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Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil): Season 1/ Episode 3 "Deus Vult" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

As we catch up to where episode one left us off, we begin to see Being X make headway with converting Tanya.

Topic 1: Introducing the Computation Jewels (Tanya)

We continue where we left off and with Tanya in the rear echelon, as part of being the head of the tactical instructor squad, she finds herself testing special equipment. Equipment made by the mad, yet genius, Dr. Adelheid von Schugel. Someone whose brilliance is all theoretical and isn’t translating to usable results. Thus leading to Tanya dealing with the failings of his work one explosion at a time. To the point, the front lines seem like a better option.


While I have thus far enjoyed this origin story, and I like the fact we got to spend time with a character not named Tanya to the point they became memorable, the beginning of this episode was a drag. For while Dr. von Schugel was entertaining, it did feel like all this abuse Tanya was going through was solely just a comeuppance because of her attitude.

Plus, another thing that bugged me was we were told she was promoted to be the head of a tactical instructor squad yet she is testing out technology, alone. That is, as opposed to moving onto when Tanya met Colonel Serebryakov and how their relationship began. But considering the technology test were a setup for what happens in topic 2, while the way this story was written still makes no sense, you get the overall goal with it.

Topic 2: How To Convert an Atheist (Tanya)

It is very hard to inspire faith in someone. Being X realizes that but figured between being born an orphan and a girl, it could take the hands-off approach and just watch. However, with Tanya making lemonade out of lemons, it seems Being X decided it is time to become more involved. So, after speaking with Dr. Von Schugel and helping him get the finishing touches on one of his magic amplifying jewels, off Tanya goes again to test it. This time, however, the power of the jewel is amplified to the point that either Tanya will pray or else she will violently die. So, subconsciously, she prays and gets to experience the full extent of the jewel’s power.

Though don’t take this as Being X winning, however. Arguably Tanya prayed and continues to pray, to keep from dying, and harness the jewel’s power, rather than because she believes.


While originally a welcomed addition, for how many animated shows talk about faith, I must admit Being X’s pursuit of instilling faith in Tanya is beginning to lose its luster. If only because, as Tanya noted, it cheated. It put her in a life and death situation and honestly it seemed that Dr. Von Schugel, an atheist himself, was more so possessed than speaking for himself as he proclaimed the wonders of God. The same goes for Tanya when she said a prayer. We saw her willingly die before, when she was a man, rather than pray to god. However, now she has her eyes closed and prays? Much less, when she opens her eyes, she is surprised by the words which came out of her mouth.

To me, it’s like Being X forced her to say the words to remind her she is capable. Yet, I feel, if we are coming to the point where Being X has to play these type of games, give Tanya destructive powers, and connect them to prayer, is it really making progress? After all, Tanya’s prayers are going to be for stuff that doesn’t represent the love of God right? So isn’t this all rather hypocritical?

Topic 3: Just When You Thought You Were Blessed (Tanya)

We return to where we began in episode one and while it is established Being X has made Tanya dependent on prayer to survive on the front lines, it seems there is a loophole. After all, does Tanya even believe in the words coming out of her mouth?

That thought aside, her being the sole person able to use Dr. von Schugel’s invention, and her time training troops, has made her someone worth talking about in the military council. Leading to her promotion to first lieutenant, and being assigned to the military capital, seemingly a blessing. However, with Lt. Colonel Rerugen no friend of hers, and surely not fond of her methods, it seems between him, and others, Tanya won’t find peace in the capital but her next assignment.

One in which she will train a rapid response unit that she’ll likely lead. Leading to, likely, Being X setting up the next scenario so Tanya goes from praying simply to get the power she wants to praying because she honestly believes God is on her side and she needs it.


While still very much into this show, I must admit that I’m uncertain where this is going. We seemingly have finished Tanya’s origin story and now will be moving forward but what is her future? We have gone around 10 years with Tanya so will we follow her into womanhood? Will we, hopefully in the next episode, finally get to understand what this war is about? Much less, meet some characters who don’t require taking notes so you can remember who they are and what their name is.

Though, perhaps the real thing to ask is if Being X will find compelling and creative ways to push Tanya to have faith. It started off good with it making Tanya an orphaned little girl in a war-torn nation. However, what happened in this episode damaged Being X since now it seems desperate for reasons you can’t fathom why. Why is it this one soul, this one being, has Being X so frustrated due to their lack of faith? What ego dependency does Being X have that makes it need Tanya to pray to god, if not itself, and have faith? That also is what perplexes the hell out of me. No pun intended.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. The government of the empire is a meritocracy.
  2. Still no idea why this war started, why it continues, or who the majority of the men who speak to and about Tanya are.
  3. Tanya’s former subordinate, Serebryakov, the oddly drawn one and one of the few female characters besides Tanya on here, has been promoted to an officer rank.

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Season 1/ Episode 6 “Beginning of Madness”At this point, as cool as the action scenes are and as Being X makes it seem that it’ll, one way or another, inspire true faith in Tanya, it all means very little if we are to never learn why the Empire is at war.
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Season 1/ Episode 2 "Prologue"I had to double check if I was watching the right show when the episode started. The style looked different, we were in a different era and focusing on a different person. However, lo and behold (shout out to a commenter who said I was using it wrong), the person we meet in this episode is the true Tanya. Well, when she was a man in 2013.
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Avatar of Karandi
Karandi January 21, 2017 - 2:41 PM

The story sounds like it is actually quite interesting but I just couldn’t get through the first episode. I may have to revisit this series if it continues well but for now I think I’ll just keep an eye on the reviews of others.

Avatar of Amari Sali
Amari Sali January 21, 2017 - 2:45 PM

To be honest, while episode 2 was awesome, I think episode 3 didn’t keep pace and is making me unsure if this series will end things on a good note. I still enjoy it and will review it, but my expectations have dropped a bit.

Avatar of Karandi
Karandi January 21, 2017 - 2:46 PM

It will be interesting to see what you feel by midway through this show then as to whether it has held up.

Avatar of Elmithian
Elmithian February 1, 2017 - 6:52 AM

Just read the Manga or the LN. The art quality and the structure of the story is done so much better there.

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