Earn decides to use Lottie’s birthday as a means to pressure Van to come to Los Angeles.

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Earn decides to use Lottie’s birthday as a means to pressure Van to come to Los Angeles.

Aired (FX) 10/20/2022
Episode Title Snipe Hunt
Director(s) Hiro Murai
Writer(s) Francesca Sloane

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It’s Lottie’s birthday, and rather than have something with her family at large or friends, Earn takes her camping with Van. Clearly, as a way to show Van how they operate as a family unit, and she peeps what he is doing. Hence her not having a positive reaction since she sees this as him trying to manipulate her. If not figure out a way to keep Lottie close and have someone help with child-rearing as he starts a new life in Los Angeles.

However, Earn tries to make it clear Lottie and Van being her mother is a bonus to what they have. Mind you, while noting he could find someone new sprinkled throughout the conversation, which definitely reveals his hand repeatedly. But considering we have yet to see Van find herself in Atlanta and the tumultuous journey of self-discovery she had in season 3, it seems she is ready to go somewhere new and hope for the best.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Outside of that one audition, what has Van been doing with her life outside of raising Lottie off-screen? Also, what would she do in Los Angeles?

What Could Happen Next

  1. A going away party for Earn and maybe learning Van is pregnant


On The Fence

Earn Using Lottie To Get Van Alone And To Talk

It was established long ago Earn can be trifling. Because of age and his former status as a broke-ass dude, he wasn’t able to get away with as much as he could previously, but he still had it in him to manipulate or do something janky. How he trapped Van to force these series of conversations about moving to Los Angeles, doing it on Lottie’s birthday, and making sure it was just them so she couldn’t get a third opinion before making a commitment? All janky moves.

Lottie questioning what is being said and going on
“Lottie questioning what is being said and going on,” Atlanta, “Snipe Hunt,” directed by Hiro Murai, 2022, (FX)

Now, this isn’t to say when they head back to civilization, her mom may not say anything or any friends Van may have. But there is no denying Earn definitely used the situation for his own gain, and Lottie was a secondary thought. Hence how she treated her dad since, like Van peeped what Earn was doing, I’d submit Lottie knew this trip was barely, if ever, about her.

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Earn trying to convince Van to come to LA
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Earn Using Lottie To Get Van Alone And To Talk

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