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The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Everything Must Have a Beginning” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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The Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 1 Episode 4 “Everything Must Have a Beginning” – 1

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As Chise and Elias continue their honeymoon tour, they are introduced to the evil beings which are sorcerers.

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Characters Introduced
Renfred Alice

The Cat Kingdom: Elias, Chise

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 1 Episode 4 “Everything Must Have a Beginning” – Jasper

The next stop on Elias and Chise’s honeymoon is the cat kingdom of Ulthar. One which is ruled over by a cat named Molly. Now, it should be noted that despite the name of the kingdom, it still is very likely the humans do most of the work and it is a human town. It is just a sanctuary, of sorts, for cats. All of which seem to be beyond their 2nd or 3rd life and are capable of talking.

This Week’s Job: Chise, Elias

However, it wasn’t always like that. We are told that, long ago, this human named Matthew would butcher cats indiscriminately. To the point the cats had to gang up on him and kill him. Yet, a part of his essence, including his wife Mina’s, remains on this little island on a lake. Something which has been contained for a while but there are fears it may become unmanageable soon – hence the call to Elias and the need for Chise. If only because Elias’ specialty is shadow magic, hence how and why he can hide in Chise’s shadow. So when it comes to cleansing the filth, as it is called, this will be Chise’s first test. Even if she hasn’t been properly trained or equipped.

Introducing Renfred, The Sorcerer: Renfred, Elias, Chise

Unfortunately though, before she gets to see what she is made of, a blonde, who seemingly tried to drown her before, puts a blade to her throat and Renfred appears. He is a sorcerer and he has a use for the filth so the last thing he wants is for it to be exorcised. Though, he doesn’t just appear to be an obstacle to Chise’s first test but also whatever Elias has planned. For apparently there is a reason Sleigh Beggys are rare and it seems death is pending for Chise.

Now, as for whether it will be an otherotherworldly being, or this is in reference to what Lindel said in the last episode? That isn’t clear. All we know is that we may have a mage vs. sorcerer fight!


Villains Appear

No show can survive without some sort of conflict. Whether it is something like poverty or an actual person, there has to be something which our protagonist has to fight against. Thus far, the challenge was Chise dealing with her past but, at this point, her mom killing herself and her mistreatment thereafter can be chalked up to PTSD at most. Not even in the form of magic flare ups or anything like that [note] though imagine a show about veteran mage losing control of their powers [/note], but simply triggers to horrible memories.

So with the introduction of Renfred and what I assume to be his assistant, we not only have a villain but a complicated one. For really, the proper term for Renfred perhaps isn’t even villain at this point but maybe rival or opposition. Yes, they have been aggressive, even threatened Chise’s life, but what is their goal here? What do they plan to do with the filth and let’s not pretend Elias’ has the most stellar record either.

Lest we forget, the Ariels’ don’t have the best relationship with him and Renfred hints that Elias isn’t a saint either. So are we dealing with a lesser of two evils scenario or simply one who is selfish but not to the point of being abusive towards Chise? Only time will tell.

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  1. I really felt like the story picked up a lot in this episode. The show has always been great for making the audience feel for the character and it has been beautiful to watch but I finally felt the story kind of took a step forward in this episode. Really enjoyed it.

    • I agree. But I do think if they are going to keep bringing up Chise’s mother dying, they eventually have to lay out all that led to her death. Was she a Sleigh Beggy too or maybe by giving birth to one she saw things? It’s like they are keeping that storyline alive but not really pushing why?

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