Overview As always with Jenna, things are one step forward and two steps back. Episode 18 – Girl Rules Review (with Spoilers) In the episode we learn that off-screen Jenna has applied to other colleges, showing that she is actually thinking about more than her boy troubles. Meanwhile, as Jenna lives off the high of getting…

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As always with Jenna, things are one step forward and two steps back.

Episode 18 – Girl Rules

Review (with Spoilers)

In the episode we learn that off-screen Jenna has applied to other colleges, showing that she is actually thinking about more than her boy troubles. Meanwhile, as Jenna lives off the high of getting a big envelope from Lockard, it is Matty’s birthday! Something which leads to multiple surprises.

As for what surprises come in “Girl Rules” look below.

Topic 1: Co-Captains of the Cheer Squad – Sadie & Tamara

With Lissa suspended for doing drugs on school grounds, naturally Sadie tries to reassert herself as cheer captain. Something Tamara isn’t for so she challenges her, thus leading to a girl fight which leads to Valerie making them temporary co-captains. Eventually though, after they bond while getting Matty from a strip club to his surprise party, the girls seem on better terms than they have ever been.


Seeing Sadie and Tamara get along shows the writers are definitely in end game mode. Making me wonder if, by the end of the 5th season, whether Sadie may say something like: “I’m really going to miss all you losers” or instead of “You’re Welcome” say “Thank you.” Which is really corny, I know, but it is hard to deny she is going to end up saying something sentimental. Perhaps with a bit of sarcasm just because it’s Sadie.

Topic 2: Becoming Friends With The Enemy – Gabby and Jenna

As Jenna lives off the high of assuming she got into Lockard, now she sets her sights on Gaby who she thinks is being friendly to her in order to keep her friends close, and enemy closer. Truth is though, Gaby has the maturity Jenna always talks about having and Gaby admires Jenna to a point. Especially in terms of her position in Matty’s life. Making what happens in Topic 3 something which makes Jenna feel guilty.


I have come to the point of accepting that not only is Jenna the jealous type, but likely the type of girl who probably can’t just be friends with her ex. Though with Matty in particular, I feel that there is so much baggage there that I can only assume that, due to Matty being her first, she will be in a perpetual cycle with him. That and perhaps she doesn’t have closure. For with her repeatedly talking about what Matty didn’t do right or, back before Colin, mentioning how bored she was with Matty, it makes me think she is so badly trying to correct the past that she doesn’t see that Matty was supposed to just be a seasonal boyfriend. One which she seemingly keeps trying to turn into a potential lifetime despite him being passed the expiration date.

As for Gaby, I can see why she made Matty work so hard. For considering how all out she goes for his birthday, I can’t blame her for being cautious. She seems like the type who loves hard and doesn’t want someone to take advantage of that.

Topic 3: One True Pairing – Matty & Jenna

Unfortunately for her though, Jenna has a place in Matty’s heart which Gaby may never be able to fill. For after Jenna learns it was Lacey, not her, that got into Lockard [1], Matty shows up to reveal a surprise. He got a letter from the agency in which he got adopted from and, while his mother doesn’t wish to be found, he learns the name of his father, Daniel Durand, and where his dad lives. And with him being really vulnerable, and her being really vulnerable, they end up making out until Jenna realizes what they are doing. Something Matty doesn’t care about but, with Jenna knowing Gaby is a nice girl, she doesn’t want to go there.


Considering how last minute they made the Lockard thing, I have to admit I wasn’t too surprised Jenna didn’t get in. Though it is nice to see they are making plans for Lacey in her post-Jenna life. As for the Matty situation, I’m sorry but I can’t fully understand why after Gaby threw such a big party he would jeopardize his relationship with her. For while I get Jenna is perhaps the only person right now Matty could go to with information like this, for Jake sure as hell isn’t an option, I don’t understand why he kissed her, nor why he seemed willing to go all the way. I mean, for someone who just said Gaby was worth waiting for, it seems to me keeping his dick either in his pants, or in hand, isn’t enough.

I hope though, when this secret comes out, Gaby smacks the mess out of him. Also, I hope that Jenna sees that her being the person he uses as his mistress isn’t cute or special. It is just him using the affections he knows she still has for him. Showing, as nice as he may have become, that butthole from sophomore year is still there somewhere.

Things to Note

Jenna gets so upset that Lacey got into Lockard and she got a rejection letter. Almost like how she got jealous of Tamara.

