Average Joe: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Bachelor In Paradise” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)

In the face of tragedy, alliances shift, secrets unravel, and unexpected desires ignite, leading the characters on a thrilling journey of sacrifice and loyalty.

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Screen Shot 2023 07 02 at 7.30.07 PM
“Touch (Michael Trucco)”, “Joe Washington (Deon Cole)”, and “Leon Montgomery (Malcolm Barrett)” preparing bodies for disposal, Average Joe, “Bachelor In Paradise” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

Episode Recap

In this episode, multiple storylines unfold, each exploring the complexities of relationships, loyalty, and the lengths individuals will go to protect their loved ones. The episode begins with a tense and somber scene as Touch’s daughter playfully holds a loaded gun, pointing it at her mother, Touch’s wife. Touch awakens to the horrifying reality that his life partner has been shot dead. His anguish foreshadows the hardships he will face in the aftermath of this tragedy.

Meanwhile, Joe grapples with his teenage daughter’s emotional turmoil following the death of her alleged boyfriend. She passionately defends her feelings and the intentions of Dimitri, while Angela, her mother, shatters the illusions and exposes the harsh truth.

The main group is faced with a dangerous situation involving a Russian gangster named Molotov who was sent by a big dog to retrieve a mafia heir named Dimitri. Angela initially opposes taking matters into their own hands, but circumstances force her to reconsider. Cathy and her husband visit the Washington family, and tensions rise as Leon, still shaken from a violent encounter, becomes the target of blame. The group debates the best course of action, with Cathy venting her frustrations about her dissatisfying marriage.

The episode also delves into the captivating interrogation of Molotov, where details about his past and adherence to the thieves’ code are revealed. Joe and Touch display a stronger sympathy to Molotov’s predicament, since all their actions are driven by commitment to protect family. Amidst the darkness, the show offers moments of levity, as Leon and Cathy’s relationship takes an unexpected turn. The intense experiences and shared trauma bring them closer, sparking a newfound desire between them. A humorous scene in the basement adds a touch of lightness as Cathy expresses her attraction to Leon. Overall, this episode skillfully weaves together suspense, emotion, and complex character dynamics. It highlights the sacrifices, moral dilemmas, and unexpected connections that arise in the pursuit of protecting one’s loved ones.

"Angela Washington (Tammy Townsend)" consoling her daughter "Jennifer Daughter (Ashley Olivia Fisher)", Average Joe, “Pilot,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)
“Angela Washington (Tammy Townsend)” consoling her daughter “Jennifer Daughter (Ashley Olivia Fisher)”, Average Joe, “Bachelor In Paradise,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

Daddy-Daughter Issues – Joe, Touch, Angela, Jen

The episode opens with a somber scene, as a young girl holds a powerful weapon in her hands. Touch’s daughter playfully engages in a game of “good guys, bad guys,” pointing the loaded gun at her own mother and Touch’s wife while they lie in bed. The gravity of the situation dawns on Touch too late, as he awakens from a half-sleep and is confronted with the horrifying reality of his wife shot dead. The episode poignantly portrays his anguish, hinting at the hardships to come.

The scene then transitions to Touch, rendered unconscious in a car with a needle in the passenger seat. It is implied that he is under the influence of opioids or tranquilizers, setting the stage for further complications and personal struggles.

Meanwhile, Joe grapples with issues involving his teenage daughter, who is strongly affected by the death of her planted boyfriend for whatever reason. Jennifer Washington passionately implores her parents to believe that her feelings were genuine and that Dimitri had her best interests at heart. However, it is Angela, her mother, who shatters the illusions and exposes the harsh truth by drawing the curtains on her child’s naivety. She ensures Jen that her father did what he did to protect the family.


Pointing Fingers & Pistols – Joe, Cathy, Leon, Molotov, Touch, Angela

Angela is not on board with the idea of handling business without police and taking lives but she is forced to reconsider after discovering crucial details: millions of dollars, a stolen Lamborghini, and the fact that the only cop they know, Touch, is implicated in the scheme with both Leon and Joe.

When Cathy and her husband come to the quaint suburban residence of the Washington family, Leon is notably terrified the day after getting a Russian gangster’s brains blown on his face. The group jeers at him for a bit and points fingers at Joe for wanting to pursue the money after refusing the safe code for no other reason than ego as we can tell. When Leon finally speaks up about Joe’s plan, that he obviously had no part in, the ladies agree that his plan was terrible and Cathy offers a more gruesomely efficient approach that catches on and is used later in the episode. Cathy also vents about her dissatisfied marriage when the couples scuffle over what the best line of action would be.

