With a new bomb and riddle, the cat and mouse game between Sphinx and Shibaski continues as the lonely Lisa roams the streets.

Review (with Spoilers)

Thankfully, after the last episode, Hisami and Kokonoe are back to having a prominent role! Though what especially is interesting is that with Lisa wandering the streets, Hisami decides to take pity on her. Something I was hoping would happen since the show started for she seems like she could easily fit in the group. Then again, if she doesn’t, she could also be used so that Sphinx could continue their mission and, like in episode 1, leave her with a ticking time bomb. But, let us hope it never comes to that.

Topic 1: Poor Lisa – Lisa & Hisami

With Lisa running away from home, without any money nor likely any knowledge of where her dad maybe, she is pretty much homeless. So for most of the episode we see her wander and Hisami monitor her movements. And despite how cold Hisami has seemed, much less Joker-like crazy, he comes off worried. Partly because there is the idea that she may go to the cops, but I think it maybe beyond that. For while the original idea of saving Lisa was to help Kokonoe with his trauma, I think that maybe saving her, in the long run, maybe more for Hisami. For as much as Kokonoe seems like fun when doing the Sphinx video, other than that he seems like he isn’t much fun to be around. Making me think while Lisa maybe a possible fall guy for Sphinx, also she could become Hisami’s playmate since nowadays he just watches Kokonoe setup, do the video, and wander around.

Topic 2: Cheaters Never Prosper – Shibaski

The investigation into Sphinx continues and a lot of ground is gained. For, just one time, though it seemingly was a setup, Kokonoe slipped and was caught on camera good enough for the investigators to find out where Sphinx’s hideout is. Well, was is probably a better word since that hideout seems abandoned and now it only has a computer there. A computer connected to this week’s riddle which, once more, has an Oedipus spin to it. But the answer has nothing to do with the story.

Enter Shibaski who is really hitting the case hard, to the point of picking up smoking again, for he really wants to stop these kids. But in his pursuit of justice, he finds himself antagonizing Sphinx and forcing them to create rules which slightly lean things in their favor. Like with the whole former hideout situation. For with the police starting to catch on too quick, you can see Kokonoe is starting to get a little worried. So to give himself more leverage he hacks into the police department’s server and makes it so when the cops break his rule, and don’t solely focus on the riddle, he releases to the public all the information involved with the investigation. Something which we don’t see the full effects of at the end of the episode, except for the police’s reaction. Though imagine how the people may act when they learn the bombers have petroleum at their disposal!

Collected Quote(s)

“No matter how cleverly you erase records and tracks, you can’t erase a person’s memory.”
—           “Break Through.” Zankyou no Terror

Things To Note

Hisami, in the episode, mentions the theory I had for Lisa’s involvement! Though Kokonoe doesn’t seem for the idea of having Lisa around at all. Though with her eating at their door, I’m sure she will be brought inside.

Shibaski is starting to develop a theory that Kokonoe’s bombing missions deals with his, Kokonoe’s, father in some way.

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