Utawarerumono (The False Faces): Season 1/ Episode 1 "Curse" [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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A young man, with amnesia, finds himself in a foreign world where people with animal ears and tails live. But, being that this world has monsters, and isn’t a modern society, he finds himself reliant on his assumed guardian to survive.

Characters & Story

Through methods currently unknown, a man given the name Haku finds himself lost in a forest. One which has giant centipede-like creatures roaming, and damn near using him for a meal. Thankfully, though, a young woman named Kuon saves him. Which leads to her assuming responsibility for him.

From there it appears we will have a series in which Haku learns how he can survive, alongside Kuon, in this world. One which he isn’t physically fit for, but may have the mental aptitude they need. Making his main issues being his memory loss, Kuon perhaps having feelings for him, and the world around him dangerous for his mortality.


The main thing praiseworthy here is the relationship between Kuon and Haku. For, even with him a bit spoiled, and inept for Kuon’s world, you can see Kuon is trying her best to find a place for Haku. Making for the possibility of romance to become quite interesting, especially as the mystery behind Haku’s showing up in this world unravels. Plus, who knows if someone maybe waiting for Haku back home, which could complicate things between him and Kuon.


With no hints into Haku’s past, and it just being presented that likely all this series may hold is Kuon and Haku traveling, getting attacked by monsters, and maybe slowly revealing Haku’s past, I honestly lost interest halfway through.

Overall: Stick Around

Plainly, this doesn’t seem like my cup of tea. With that said, though, I do think those who dedicate themselves to this anime may get something out of it. For one, it has a cute potential romantic pairing, Haku’s past could very well be interesting, especially in terms of how he got to this world, and characters like Ukon, the boss of the village, could present an interesting angle. But being that I wasn’t snagged from the get go, that is why this is being labeled Stick Around.


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