Atlanta: Season 4/ Episode 6 “Crank Dat Killer” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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What would you do for a pair of new kicks? Also, how are you a grown-ass man with beef from high school?

Aired (FX) 10/13/2022
Director(s) Hiro Murai
Writer(s) Stephen Glover
Introduced This Episode
Doug Wisdom Allah

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Now Kiss – Earn, Darius

With the new Nike Miracles coming out, Earn and Darius, both sneakerheads, are searching high and low for them and come upon a man who has them in his child predator van. But, rather than allow Earn and Darius to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, he wants the two to kiss.

From the start, Earn is like, “HELL NO!” but Darius is open to it. So, negotiations begin between all parties, and the time gets agreed upon. But, thanks to what’s happening in Al’s storyline, the person known as “The Shoe Man” gets shot, so alongside Earn and Darius getting their sneakers, they have no witness to their kiss.

He Saved My Life, I Don’t Know What To Tell You – Doug, Al

A person known as the “Crank Dat Killer” is haunting Atlanta and gunning down those who did Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat” dance. Al fears for his life, and even Soulja Boy, who guest stars, is heading off to his farm to be safe.

Doug Wisdom Allah Atlanta Season 4 Episode 6 Crank Dat Killer scaled
Doug (Wisdom Allah)

But, when guns do end up blazing, the person shooting isn’t the Crank Dat Killer over Al doing the dance in 2007, but someone he had beef with in high school. Who, thanks to a mediocre rapper name Doug, Al escapes from and in return for his help, Al, begrudgingly, gets on a track with Doug.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why did Al have beef with that guy?

What Could Happen Next

  1. I foresee an Earn and Van conversation in the future



What Would You Do For Some Kicks

Sneaker culture can be quite strange. It’s an investment, it’s about style, and for hours, you can find people lining up for a pair of kicks. But, as for how far someone will go? That’s the joke here. Would you kiss your friend for it? How about on the lips? French kiss for more than a minute? What are you willing to do for a few colors, a name brand, and untouched soles?

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

You know that whole idea of, “If everyone had a gun, shootings would end quickly?” I feel like the mall scene shows why that isn’t true. Al’s pursuer shot first, some woman with a baby shot back, and then an unaffiliated man, not knowing who started what, joined in, shooting towards the woman, and next thing you know it is a free for all.

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Darius and Earn kissing
Atlanta: Season 4/ Episode 6 “Crank Dat Killer” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
People do strange things for a piece of change, and some prove that owning a gun doesn't make anyone safe. Who would have thought?
What Would You Do For Some Kicks
Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

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