As Five seeks to draw out her old friends, there is a slight fear she may do so by any means necessary.

Review (with Spoilers)

Needless to say, Five’s inclusion in the series gives it new life as she becomes a definitive villain which not only brings a new challenge to the members of Sphinx but also helps reveal their backstory. But as much as Five is worrisome for Hisami and Kokonoe, she also seems to be ruffling some feathers when it comes to the investigation. If just because it doesn’t seem neither Shibaski, the task force nor Kurahashi, are fond of an American and his investigator getting to take over the case. For more on the episode, look below.

Topic 1: A New Sheriff in Town – Five & Shibaski

Kurahashi informs us that the American, named Clarence, is an FBI special agent sent by the US Government because they are worried about terrorist getting their hands on plutonium. As for Five’s real name, we aren’t told that. However, from what we can see the Americans pretty much have full government support and are to be briefed on any and all activities. Though, from what it seems, as much as they are supposed to be there solely for support, it seems, in fact, they are there to take over. For, like in the last episode, when it comes to a bomb situation the Japanese police are told to stay back as Five and Clarence let chaos ensue. Seemingly to draw out Sphinx.

Topic 2: Copycat – Five and Kokonoe

It is rather hard to say what exactly is Five and Kokonoe’s relationship, but it certainly seems like it was never a good one. From Kokonoe’s nightmares, it makes it seem like Five was a bully, if not just a plain psycho. One who has quite a love for playing games, especially with Kokonoe. Leading to this episode’s bomb threat which doesn’t come from Sphinx directly, but Five impersonating Sphinx. Something Shibaski is suspicious of and is determined to investigate (1).

But while Shibaski decides to go against orders and interfere with Five and Clarence’s plan, Kokonoe and Hisami are put in a very odd position. Five has set up a bomb at the airport, where it seems Sphinx was planning to target later on. Making me wonder if Five perhaps was part of the original planning of all these bombing attacks or that, maybe, when she hacked Kokonoe’s computer she got all the locations he was investigating for bomb locations? Either way, with Five masquerading as Sphinx, minus a video, it forces the real Sphinx to either risk being caught to stop Five or let a bomb go off at the airport and allow themselves to become indiscriminate murderers. Something which would ultimately throw off their plans for the focus would be less on their message and more on their murders.

Topic 3: Maybe You Can Be Useful – Lisa, Hisami & Kokonoe

So in order for them not to be seen as murderers, it is decided that they, Sphinx, will go to the airport to stop Five. Leading Lisa, who strangely is still living with Sphinx, trying to find a way to be useful besides doing laundry and her bad cooking. And while Kokonoe, at first, is against the idea, with Hisami pushing the idea she can be useful (2), it seems Kokonoe is for her playing a 3rd member who can help throw off Five. Especially since Five seems to be a much more adept player at this game Sphinx is playing and they are in dire need of a trump card.

Things To Note

Hamura and others decide to join Shibaski because they are getting tired of being sidelined so that the Americans can do all the work, and likely get any glory associated.

Hisami and Lisa grow a bit closer as Hisami tries to explain Kokonoe’s cold demeanor and talks about how he has synesthesia (see colors in sounds) and how Lisa has this rare pale yellow color. Making for an odd moment in which it sort of makes it seem their closeness is either growing into a real friendship or maybe a crush?

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