Episode 19 – Over the Hump


As spring break approaches, Jenna’s attitude and confession almost ruins everything.

Review (with Spoilers)

Sometimes when watching Awkward, you have to wonder why Jenna is written to be barely likable. For while you could argue more so her character is complicated, than perhaps selfish, over the past few episodes that argument has become harder to sustain. Especially since she repeatedly lashes out at other people, due to jealous or envy, and doesn’t seem like she is trying to make any of the growth we have seen periodically permanent. A trend which continues in “Over the Hump” which is talked about below.

Topic 1: My Personal Statement – Lacey & Jenna

With Lacey getting into college, and Jenna thus far not, Jenna becomes a little bit of a butthead. How so? Well, not only does she reveal to Kevin, against Lacey’s wishes, she got into college, but then argues that Lacey is trying to compete with her and how humiliating it is for Lacey to be progressing as Jenna is stuck. Leading to Lacey thinking she should just forego college.

However, being that Kevin is a supportive husband, he says he is going to help Lacey over the hump and he gives Jenna Lacey’s personal statement so she can understand why Lacey is going to college. For it isn’t just because she missed out on going or wants to relieve her youth, it really is about taking the inspiration she gets from Jenna and giving it back. For, as she notes, she has sort of grown up with Jenna and now she just wants Jenna to be as proud of her as she has always been of Jenna.


I cannot remember the last time Awkward got me teary eyed, but I think likely it had to do with Lacey. For while Lacey surely isn’t the ideal parent, at the same time she is one of the few characters who don’t feel like embellished versions of someone the writers know. Which I say only because her character has truly progressed over the years unlike most of the cast. For while Jenna may have changed boyfriends, she still is insecure and perhaps upset that she isn’t some sort of replica of her mom; Jake tried to change his look and persona, but eventually went back to being his dull vanilla self; Matty has changed, one could argue, but still has communication issues, as well as issues when it comes to seeing Jenna as more than someone who can keep a secret; and Tamara, well you got to admit that while it was good to learn she was a whiz at school, it did come a bit out of nowhere. With Lacey though, even with her not getting the most screen time, you can see her progress as a parent, as well as a person. Perhaps explaining why she is the only one, I find, that can get some sort of emotional response.

Topic 2: Don’t You Want a Clean Slate? – Sadie & Jake

With Sadie technically broke, and not wanting to ask Aunt Aly for money to go to Columbia University, she has decides to try to make a scholarship video. Issue is, she doesn’t know how to use a camera and her image is that of a bee with an itch. So, she gets the gay duo [1] to handle the camera, and then uses Jake as an image consultant. But with her verbally abusing everyone, as usual, Jake tries to teach her a lesson by sending the final cut to the scholarship committee, but having the school see what was left on the cutting room floor. Something which he thought would lead to Sadie maybe changing, but it seems like she plans on staying Sadie for now, and forever.


When it comes to would-be villains like Sadie, and with fore notice that the show is ending, it leads you to wonder if they are going to do more than humanize the villain, but make them sappy, have them apologize, and get all sentimental. Well, it seems that direction won’t be done for Sadie. For while she has lost a lot since her parents left, arguably all that did was give her reason to be such a butt hole. And while Sergio has exposed her softer side, as well as her ex-boyfriend, neither really kept Sadie from being Sadie to them or others. Something which I appreciate, all things considered.

Topic 3: Over The Hump – Jenna, Gaby, and Matty

With Matty looking for his dad, yet going to Jenna rather than Gaby, it makes things awkward. For between hooking up, Gaby seeing Jenna as a friend, and then this trip to Mexico that, naturally, will include most of the main cast, Jenna wants the truth to be free. So, by accident, she lets it slip she and Matty hooked up. Thus leading to Gaby seemingly breaking up with Matty, but that isn’t permanent. If just because, as Jenna tries to fix things by finding Matty’s dad, and gives him the push he needs to communicate about his father, he ends up telling Gaby to help him see his dad over Jenna. Something which seemingly will be a problem, according to next week’s preview.


For a moment it seemed the inevitable was coming sooner rather than later but, with Gaby back with Matty, it seems we may have to wait till the final season to see if Jenna and Matty end up together. Though what I’m really waiting to see is Matty meeting his dad. If just because it could lead to a good performance out of Beau Mirchoff which could make him 2nd best to Nikki Deloach. Though that maybe hopeful thinking.

