Darius looking over his shoulder
"Darius looking over his shoulder," Atlanta, "The Most Atlanta," directed by Hiro Murai, 2022, (FX)

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Season 4, the final season of “Atlanta,” begins with the usual aimless episode that gives you a weird, episodic, slice-of-life story.

Aired (FX) 9/15/2022
Director(s) Hiro Murai
Writer(s) Stephen Glover

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


It’s a slow day in Atlanta, but the eccentricities help pick things up. Darius is dealing with a woman in a wheelchair following him, due to thinking he looted what looked like a Target and her planning to stab him. Al ends up on a scavenger hunt based on a rapper’s record from 6 months ago, and Earn? He and Val end up in some weird limbo where they find a litany of all their exes. Which, of course, they escape.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering all the people who sprayed the old woman with a fire extinguisher, what made Darius so special to follow? Was it because he was the first one to break her sense of authority and go around her?
  2. How long was Blueblood, the rapper who made Al’s scavenger hunt, expecting his wife to wait at the end?
  3. Where exactly did Van and Earn go, and how did his ex get stuck there for 6 years?
  4. Are Earn and Van back together officially?

What Could Happen Next

  1. With “Atlanta,” can you ever guess?


On The Fence

A Weak Opener

Like season 3, it is hard to come back to “Atlanta” and wonder why is this what we return to? Granted, “Atlanta” has long made a name for itself by being different. But there is a need to ask, why in this way? Darius being chased by a woman in a wheelchair, a scavenger hunt, and Earn and Val stuck in limbo with their exes? We will always appreciate “Atlanta” wanting to be different, but I must admit, even after all this time, sometimes we struggle to find the meaning – assuming there is one.

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Darius looking over his shoulder
Atlanta: Season 4/ Episode 1 “The Most Atlanta” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
As to be expected, "Atlanta" pursues the odd, potentially the specific, and pushes you to take what you can and will from what you see rather than break things down to you like a child.
A Weak Opener

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