A ton of information about the way the world works is dropped by Sister Krone, but is this all just to throw off the kids or genuine help?

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A ton of information about the way the world works is dropped by Sister Krone, but is this all just to throw off the kids or genuine help?

Director(s) Mamoru Kanbe
Writer(s) Toshiya Ono
Air Date 2/21/2019

There Is So Much You Don’t Know: Sister Krone, Emma, Norman

It is agreed upon to work with Sister Krone, but what wasn’t expected is for her to be so forthcoming. From noting girls, only, are given two paths at age 12 – die or become a mom, that everyone mom has a chip in their chest to make their heart stop and more, she tells them everything. She even goes into the conditions required, lets them look at her tracker, notes if it is broken, a signal is sent out, and killing a mom also sends out a signal. The list goes on and on to include her and Isabella’s age, that there are humans who live outside the system, and there isn’t much security because of the trackers.

The Plan: Ray, Norma, Emma, Gilda, Don

With all that is known, Ray lays out the plan for information gathering, before the escape. Ray will distract mom, Norman and Emma will climb the wall to inspect the vicinity, and Don and Gilda will act as lookouts and help Emma and Norman know to end inspection is necessary. For with 6 days to go, based on Norman’s drive to leave, this has to be done promptly.

The Backup Plan Executed: Ray, Isabella, Sister Krone

Sister Krone discovering something shocking.

With sister Krone being so transparent, the kids wonder if she truly can be trusted? So, a note is plant and Ray seemingly uses his relationship with Isabella to get Sister Krone the boot. We aren’t told the exact reason, but Isabella does end up saying goodbye to Krone.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Isabella is 31
  • Sister Krone is 26 and was raised at Grace Field.
  • The farm’s name is Plant Three.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How early in life do kids get branded?


A Quality Information Drop

From learning guys are screwed from birth, yeah I’m salty about that, to moms being limited to their farms, or else they’ll be killed, we got a whole lot of information. Yet, none of it felt overwhelming or unnecessary. It helped explain so much and left only a few questions left. One being, considering girls get the option at 12 to train to be moms, are there no dads? Also, Isabella, likely, didn’t give birth to all these kids so who birthed them and with whose semen?

Also, there is the need to question who these possible rebel groups are who live outside the demon’s system? Are they any better than the demons or possibly worse? After all, between war and trying to keep their numbers up, I’m sure things aren’t the best for them.

Goodbye Krone!

Isabella saying goodbye to Sister Krone.

Krone has always been a bit too weird for my taste. She bounces around like this is a comedy, and is so stereotypically loud that it makes you wonder why Isabella took this long to make a move. I’m sure 90% of what Krone has said since her arrival echoed through the halls. I doubt Ray even had to confirm a single thing said.

On The Fence

Are They Ever Leaving The Farm?

There are 12 episodes in this season, and I don’t think we’ll be leaving Plant Three until episode 10 at this point. We’ve been taking about a day an episode, and while I can imagine them speeding things up, considering the information Krone dropped, I’m hoping this doesn’t end on a cliffhanger to push for a second season. Since, as fans of anime know, most shows don’t get a second season but, if they do, it takes years.

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