Things To Note

Whose names I really need to learn.

Episode 20 – Sprang Break (Part 1)


With “Sprang Break” in full swing, it seems people are making some of their last visits to the past before they head off full speed into the future.

Review (with Spoilers)

As Awkward gets closer and closer to its series finale, it is a tad bittersweet. If just because this show and the long-canceled The Hard Times of RJ Berger are what got me into watching MTV after they shifted away from music. And while I love Faking It, and enjoy Finding Carter, like Jenna with Matty, I will probably find myself reminiscing over this show a lot, and probably forgetting all the bad times in the process. That thought aside, the show continues to prep us for the end by helping us understand the possible futures of the cast. But, for more information on “Sprang Break (Part 1)” look below.

Topic 1: Jakara – Jake & Tamara

While on the beach in Mexico, Jake and Tamara are spotted by Japanese girls who apparently saw one of Jake’s videos. Thus leading to Tamara thinking they should make another one and cash in on their Japanese fame, truth it though, according to Tyler, Tamara is a joke and Jake is getting hits since he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. But, before Tyler translated, the idea of fame almost made it seem Tamara may have wanted to give her and Jake another round.


While I have focused mostly on Matty and Jenna being a OTP, I sort of forgot that Jake and Tamara could be on too. After all, they haven’t really dated anyone else since they broke up, though they have hooked up with other people. Also, Jake finally gave Tamara the big O and that was one of the major issues, for Tamara, when it came to their relationship. So, per Jake, it seems if Tamara was a little bit less selfish, they could work things out. Though with high school almost over, and with them going to different colleges, it seems whatever they could rekindle would end up being short term anyway.

Topic 2: It’s Time For A New Attitude – Sadie and Lissa

In the episode, Lissa makes her grand return and pretty much she has done a 180. For not only is she cursing, but she has Tyler come down to have sex. Something which doesn’t end up being very satisfying for her. As for Sadie, she got her scholarship and seems ready to go! Issue is, with how jubilant she is about leaving the west coast, it is hurting Sergio’s feelings. Since, from what it seems, once she leaves it may mean the end of them.


Hopefully, with Lissa getting her Tyler fix, and it not being that good since the taboo is gone, we won’t see him ever again. For whether that accent is fake or not, either way it is irritating as hell, as is the character. Lissa aside, I’m wondering what may happen with Sadie and Sergio? For while his family has money, he is seemingly in community college and hasn’t made mention of maybe transferring to New York to be with Sadie. So does this mean they will just be high school sweethearts, and then that’s it? I doubt it. For even if their relationship ends, something tells me that Sergio is going to find a way so that the sweet side of Sadie he gets, more often than most of the cast, is going to be shared a bit more openly. Again, as said before, not to the point Sadie gets sappy, but will give a nice sarcastic goodbye to everyone.

Topic 3: Moving On – Jenna & Matty

With Jenna going to a college named Wycoff, who knows where, she is quite happy. Add on that she thinks her and Matty may go for another round, and then you could even say she is ecstatic. However, when it comes to meeting Matty’s dad, Gaby gets the honors so Jenna goes to the beach by herself. Thus leading her to meet a marine named Brian who she hits it off with, and even swaps numbers with. Add on that Matty, post meeting dad, decides to shut Jenna out so Gaby doesn’t end up jealous, and it seems Jenna may finally move on. Something Lacey seems quite happy to see for even she begins to see how crappy of a person Matty can be.


I want to believe Jenna may move on, but with Brian seeming like the college dude Jenna was dating before, just less nerdy, it is hard to believe he may not just be on the show for a stint. After all, he is going to ship off soon and doesn’t seem like he may become more than a hookup. Though with Lacey now being involved with this Matty scenario, maybe her adding her two sense may change this cycle Jenna is in?

As for Matty? While I do like Gaby, and not just because I think the actress is cute, I do feel they stripped Gaby of most of her interesting traits and demoted her to just being Matty’s girlfriend until he decides to pursue Jenna again. For even with him taking her, over Jenna, to see his dad, something about her doesn’t seem permanent. I don’t know if it is because she doesn’t talk about her life anymore, the fact the amount of lines she gets has drop drastically, or because she just doesn’t seem like the girl we met, but either way nothing about Gaby as a character seems like she will be end game at all.

Episode 21 – Sprang Break (Part 2)


As Jenna moves on, and Lacey is ready to give up on her college dreams, Matty has to deal with Jenna moving on and another potential issue.

