Hayase and Fushi face off this episode, and with her challenging him at her best, so comes the question if Tonari’s dreams may ever come true?

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Hayase and Fushi face off this episode, and with her challenging him at her best, so comes the question if Tonari’s dreams may ever come true?

Episode Title The Children’s Dreams
Aired 8/2/2021
Network Crunchyroll
Directed By TBD
Written By TBD


I Dreamed A Dream – Tonari

The reason why Tonari is so invested in Fushi, is because she wasn’t born on Jananda island, nor her family. Up until the age of 7, she lived with her mom and dad away from Jananda and was a happy kid. She spends all day with her mom, who worked around the house, and would await her father’s return. But, then her mother was found dead, and with no suspects but her father, he was condemned to Jananda Island.

Baby Tonari

Thus, when given the ultimatum between an orphanage or joining her dad at the island, she followed him. Sadly, he died, after winning the legendary tournament, by poison. This led to 8-year-old Tonari being on her own until she met the red-headed girl, then by 9, the rest of the gang, who by the time she was 12, seemed like they had the plans and jobs needed to escape. But with learning at 13 that they are considered social pariah, that did create a setback. But at 14, with meeting Fushi, it was like she came to a turning point in her life.

My Journey Up Until Now – Pioran, Parona, Hayase, Fushi, March

With his varied forms returning, it means Fushi can use March’s climbing abilities to move like Spiderman and visit Pioran. As to be expected, the reunion is sweet, and while, with Oniguma, he could utterly destroy the prison and bust her out, he doesn’t want her to have to be on the run anymore. So, Fushi recommits to the tournament where he finds himself facing off against Hayase.

This is a fight that tests Fushi in ways even Nokkers don’t. Mainly since Hayase is cunning, agile, and with her knowing what Fushi is capable of, she pushes him. One way she does this is by detailing how she killed Parona, hence why Fushi is able to transform into her. However, this information doesn’t make Fushi any better of a fighter – in fact, it makes him worst.

And Then The Dream Appeared To Be Over – Fushi, Hayase, Tonari

Which is quite frightening to Tonari since she has banked so much on Fushi. But with him unable to land blows, no matter what form he takes, it becomes clear he isn’t going to win this fight like he has his former battles. Yet, Hayase knocking him out with Western Morning Glory, some sort of toxin, seals the dream back in the darkness. Fushi has lost, and Hayase is now the leader of the island.



A Reminder Of How Far Fushi Has To Go

Hayase before her battle with Fushi

Fushi fighting Hayase acts as a reminder that he may have diversified his portfolio, but he hasn’t gotten stronger. Despite the strength of Oniguma, speed of his other forms, and the ability to produce weapons, he maybe got one hit on Hayase. Which, thinking of how many years have passed, isn’t saying much about how formidable Fushi is or isn’t. If anything, it makes him come off incredibly weak if he doesn’t have strength in numbers and can’t take his opponent by surprise.

But what is especially interesting is that, with Hayase defeating Fushi, she has recaptured him and if Fushi can’t handle her, who is to say Tonari or anyone else can?

On The Fence

Tonari’s Build

Between knowing To Your Eternity’s pattern, and Tonari being the third child we have met who hasn’t had the best childhood, I do feel like they aren’t doing enough to set up her inevitable death. The rush of her backstory didn’t really inspire much in the way of emotions. It doesn’t compare to March not being able to grow up or Gugu losing his big brother and learning to be a big brother himself. It just seems like a new sob story but with less oomph to get you past the familiarity of it.

This leaves me to wonder, when the time comes for Tonari to sacrifice herself, will it show To Your Eternity may have finally lost its luster?

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Hayase with their head cocked to the side
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With Hayase's return, and it being a notable one, so comes Fushi's first loss to a human and the question of how he will defeat this new foe? Will it be, as before, with the help of a group of friends, or will he learn to fight as quickly as he can take on someone's form after they die?
A Reminder Of How Far Fushi Has To Go
Tonari’s Build

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