In this riveting episode of “Average Joe,” the harsh realities of familial relationships unravel through a lens of childhood neglect, hidden illnesses, and merciless mob-life decisions, navigating the characters into morally complex corners of life.

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“Donuts and Whiskey?” immerses viewers deeper into the life and past of the intriguing protagonist Joe, providing fresh perspectives through an examination of his childhood and familial relationships. Also, with the thrilling storyline thick with action, the enigmatic Cathy propels the narrative forward by setting in motion a daring plan to reclaim ten million dollars hidden within a stolen Lamborghini – an endeavor made possible only with the assistance of Touch, their inside man in the police force. 

Motivational Matters – Cathy, Joe, Leon

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The episode opens with Leon expressing his desire to stay in town despite his grievances with his shop and competition from Lowe’s. Cathy, citing advice from a true crime source, urges him to maintain his regular habits to avoid suspicion. Intriguingly, she harbors dreams of escaping their humdrum life in Pittsburgh using Joe’s safety deposit box key, which eventually leads to a second key – that of the Lamborghini. 

Driven by dreams larger than their quiet Pittsburgh life, Cathy’s ambitious aspirations paint her as an impulsive opportunist. As the narrative unfolds, her desires and ambitions drive the team’s quest for the hidden fortune, setting up a compelling storyline full of uncertainties.

An Undercurrent of Corruption – Touch, Pamela

Average Joe, "Donuts and Whiskey?"
“Sgt. Pamela Talford (Ashani Roberts)” and Officer Touch (Michael Trucco) at the scene of the lost head, Average Joe, “Donuts and Whiskey?,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

The character of Officer Touch adds a darker shade to the plot. Despite his frustration with the emerging complications around the case of the decapitated head, his interactions with the relentless Sergeant Pamela Talford further intensify the drama. His subtle manipulation of the security staff guarding the impound, coupled with his involvement in facilitating the group’s money retrieval operation after multiple murders, underscores his corrupt tendencies.

His disappointment over the discovery of the decapitated head and the arrival of a skilled investigator like Pamela threatens his reliance on misplacing evidence. Although Touch’s morally ambiguous character might stir controversy, his actions contribute significantly to the smooth progression of the plot.



New Characters, New Twists – Pamela

The introduction of Pamela, who shares a personal connection with the infamous Dzhugashvilli family, brings a fascinating new dimension to the storyline. Pamela’s fixation on the crime family, believed to be the reason behind her mother’s imprisonment, offers a peek into her motivation. Pamela knows Dimitri Dzhugashvilli and his father, Nicolai, more intimately than any other American characters thus far. She mentions Dimitri to her mother and is confused as to why she is dismissive even though Nicolai allegedly framed her. 

Pamela’s mother tells her to essentially get a life. She tells her daughter to get married or even divorced, displaying the extremes to which she would deem suitable. However, her mother’s indifference and her insistence on Pamela moving on from this obsession add emotional complexity to the plot. Her character deepens the narrative, revealing her struggle between the pursuit of justice and her mother’s cold dismissal. This portrayal sets the stage for an intriguing blend of personal conflict and crime drama in subsequent episodes.

“Average Joe” continues to captivate with its intricate plot and well-developed characters, steadily raising the stakes with each episode. The mixture of personal ambitions, corruption, and a compelling mystery promises an exciting journey ahead for the audience.

On The Fence

Navigating Cruel Realities – A Family Perspective in “Average Joe” (Family Tensions and Harsh Realities)

Average joe donuts and whiskey
“Joe Washington (Deon Cole)” in his youth holding a compass, Average Joe, “Pilot,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

In an intriguing blend of events from the beginning and end of the episode, our protagonist Joe is confronted with the stark realities of his past family life. The episode “Donuts and Whiskey” hauntingly portrays a childhood camping trip where young Joe is abandoned alone in the woods by his father, armed only with a compact metal compass, a memento from his father.

Upon his return, Joe is met with his father’s harsh critique, yelling about his son’s perceived ineptitude and softness to rationalize his harsh parenting approach. The distressing discovery leads Joe to depart abruptly. However, the audience becomes privy to a tragic twist – his mother’s fatal coughing in the background, suggesting a concealed ailment that Joe is unaware of.

After having emphasized self-reliance moments before, his father’s ironic plea for assistance rings hollow as Joe has already fled, ignorant of his mother’s impending health crisis.

Untimely Departures

Themes of premature departures and missed opportunities for goodbyes serve as a poignant thread throughout this episode. Dimitri’s mother, shown grieving her son’s death in the episode’s latter half, berates her husband for not ensuring Dimitri’s safe return. Her lamentations are met with an unspeakably cruel response from her mobster husband – he ends her life in a cold, calculated move. The viewers might wonder where this lost character could have gone in terms of development.

He justifies his actions as an act of mercy, unable to bear the sight of his wife’s sorrow. However, the viewers are left to question whether it was truly compassion or simply a justification for another heartless act.

This episode of “Average Joe” tackles the complexities of familial relationships with a raw and unflinching gaze. From a traumatic childhood marked by neglect and hidden sickness to the cold realities of mob life, the characters grapple with harsh realities that push them into the gray areas of life and morality. These themes resonate powerfully, providing thought-provoking material for viewers to contemplate.

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Rob Cullen

Noted Characters and Cast

Joe Washington

Deon Cole

Angela Washington

Leon Montgomery

Jennifer (Jen) Washington

Ashley Olivia Fisher



Cathy Montgomery

Cynthia Caye McWilliams

Newly Noted Characters and Cast

Pamela Talford

Ashani Roberts


How is Pamela related to Dimitri outside of the case?

Dimitri’s father, Nicolai, allegedly framed Pamela’s mother.

Why is Joe discouraged or swayed from the original plan?

The team cannot find the ten million rumored to be in the Lamborghini.

Screen Shot 2023 07 06 at 3.10.42 AM 1 e1688937131226
Average Joe: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Donuts and Whiskey?” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)
This episode of "Average Joe" delves deep into the heart of its characters, shedding light on their formative experiences and the familial traumas that shape them. Through a skillful exploration of hidden secrets, loss, and the harsh face of reality, the episode confronts the complexities of life and morality, leaving viewers with a thought-provoking narrative that continues to resonate long after the screen fades to black.
New Characters and Twists
Untimely Departures

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