t completely true, though. Roman reminds us that Winter wasn’t like Zoe who seemed to purely be a subordinate. Roman went to Winter for counsel and treated him somewhat like an equal and, in the case of Nina, while Winter may have passively agreed to the test which pushed her over, Roman wants to make sure he isn’t the only one with mud slugged on his name.

Thus leading to Bo and Tate realizing their would-be knight isn’t as innocent as he may seem. But, to me, the way everything is shown makes it so putting any serious blame on Winter is just silly. Especially since Bo can read Winter’s mind and see he barely was invested in the decision. However, his agreement did play a part and perhaps this is why Winter expresses mass guilt when confronted about what happened, and while Bo forgives him, it seems with all that has happened, and with her wanting some sense of normalcy, she is ready to move on from Winter and rely solely on Tate. Perhaps the oddest, if not dumbest, decision she has ever made and Tate has agreed to.

Topic 3: What is Wrong With Me? – Dani

Part of the reason this is a dumb idea is because Mr. Zepeda is back to tracking Bo, and while Bo is showing more abilities to help Tate and her evade Roman’s men, with Winter off to take Channing to a hospital off the grid, they may be on their own. And while Mr. Zepeda is certainly a threat, Dani is more so. For, as Zoe warned, Dani’s body is degrading and the degrading of a telekinetic’s body is like cancer, and thus far Roman’s only sort of cure is pumping the telekinetic full of drugs until they seemingly are comatose.

But, what makes this bad for Roman, as well as Bo, is that Roman said to Dani she would get better but in reality, she is getting worse. Then, with her seeing all the others who are sick and dying, and noting all Roman has put her through, she realizes she is a test dummy. One which will always be second to Bo for that is Roman’s favorite and what is Dani but another test subject seeing what Bo’s full capabilities may one day be? This thought, and her reading Roman’s, confirms her reasons to be jealous so she seems to leave Orchestra perhaps in search of Bo. Whether it is to simply see the competition in person, or take her out, it isn’t made clear. However, Roman calls Winter asking for his help so you know Roman must be really worried about whatever he believes Dani may do.

Episode 12


Everything ends with a nice ribbon and no cliffhanger.

Review (with Spoilers)

With no hope for a second season, Believe ends without trying to cause any sort of ruckus. Which perhaps is fitting in a way. Though I must admit, I wished it did at least fight and end things with a bang than a quiet whisper. It made my feelings about the finale so indifferent.

Topic 1: Hello to Old Friends – Roman and Winter

Bo seems to be the only thing which can bring Winter face to face with a man who tried to shoot him only a few episodes ago. And, all things considered, if all it took to bring Winter out of hiding was mentioning a threat against Bo, Roman arguably could have had captured Winter and his team ages ago. That tidbit aside, with Dani on the loose and having True Blood vampire like powers which allow her to find Channing, it is decided they will set a trap. Thing is, Dani has become so powerful that when they try to knock her out with toxic gas, it doesn’t have an effect on her. Then when Roman has Mr. Zepeda go after her, well he ends up dead. But being that the show is ending, and perhaps logic was never Believe’s strong suit, Channing, Roman and Winter decide to run in to see what happened to Mr. Zepeda. Which naturally leaves to Dani confronting them and using her mind reading abilities to learn Winter is tracking Tate’s phone so that is her way of finding Bo.

Topic 2: Mommy Dearest – Bo & Dani

With Bo seemingly near the brink of death, her mother appears to her. She warns Bo of Dani’s arrival and preps her with what to say and do to save Dani and those Bo loves. Which leads to Tate being confronted with the fact that as much as Bo wants normalcy, as does he, it simply isn’t going to happen as long as Bo is alive. So, once again, he gives up trying to find a way to live a quiet peaceful life for Bo has to help someone. Thus leading them to one of Dani’s former foster homes, where Dani finds them.

And let it be noted, at this point in the episode, you can clearly see how rushed this story is due to the show being cancelled. For while I get Dani wants to hurt Roman for giving her false hope so she decides to go after his source of hope, i.e. Bo, at the same time the whole situation is so weird. For as much as she wants to hurt Roman, she also wants her brother to forgive her, then she drags Winter into the situation, as well as Channing and Tate, seemingly because they tricked her, and after a certain point it really becomes hard to care. Not just because the show is cancelled, but it is trying to pack so much in that it is rather hard to feel anything for anyone, especially Dani.

Then, on top of that, you don’t feel like there is any sense of real danger. Be it because Bo has yet to really fail in the series, or because no villain seems really credible, you just watch knowing it will end well. And, naturally, it does. For even when Dani gathers everyone up into Orchestra, and seems ready to burn everything and everyone, including herself, into ash, Bo pulls a Sailor Moon type moment in which she gathers the strength of her family and friends to stop Dani.

Topic 3: Here’s to 2nd Chances – Bo & Dani

But, rather than obliterate Dani to smithereens, the show ends on a feel good moment in which the message Dani needs to hear from her brother, his forgiveness, is delivered, and Bo uses her powers to heal Dani of her cancer like symptoms. However, even as everyone sets out to depart, there remain many questions. Such as: where did all the telekinetics go? For with Roman being bluntly told by his government contact that they won’t cover for him, he pretty much tries to erase their existence. Meaning the data he has compiled for years is erased, and he evacuates Orchestra HQ. But considering there were sickly telekinetics, as well as those who just got by like Shawn, it is unfortunate that they become a casualty in this rushed ending. But considering the show had little to no hope of being renewed on a different network, perhaps the plot hole was for the best. After all, why put the remaining fans into a frenzy and create some new continental, if not global, threat due to Orchestra’s most unstable, or powerful, running around?

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