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As with the majority of the show, there isn’t much hardship for Tanya as multiple operations kick off. However, it seems the easy days maybe over as Anson Sioux reintroduces himself.

Episode Focus: The End of the War (Tanya)

With the communication HQ and the ammo depot of the Republic destroyed, operation lock pick done, and operation revolving door in progress, it seems the war maybe over. That is until the Allied Kingdom gets involved with their mage unit headed by Anson Sioux. Someone whose first kill is Lt. Grantz.


Youjo Senki is a very strange show for me. Usually, the later you get into the season, the more there is to say about an episode, especially as they build off past episodes. However, this show is very cut and dry. Operations happen, they nearly all are a success and then Tanya moves on. The lack of struggle for the empire has made this show a bit boring, to be honest. Though, that is on top of the cast, in general, just not really standing out to make a point of who is who, what’s their title and etc.

Hell, even Tanya is starting to get boring as she once again loses the reason to be seen as the Devil of the Rhine. She has now gained the love, support, and perhaps admiration of her battalion and with that she almost seems like a softy. Add in Being X falling off the face of the Earth and it leads you to hope Anson Sioux presents a real challenge for Tanya. Otherwise, it is hard to say what this show may have ultimately offered besides an odd child soldier gimmick.

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    1. ironically enough. The Empire loses the war. The war has yet to even truly become a shithole. You guys simply have no patience. Also, Its subjective. I love the use of military tactics on display. Wonderful. That Pincer maneuver. You guys are too used to shonen imo.

      1. I don’t believe it is a matter of patience if the reckoning is coming toward, if not specifically at, the end of the series. Something that isn’t even built up to in a way to really make it compelling.

        I’m glad you are enjoying it, but I got to say I’m kind of disappointed with this series. Not in a flipping the table kind of way, but I do feel this series is forgettable at this point.

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