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With the end of the season coming upon us, so comes the question of how this war may end? Much less, with it being awhile since Being X has been around, but it reviving and speaking to Anson Sioux, you have to wonder what will come of Tanya? Will the devil of the Rhine be slain or live to terrorize another day?

Episode Focus: Ending The War (Tanya)

It’s time for a setup. As noted in the last few episodes, all of those part of the empire’s war strategy grow tired of this war and want it over. Many of which thought it could be over by spring but now it is May. So, they plan to do as Napoleon and Hannibal did by drawing their lines back to surround the enemy’s main unit and then wipe them out. For it is becoming clear that the ways of war from yesteryear aren’t the ways it can be won today. There are no castles to storm and force a peace deal out of. You have to simply avoid defeat until you run out of soldiers. Which, long term, is the plan if this plan doesn’t work.

A plan which also includes sending Tanya, and her team, in a rocket-like vehicle which can do Mach 1.5 speeds, deep into enemy territory with the hopes she can destroy the enemy’s strategic HQ. For, with that, so comes the hope they will be in such disarray that the final blow can be given and so will end the war.


I find this show so difficult to write about since I see all the strategy meetings to be almost like filler. Plus, there isn’t much character development at all really. Everyone is but a soldier and even in terms of Tanya, she hasn’t changed much. She may have softened up a bit, which is notable, but you see that only in moments. There isn’t some clear consistent change which leads you to believe she is a completely different person vs. her just going easy on someone since she doesn’t have the time or resources to really deal out a punishment.

But, with that said, with Dr. Schugel returning and preaching about God and how that led to his newest project, perhaps we should expect Being X soon. Something which seems due to appear for usually Being X makes a cameo every 3-4 episodes. Thus foreshadowing what is to come next. Of which, I doubt is Tanya’s death so I fully expect one epic battle between her and Anson Sioux before the season likely ends on an unsatisfying cliffhanger.

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