“Go For Broke” arguably is about fighting becoming broke. For in the pursuit of dreams and all your ambition, there are bills to pay, children to feed and, in Earn’s case, a woman to try to not lose the respect of. Though, little by little, even if she loves him, his inability to compromise for at least the sake of their daughter is getting to her.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Meetup (Alfred & Darius)

Be it that money is running low or the rap game ain’t paying how Alfred expected, he and Darius decide to take a brush to their guns and meet up to buy some supply. Thus leading to both shivering like children in trouble as they face a drug dealer who kills someone in front of them like they were hunting a deer. Yet, in the end, they get their drugs and perhaps get a fire under their behinds about making this rap thing become profitable.


Before I noted how I wondered if Alfred is really as hard as he makes it seem. With this episode, I officially think that the Paper Boi persona, even if Alfred did shoot someone, is a false identity. Looking at him and Darius be so nervous in front of Q (Quavo) and the Migos gang proved that even with a gun in his pocket, when faced with real gangsters, people who have committed to that lifestyle, Alfred can’t compare. Darius can’t either, but let’s be real, Darius is just loyal.

Speaking of Darius though, once again he presents a moment which makes you want to look at him and maybe even think the boy is special. However, his and Alfred’s conversation about the problem of calling something or someone daddy I must admit I wish was dedicated more time to. Granted, it could be taken as borderline sexist, yet there was something weirdly Tarintino-esque about two people about to do some gangster stuff starting a weird conversation over one questioning something most would consider insignificant.

Topic 2: It Is Hard to Love Someone You’re Starting To Not Respect (Vanessa & Earn)

$96. That is how much Earn’s check is thanks to him working on commission mostly. So, with Vanessa ebbing and flowing between being in love with Earn to it being difficult to respect him, he is trying to solidify his place in her life. Granted, despite all the dates she goes on he still is usually in her bed, but that’s not enough. Vanessa is tired of doing everything for Lottie while Earn doesn’t feel like compromising and going from one job he hates, which pays nothing, to another, even if it is for his kid.

Though what really messed things up is during their date, he ended up at a fancy restaurant which damn near broke his bank. So all this effort he planned to make to perhaps get on Van’s good side, maybe get some booty, was wasted. On top of that, he hits a low blow questioning her dreams since she questioned his. Oh, and lest we forget, to recoup all he paid for that night he reports his debit card stolen.


One of the main features of Vanessa and Earn’s segment is being a stereotype. She doesn’t like how he makes her feel like an angry black woman nor how he accepts being a Black deadbeat dad. It bugs her and even if Earn is our protagonist you have to see things from Vanessa’s point of view. She is paying all of the bills, more than likely, and Earn hangs out at the airport with his friend. Based on his interactions with his parents, he is probably eating more out of the fridge than he puts in and then, icing on the cake, he isn’t really doing much for Lottie.

Leading you to understand why she mentions she is going on dates with other men, why she brings up jobs he can do and even talks bad about his rap dreams. She needs him to step up and stop being stuck in his ways. Can she survive on her own? Maybe. But it doesn’t seem Lottie was born because of the pull out method or anything like that. Plus, even if she was, it seems Vanessa wants to at least try to really give Earn the chance to be the man she fell in love with. Hence why he keeps trying to say “You know me Van” because she likely knew him when he was a Princeton or pre-Princeton big shot. But now, she is living off memories of possible potential. Of which ain’t doing much but leading her to question her decisions and almost coercing her to remind him that her love and loyalty doesn’t come for free and there are other people interested in her. But I guess his pride may not be worth compromising for the sake of his relationship with Vanessa or maybe even Lottie.


Darius’ conversation with Alfred about calling things and people daddy, as well as starting to realize how loyal Vanessa is trying to be to Earn despite him being stubborn and perhaps a little too comfortable with the idea she is going to stick around and support him.

Low Points

Q’s talkative cousin, who was a bit too friendly and weird during the drug deal segments, honestly felt so out of place. Like, Darius is weird, and worth a side eye, but whoever was Q’s cousin just seemed a bit too over the top. To the point, you can only hope they won’t appear again.

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