In its finale, Tokyo 24th Ward brings us an emotional experience that may compensate for the partly lackluster journey we had.

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In its finale, Tokyo 24th Ward brings us an emotional experience that may compensate for the partly lackluster journey we had.

Aired 4/6/2022
Network Crunchyroll
Directed By Hidetoshi Takahashi
Written By Vio Shimokura


Just Make The Choice For Me – Asumi, Ran, Koki, Shu

At this point, Asumi wants it to be all over. Being forced to know all the various things that can happen based on how she handles things is overwhelming her consciousness, and she just wants RGB to either let her lay to rest or wipe out her consciousness. Sadly for her, they don’t wish to just do this, they want to see her, and because of that, she labels them as a terrorist to try to impede them, alongside finding different means to dissuade them, to no avail.

The War Brewing Outside – 0th, Gori, Wataru

With the referendum coming upon the 24th Ward and 0th getting the kind of opposition he needs to take on Gori, there is a push for him to address the growing crowd outside of his office. Wataru even presents the issue of violence if he remains in his office and doesn’t address the public in a meaningful way. However, Gori sees anything bad that could happen as a means of boosting the need for the Kanae system and thus ignores both 0th and Wataru’s pleas.

A Decision Is Made – Asumi, Ran, Koki, Shu

Ultimately, Asumi allows the boys to see her and RGB decide they, and the people, will take over and create the Kanae System 2.0 so that Asumi may finally rest. This decision doesn’t come easy, as Shu confesses his love, as does Asumi, which makes letting go even harder. Though, to up the ante, Asumi has the whole scene between her and the boys broadcasted on everyone’s phones, causing a chain of people saying they love Asumi, which causes an emotional moment.

From there, we just ahead almost to modern times, April 6th 2022, and learn the 24th Ward has now become the Nijimi Ward, with the dissolution of SARG, Koki has decided to become a teacher like his mom and his friends? Ran continues to run DoRed and prep for the inevitable changes to Shantytown, and with releasing himself from the hold Asumi had on him, Shu goes all-in when it comes to being a chef. Which includes leaving his hometown to train and make a name for himself.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did people react to Gori using his daughter’s brain for a tyrannical system?

What Could Happen Next

  1. From what it appears, this is the end, so beyond learning what the boys did once Asumi was laid to rest, for the second time, it is hard to say what’s next



You’ll Get Teary-Eyed

Asumi's side profile

While it has been a struggle to get to this point, especially in the latter half of the season, we admit that Tokyo 24th Ward ended gracefully. By truly addressing the pain and suffering of Asumi, paired with making her end a truly emotional experience, Tokyo 24th Ward we were reminded of what potential this show had. That the decisions could have a truly emotional impact, even with a minimum time to build up to the final decision.

Also, these characters, all of which likely still have -teen at the end of their ages, have been given a massive weight in dealing with who lives or dies. Then, on top of that, the worry of their families and homes potentially being upended by an ever-changing ward that seems willing to toss them aside for one man’s perception of progress.

In this final episode, it felt like we finally tapped back into the heart of all of that. That is, rather than continuing to meander as Shuta struggled with what to do with his life and his two friends who lived on the extremes of an issue that, honestly, didn’t seem like they should have been major players of.

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Asumi, Koki, Shuta, and Ran in her digital world
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You'll Get Teary-Eyed

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