A new Trolley dilemma leads to the reveal of who is Carneades, as well as why 0th has returned to the 24th ward.

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A new Trolley dilemma leads to the reveal of who is Carneades, as well as why 0th has returned to the 24th ward.

Aired 3/2/2022
Network Crunchyroll
Directed By Tazumi Mukaiyama
Written By Vio Shimokura


Despite appearances in the last episode, 0th is not Carneades – that’s Ms. Tsuzuragawa. You see, the KANAE system has a critical bug, and in order to make it seem like an external issue, Carneades was created. But, with that revelation comes the need to question why 0th is involved, and the answer is – war. What 0th wants is to destroy the KANAE system and seemingly, by creating this so-called graffiti war with Ran, that was meant to raise DoRed’s profile and the value of their art. So when the referendum comes, all eyes would be on them and their message.

But, when it comes to Shuta, he cares less and less about the battle over whether the KANAE system should exist and more about the software that gives him and his friends powers and puts them in trolley dilemma. Which, as of this episode, appears to be Asumi’s nightmares come to life, and in the latest dilemma, the RGB is tasked with either saving Cornucopia or Carneades, aka Tsuzuragawa.

From what it seems, despite Koki learning before Shuta that Tsuzuragawa was Carneades, he was willing to let her die for the KANAE system. Then, for Ran, who was tasked with hacking Cornucopia and the KANAE system by 0th, he seemed to not be invested either way. If anything, he was shocked by nearly discovering Asumi’s consciousness in the system.

Leaving Shuta, who defies the two-pronged decision brought before him and saved Tsuzuragawa at the cost of the Cornucopia – which isn’t completely destroyed but has further damaged the reputation of the KANAE system and its ability to predict disasters.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. 0th said he and Carneades were acquaintances, so with learning Tsdasdasdasd is Carneades, what was their relationship?
  2. Does Asumi have any control over these massive events?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Asumi, who seemingly is now awakened within the Kanae system, going berserk due to the hacking Ran did, and what 0th will do further



0th Turning A Skirmish Into A War

0th deciding to destroy the KANAE system, rather than allow Ran to try to campaign for its end, might be the escalation this show needs. For as shown by episode 7, it isn’t hard for Tokyo 24th Ward to deliver a forgettable, if not debilitating episode that could end the interest of those on the fence. This isn’t to say this episode saved the show, but it at least presents the idea it can do more than drag itself to an ending.

On The Fence

The Reveal Felt A Bit Limp

Carneades was the closest thing this show had to a villain, and we ultimately learned that 0th was doing the work and Tsuzuragawa was putting on a show. All of which wasn’t built up to, just suddenly revealed, and it has left a bad taste in our mouth. Mainly since the best times with this show seem to be at an end, and with it lacking consistency in quality, there is a real need to question if this can end on a high note.

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0th Turning A Skirmish Into A War
The Reveal Felt A Bit Limp

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