This episode’s focus is establishing how much of a badass Sinon is.

Review (with Spoilers)

As we get more in tune with the Gun Gale Online universe, Sword Art Online II continues to show us a world which we can only hope will become reality as Sony, and other technology companies, make serious gains on virtual technology. But, for now, all we can do is just imagine and live vicariously through this great anime. One which, for this episode, paints Sinon as perhaps a more formidable opponent, if just due to sure will, than Kirito arguably was in the two VRMMO games he has thus far played. Leaving us to hope as he once again gains prominence in a new virtual world he won’t find himself not just an eventual target of Death Gun.

Topic 1: The Envy of the World – Kirito and Asuna

Near the end of the episode we see Kirito and Asuna relaxing, all lovey-dovey, in the ALfheim Online world. Something which bothers a few of the players nearby, fresh from beating a monster, if just because how enviable Asuna and Kirito’s relationship is. Though who knows, as Kirito begins telling Asuna of the mission he accepted, if their bliss may last?

Topic 2: The Legend Which Is Sinon – Sinon

Leaving us with the main plot which deals with establishing how much of a badass Sinon, or Sinocchi, is. We begin by seeing her face off against this creature, by herself, all for this rare sniper rifle known as the Ultima Ratio Hecate II. Showing herself capable of going into a dungeon alone and finding rare items. But the real bad ass moments come when we see her work with these bandits trying to rob this monster hunting squad. For while it seems like an easy ambush at first, Sinon and company learn that the squad, who’ve they hit up before, has now hired this bodyguard named Behemoth who carries a minigun, a very powerful weapon within GGO.

So, with the minigun revealed, we find the group Sinon is working for, of which only Dyne and Ginron speak, all fearful of dying in-game. Especially Dyne, who is the would-be leader of the group. But, being that Sinon is always up for a challenge, she believes they can beat the energy gunners and Behemoth. And despite Ginron hitting on Sinon earlier, he doesn’t hardly say a word to support her as Dyne opposes going after the Behemoth.

However, with time, Sinon eventually convinces everyone to join her in an assault and, for the most part, it seems the whole stage gets cleared but Sinon and Behemoth. Now, from what we can tell Behemoth has high strength, and possibly speed since he dodges Sinon’s shots. As for Sinon, she exhibits good speed, excellent accuracy, and perhaps a good jumping ability as well. However, her strength is nowhere near Behemoth’s which is shown by her, at first, struggling with picking up the Hecate II.

Still, with her dead set on defeating Behemoth she goes all out. She pretty much uses Dyne and his crew as a distraction, leaps and runs over the map to catch Behemoth off guard, and sacrifices the use of her leg just to defeat him. Leaving our last sight of Sinon showing this girl alone in her room. Talking about how, despite beating Behemoth, she needs to get stronger. For what reason? We aren’t told.

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