Sword Art Online: Season 2/ Episode 5 "Guns and Swords" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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With the first match of Battle of Bullets 3 coming, Kirito decides to reveal he is a guy to Sinon.

Review (with Spoilers)

In this episode, the action begins and with Kirito being a sword user, I think we may not get the type of battles we have seen from Sinon when it comes to intensity. But with Kirito appearing like a girl to everyone, I’m sure as he gets higher in the tournament he will be pushed to put on some good matches. And, as of now, he currently has two guaranteed ones: the first being against Sinon if he reaches the finals, which likely he will, and then with Death Gun who approaches him in the lobby. More on that below.

Topic 1: The Truth Comes Out – Kirito and Sinon

For reasons I still don’t fully understand, Kirito is seen as a woman just because of his long hair. And, as noted last episode, Sinon’s sole reason for taking pity, and then befriending, Kirito was because she thought he was a girl. But with her changing in front of Kirito comes the need for him to confess he is a boy. Something which, naturally, upsets her for when this confession comes she is in her underwear.

So for the rest of the episode, she is upset with him and he becomes a bit of a jerk. One which acts like he intentionally used her for all the information, and expertise, she could give him. Though, if you ask me, his jerkiness also came off slightly like flirting. Either way, due to the ruse he put up, Sinon wants revenge and expects him to be in the final so she can give one last lesson: how a bullet tastes.

Topic 2: Qualifying Round 1 – Kirito

With Kirito’s only practice in the GGO world coming from that casino game he did, you can see in his first match a lack of panache and style. Though perhaps the biggest issue is he is still accustomed to close quarters combat and the enemy not using tactics like camouflage. So in his first fight, he gets hit a few times. Nothing serious, but enough times to the point he has to really think of a strategy. Which, of course, is based on how he handled the casino game. He figures out his enemy’s shot trajectory, does some Star Wars type maneuvers to stop the bullets, and then goes straight for the gut. Making for what seemed to be an impressive victory, at least for one player.

Topic 3: Nice To See You Again – Kirito & Death Gun

Who is said, player? Well, it is Death Gun. Who doesn’t identify themselves by the name, but with the tattoo of the Laughing Coffin guild, Kirito knows Death Gun is someone he encountered before. Who exactly? It is hard to say since so many people could have joined the guild, or be an original member. What is known though is that Kirito’s name is recognized, and with him being one of the few to use a sword in combat makes him standout. So, with him only being in the game for about a day he has met the person he is looking for. Now, the question is whether we may learn who is behind the Darth Vader-esque mask?

Things To Note

For BoB there are first the qualifying rounds, then the main tournament. Also, somewhere in there, is a battle royal.

Spiegel, Sinon’s in-game and real life friend, has come to cheer Sinon on. Though it seems we may have to wait until the next episode to see her first battle.

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