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Sword Art Online: Season 2/ Episode 24 "Mother's Rosario" [Season Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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As the season comes to a close, on a rather sad note, there is some sort of silver lining.

Topic 1: The Long Goodbye – Yuuki & Asuna

Topic 2: Those Who Were Left Behind – Asuna

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: The Long Goodbye – Yuuki & Asuna

As expected, Yuuki is no longer in the fight against HIV/ Aids and is now in the process of dying from it. However, before the e-mail comes letting Asuna knows she has a limited amount of time to see her, we are given a montage of fun times Yuuki got to have. Thus leading to her grand goodbye which starts with Asuna, then has the Sleeping Knights, Kirito’s crew, then pretty much everyone who was in contact with Yuuki.


After watching Akame ga Kill!, I must admit a predictable death is sort of nice. For while it saddens me, at least mentally I could prep for it. Though I gotta admit, more so the conversation mentioned in topic 2 is what got me teary eyed than Yuuki dying. Which surely is because I knew it was going to happen vs. the script for the episode being weak. At least I’m going to go with that for now.

Topic 2: Those Who Were Left Behind – Asuna

After a week, Yuuki’s funeral happens and there we learn that Siune, real name Au Shiun, is in remission! News she got the day after Yuuki died. So, while happy for herself, there is some survivor’s guilt. Especially with most of the Sleeping Knights not in remission with her. Despite this, though, smiles and memories are shared, as well as news that the medicuboid, thanks to Yuuki, should be more widely used soon. Leading to the question of what led to this technology, and the answer being Kayaba Akihiko, also known as the guy who made the death trap known as Aincrad.


I must admit, between Siune getting better, and her reminiscing about Yuuki with Asuna, I got a little teary-eyed. However, with the mention of Kayaba I was first thinking that maybe he was the missing Death Gun member. For, after more than a year, and not being a serious fanatic of Sword Art Online, I had no idea who he was until I looked him up. With that said, knowing Kayaba is the deceased creator of Aincrad, and the one who provided the technology for medicuboid, as quick as my attention was gotten, it was released.

Leaving only the cute moment of Kirito saying he wants Asuna to be with him forever, and her feeling the same. Something so sweet I wish it was sealed with a kiss, but considering I can’t recall them kissing yet on this show, or at least enough for it to be a norm, well things stay PG. Though, with perhaps enough material for one season, maybe the last season may give it to us.

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