Topic 1: I’m Speechless – Tamara

Topic 2: Lack of Control – Sadie & Sergio

Topic 3: The New Person In My Life – Jenna, Matty, and Lacey

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: I’m Speechless – Tamara

While Jenna moves on from Matty, Tamara seems to just be wandering around and hanging out with whoever – including Sadie. When this happens though, she meets the boy Jenna has been seeing, Bryan, and ends up becoming quite taken with his friend Adam. Someone who makes her feel speechless to the point of accepting a sudden engagement. One which she didn’t think she would have to deal with, since she thought he was shipping to the gulf, but truth is that he is going to be around for 9 months. Something which horrifies Tamara since she fully planned to just breakup with him.


It’s sad that Tamara is being diminished to such a story. For while it could very well be better than it seems, assuming Adam has fears of being in the service or has a cool backstory, as of now it doesn’t look good. For never mind Tamara accepted a sudden proposal, more so to give him something to come home to than love, but now she looks scared out of her mind in terms of actually being with this man. But, who knows, maybe something good can come of this. Tamara hasn’t really dated since Jake, just did random hookups, so maybe Adam could be her happily ever after?

Topic 2: Lack of Control – Sadie & Sergio

As we have seen in the majority of Sadie’s relationships, she will berate and insult the one she seems to love to no end. Something Sergio is growing quite tired of for while he does understand Sadie to a point, like her ex-Austin, he doesn’t seem to have the same amount of patience for her attitude. Something which she reveals is due to her wanting to push him away. After all, they are going to be on opposite coast and she doesn’t want to miss him. After all, he will be the only thing keeping her connected to her past.


I knew Sadie was going to get sentimental! Well, maybe not for everyone, but at least she is for Sergio. Though with the Tamara and Adam situation possibly leading to a happily ever after for her, maybe Sadie maybe given a happily ever after too? I mean, yes she has done the most horrible things on the show, but Awkward hasn’t really been much for karma. At least when it comes to Sadie anyway.

Topic 3: The New Person In My Life – Jenna, Matty, and Lacey

Jenna gives Matty one more chance to fix what they have by allowing her to meet his father, but with Gabby clearly trying to make sure she stays off her turf, she blocks this. However, upon talking with his father, Matty realizes that while Gabby is a sweet girl, she perhaps isn’t the one for him. Something he’ll especially see when he learns Jake hooked up with her [1].

As for Jenna? Well, her and Bryan are doing well and it makes it sad they aren’t meant to last. For between him shipping off, and her going to Wycoff, it seems their spring break romance may not be extended. However, something that will be extended is Lacey’s time as a mother. The reason: she is pregnant! Something which immediately makes her think it is time to put her life away again, but Jenna isn’t having that. She plans on doing as her dad did and push Lacey to continue to pursue her life and not pause it for someone else. Even if it is her child.


It’s nice to see the Hamilton family support one another, especially Jenna support Lacey. For it really makes you feel, for once, she has matured since we met her. The question is though: is all this Bryan’s influence? Does having a guy who isn’t like Collin and isn’t into drugs, or being pretentious; like Matty who seems to have an issue with communicating, and keeping people secret; or her last dude who simply didn’t have the time, and thought he was at a different place in life; be the reason for this change? Or is it the validation of getting into college that has led to some light bulb going off that she is on the cusp of adulthood? I’m more so hoping it is college for it is sad when Jenna seems to evolve, and devolve, just because of a guy.

Jenna’s growth aside, I really do hope the season ends with a sort of epilogue. Maybe a high school reunion of sorts. For with most of the actors in their 20s, doing a 5 or 10 year reunion wouldn’t be hard. We could see if Jenna and Matty do end up together, what becomes of Tamara, Sadie, and even Lacey perhaps. Also, Val could crash to see the kids she spent her last year working with. At least that is a good idea to me.

Things To Note

[1] Jake doesn’t get into NorthWestern and is pretty bummed. Matty won’t communicate with Gabby, like he does with Jenna, so she is pretty bummed. She goes to console Jake about not getting into NorthWestern, after they have a little chat, and somehow a hug leads to them sleeping together.

Val is quitting her job, as will he boyfriend, to travel the world.

Lissa meets her father, who breaks out of rehab, and he has come to accept being gay and has found renewed faith in the idea god made him that way. Something Lissa is for since life without faith has been hard on her, and not just because it made sin less fun.

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