Trickster: Season 1/ Episode 1 "Mirage on D. Hill" [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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A group of eccentric people run a detective agency. The older men focus on local crime and the younger guy focuses on lost pets. Though with an old foe back in action and the kid detective finding a possible ally, expect things to get a bit more interesting in Shibuya!

Trigger Warning(s):
Multiple Suicide Attempts

Main Storyline

In Shibuya, there is a dangerous hacker named Twenty Faces. It isn’t known what this notorious man is planning but, with him not in prison like many thought, the Akechi Investigative Firm, alongside local police, are tracking him down. Together Akechi, a pervy eccentric who is the lead detective; Inoue, who is introduced as his driver and compatriot; and their hacking expert Noro use their varied talents to try to stop whatever it is Twenty Faces has planned.

Alongside them is Hanasaki. Someone who doesn’t get to handle the real cases which deal with the police, but has his own Boy’s Detective Club in which he finds people’s pets and things of that nature. However, this is likely only until Hanasaki is older. For with his athleticism and his detective skills, soon he shall join Akechi. As of now, his focus is just making a name for himself. That and trying to win and maintain the trust of Kobayashi. A mysterious silver-haired boy with otherworldly powers.

Things To Note

Ok, so I’m biting the bullet and crossing my fingers that Wordpress isn’t like Blogger where unfounded DMCA complaints do as much. However, with that said, if I get one and Wordpress is like Google when it comes to resolving the issue, this will be taken down with the swiftness. Also, I’m posting here since, as usual, IMDB doesn’t have an anime I’m interested in listed in their database and the 1+ week wait is a bit much for my patience.


It Dances On The Border Of Being Serious And Comical: With Kobayashi being suicidal comes a sort of seriousness which counterbalances the zany nature of Akechi, Noro, and Hanasaki. Yet, at the same time, I feel that this anime could easily teeter totter between touching on the seriousness of Kobayashi’s feelings and pair that with cases that are of a grave nature. If only because, just in Hanasaki’s case looking for a dog, it gets murdered. So who is to say if the show doesn’t mind killing a dog it won’t touch a human?

But, at the same time, with three rather eccentric and comical characters, I foresee a lot of odd and funny moments. Maybe even a few touching ones for while it isn’t established what everyone’s connections are to each other, be it as family or friends, you can tell they all care about one another deeply. Especially the youngest Hanasaki. So as Twenty Faces begins trying to push Akechi further, maybe there may be moments where we may fear for the survival of some of the characters?

With that said, I must admit I’m “On The Fence” about this. If only because, while I present a positive outlook, nothing about this show screams it must be seen. It isn’t generic, at least to me, but it isn’t in pursuit of being exemplary either. It’s just something to watch which likely will be entertaining to you.

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