As a new attack gets executed, a bit more is revealed about Lisa, Shibazaki, and hints are dropped about VON.

Review (with Spoilers)

Though I enjoy watching Hisami play a mad sidekick to Kokonoe, I increasingly find myself wondering what their background is and wanting to fully understand why they are terrorist. Be it because the government sponsored VON, the facility I assume they were trained in? Perhaps because specific people in the government they want to seem foolish? Could they perhaps want to be caught, brought to some type of justice for something they did at VON and wish to be the country’s top priority? I don’t know. But, from what we see they are certainly getting the people’s attention and while they are certainly smart, you have to wonder how long can they keep this up?

Topic 1: A New Bully – Lisa

With Lisa being labeled as an accomplice, it makes you wonder if she is now considered a part of Sphinx or was like a project employee who signed her confidentiality agreement by placing that bomb down? Well, according to Hisami, she is not one of them. But while he says that to her face, I am wondering if he maybe had hopes of getting her involved and Sphinx becoming a trio. For, in my imagination, I can already picture her awkwardly donning a Sphinx mask and joining them in a video. Plus with the original reason for saving her being redemption for not saving those left behind, it makes me wonder why she isn’t being brought on in some capacity?

Topic 2: The Investigators – Shibaski and Kurahashi

While it seemed as if Shibaski was forced out of being a detective, director Kurahashi makes it seem Shibaski left the job of his own free will. With this information, you have to wonder what led him to be reassigned or quit? Could it have been the VON project? Could he have failed the kids like Kokonoe and Hisami? Maybe he was a brilliant detective who’s first, or only, mistake tainted his reputation and embarrassed him into self-exile? Overall it is hard to say but as Sphinx releases a riddle dealing with Oedipus, it seems Shibaski may consider returning to his old line of work.

Topic 3: Tick, Tick BOOM! – Kokonoe

In this episode, Kokonoe does all the work when it comes to setting up the bomb including its placement. Leading Hisami to only have to help with the video and using the rest of the time to mess with Lisa. But, as much as Kokonoe is focused on we learn nothing. Just that he wants to be found out for some reason. Though considering the whole Oedipus riddle and how much they talk about the story, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shibaski or Kurahashi maybe his dad. Heck, maybe Shibaski went into exile because the case he failed he thought allowed for the death of his son?

Things To Note

  • We learn Lisa’s mother is crazy because her husband left her and she believes Lisa is next. Hence the dozens of text messages.
  • Kurahashi is the chief of First Investigation Division and seems to be director of the task force handling the terrorist attacks.
  • During the post-bomb briefing, the demolitions expert mentions the stolen plutonium incident of which VON was written and this seems to shock and scare Kurahashi a bit.  Making me wonder if he was involved with the project?
  • The building explosion we are told was caused due to a thermite reaction, which when combined with water led to a phreatic explosion. Which I can’t break down for you since the only science classes I took since High School were biology and zoology. But, what we do learn is that the boys still have plutonium stored away somewhere. Meaning these bombings are but a simple warm up for a blast which may not be free of casualties like what we have seen thus far.

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