The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Season 1/ Episode 17 “Look Before You Leap” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

The Ashen Eye returns to wreak havoc while reminding us how useful Chise’s powers can be.

Director(s) Norihiro Naganuma
Writer(s) Kore Yamazaki, Aya Takaha
Air Date 2/3/2018
Characters Introduced
Stella ?

Elder Games: Chise, Stella, Elias

It started off as a normal Christmas Day. Well, normal for most. Chise got presents, which of course included some to extend her life, as most of her gifts try to do, and she decided to thank Simon, of all people, for his gift. Never mind Angelica and maybe spend time with her little family, let’s go visit Simon.

Well, Chise never gets to see Simon. Reason being, one of the two kids from the last episode, she encounters the older sister Stella and spends most of the day with her. Not in terms of her recognizing her, playing in the snow, and just being kids. Nope, Stella needs Chise’s help to find Ethan, especially since what likely was the Ashen Eye from before has taken him.

But, being that this Ashen Eye is a douchebag, he doesn’t just give the kid back. Even after Chise, Stella, Ruth, and Elias have to traverse the forest, make sacrifices, and etc just to find him. Instead, he drops Ethan and Elias into a shadow and gives Stella and Chise until nightfall to find them. Otherwise, they are his forever.

A Life Lesson From Another Human: Elias, Ethan

While trapped within a stream, Elias asks questions of Ethan, after dealing with his annoying curiosity and turning into a platinum blonde version of Chise. Most of these questions deal with family and one about marriage, which doesn’t necessarily lead to life lessons. It more so just sets up Ethan and Stella’s reunion, and teaches Stella a lesson, more than anything for Elias.

Friend?: Stella, Chise


Chise and Stella as Stella introduces Chise to her parents.Luckily, thanks to the gift the Ashen Eye gave Chise, when he turned her into a fox, she is able to find both Ethan and Elias by nightfall and everyone gets reunited! But also, Chise gets called Stella’s friend when she introduces her to her parents. Something which the next episode’s previews makes to be a big deal, as if Alice didn’t just open up to her like a friend would in the last episode.

On The Fence

While Building Toward Something, On Its Own, This Episode Was Uneventful

Until you watch the preview for the next episode, all you are left with is the assumption this is filler. That may be, like Joel, we’ll see Stella again in a few episodes. Though considering her family isn’t from that area, just visiting her grandmother, that’s unlikely. However, taking into consideration the preview, and it trying to tout Stella as Chise’s first friend, so comes the question of what was Joel and Alice?

Outside of that, one thing I feel the need to seriously ask about is how they are going to handle Stella knowing about the other world and its beings? She has met an Ashen Eye, mages, seen beings like Ruth and Elias, and I’m just trying to understand if that means a memory wipe is necessary? Oh, and on top of that, there is the question of whether Elias has taken over people before he did so to Chise?

These little things are perhaps the sole things which keeps this episode from firmly being filler. But whether or not they get addressed is a whole other thing. For I don’t know about you, but if I was Chise, I would want to know how can this dude just take me over, without permission, and if he might have done it before when hiding in my shadow or someone else’s.

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