The day after the disturbing incident where a Russian gangster met a gruesome fate, Cathy and her husband visit the serene suburban home of the Washington family. Leon, visibly shaken, displays a noticeable fear stemming from the incredibly gory encounter. The group taunts him briefly and directs accusatory fingers towards Joe for his desire to pursue the money, seemingly driven by ego alone. As the discussion unfolds, Leon finally voices his disagreement with Joe’s plan, which the women quickly agree was ill-conceived. This gripping series of events underscores the escalating tension and shifting dynamics between the characters. Fingers are pointed, pistols are drawn, alliances and relationships are tested as the story hurtles towards further dangerous entanglements.

Finding Family – Molotov, Joe, Touch, Leon

Thieves Code

Screen Shot 2023 07 02 at 6.38.03 PM e1688406276781
“Dimitri (Chris Petrovski)” and “Molotov (Nikita Kirillov)”, Average Joe, “Bachelor in Paradise,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

In a gripping interrogation scene, revealing details about the Russian captive’s past and personal principles shed light on his mindset. Upon witnessing Dimitri’s lifeless body, Molotov declares that his own life is now meaningless. Touch, however, exhibits a deeper understanding of the captive’s predicament, referencing the thieves’ code that was initially dismissed as a myth. Molotov, complying with the code, engages in a video chat with his wife Polina and their young daughter Yulia, following instructions to speak in English.

Driven by necessity, Joe allows Molotov to a town square, where he is expected to comply with the code and end his own life. Joe’s actions may be seen as motivated by his unwavering commitment to safeguarding his own family, even if it means sacrificing his daughter’s first love or watching a young man die for his own family.

This intense sequence delves into the complex interplay between morality, loyalty, and personal sacrifice. As the characters confront challenging decisions and confrontations, the show raises profound questions about the lengths individuals are willing to go to protect what they hold dear. Through this portrayal, the episode prompts viewers to ponder the moral dilemmas faced by both the good and bad characters to consider the boundaries of their own personal convictions.


Money, Power, and Purpose – The Boys & Cathy

The show skillfully subverts traditional archetypes, transforming the tom-girl and crazy-girl tropes into multidimensional characters. Cathy emerges as an equally dissatisfied individual, mirroring the discontent experienced by Joe and Touch. Meanwhile, Leon, seemingly a gentler soul, espouses the belief that happiness does not hinge on material wealth.

During a poignant moment, Cathy confesses that the hardware store where she works, despite being a source of income, serves as a breeding ground for thoughts of self-harm. This revelation exposes the depths of her despair and hints at the complex layers beneath her exterior.

Following an intrusion and menacing threat by the mobster, Molotov, the group embarks on an unconventional plan: quartering their attackers, coating them in peanut butter, and leaving them as prey for wild animals as she had seen in one of her true crime shows.

On The Fence

Reinvigorated By A Woman

Screen Shot 2023 07 02 at 6.28.27 PM
“Cathy Montgomery (Cynthia Kaye McWilliams)” and “Leon Montgomery (Malcolm Barrett)” making out, Average Joe, “Bachelor In Paradise,” directed by Eric Dean Seaton, 2023, (BET+)

In an intriguing portrayal, the show presents Leon as the type of man who may not initially fit the mold of what a woman desires or needs. Despite this, Cathy chooses to be with him, and their relationship takes an unexpected turn as the story unfolds. As the characters find themselves immersed in grisly scenarios involving dismembered body parts, an unusual dynamic emerges between Cathy and Leon. Some may argue that the intensity of their experiences and the shared trauma they endure brings them closer, leading to a newfound spark in their relationship.

The show raises an intriguing question: why is Cathy only now starting to view Leon in this light? It is possible that the proximity of their harrowing encounters prompts her to see him in a different, more desirable way. The heightened emotions and shared moments of vulnerability may have awakened a passion that had remained dormant or unrecognized before.

Adding a touch of humor, a notable scene occurs when Joe enters the basement where they are preparing the bodies affected by rigor mortis. In that moment, Cathy unabashedly expresses her desire for Leon, who is being felt up by her, seizing the opportunity for intimate connection. The show deftly weaves together moments of darkness and levity, exploring the intricate dynamics between the characters and offering a fresh perspective on the nuances of attraction and desire.


What’s the draw-dropper at the end of “Bachelor In Paradise”?

The severed head of Dimitri was found by golfers because Leon is a scaredy-cat and did not wait to see an animal pick up the body part.

Why does Angela change her mind about the plan?

She understands that not only is her cop friend in on it but they have already bagged up bodies.

Screen Shot 2023 07 02 at 7.30.07 PM
Average Joe: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Bachelor In Paradise” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)
With themes of sacrifice, loyalty, and the lengths we go to protect our loved ones, this episode delves into the depths of human nature, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.
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Money, Power, & Purpose
Reinvigorated By A Woman

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