Sword Art Online: Season 2/ Episode 19 "Absolute Sword" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As the focus shifts to Asuna, it seems it is time for her to be the hero of her own story.

Review (with Spoilers)

Thus far Asuna has been seen as a fearsome warrior, the damsel in distress, and most recently, the girl who Kirito may or may not be dating. However, with her relationship with Kirito confirmed, the last episode introduced the idea of exploring Asuna’s life for that is still a bit of a mystery. For, outside of her parents arranging for her to be married, while she was in a coma, we haven’t really learned much about them. And while, granted, we don’t know much about anyone’s family on the show, besides Kirito and his sister’s relationship, it seems Asuna had something interesting going on. For more information on Asuna’s family, and the other things which happen in “Zekken,” look below.

Topic 1: Meet The Family/ Think About Your Future – Asuna

When Asuna wakes up, her maid is leaving, her brother is out [1], and it is just her mom and her. Leading to an awkward dinner in which the mom lays out her plans for Asuna’s life which includes transferring to a normal school, getting an in-person tutor, and arranging a marriage for her. All of which Asuna isn’t for since she wasn’t consulted. Though what she especially isn’t for is having an arranged marriage since she loves Kirito. However, her mom doesn’t see him as a good match and seemingly the reason is that she grew up poor and doesn’t want her child to be with a poor man.

Said conversation leads to Asuna leaving her mom at the dining room table and her thinking about what will her future life be like? For, while Kirito has plans, she doesn’t necessarily have ones of her own besides staying by his side. Never mind her mother just kicked her self-confidence in the gut.


I got such a Shinon vibe from Asuna’s story. If just because you can see how insecure, and a bit lost, she is. However, that is only in real life. In the virtual world, she is this courageous and formidable person who seems to have it all together, and you can tell Asuna latches onto that persona and wishes she could bring that to the real world. Which, assumingly, before the arc is over, she will.

Topic 2: Battle with Yuuki/ Please… Help Us – Asuna, Kirito, and Yuuki [3]

While Asuna ignored, or procrastinates, addressing her real world issues, she gets ready for her battle with Yuuki. However, before that happens, she spends a tender moment with Kirito reminiscing about the first time she cooked for him. That is until everyone else shows up, looking jealous, and then everyone heading to Yuuki’s battleground.

Leading to Asuna discovering that the image of this knight looking being who holds all this prestige is actually a girl. One who, based off what Kirito says, maybe a heavy gamer of sorts [2]. Though, with Lis pushing Asuna to fight as she says she would, Asuna tries to remind herself how good of a warrior she is. Something she sort of does by getting a few licks in there, but being that Yuuki is much faster, and seemingly a better swordsman, Asuna loses.

However, even though she loses, Yuuki seemingly is willing to give her the ability. But it seems there is a catch. One in which, almost as if Yuuki is an AI and is presenting a quests, she is asking for Asuna’s help.


There is a temptation to read the manga to see what happens between Kirito and Asuna, but I’m not going to spoil the anime for myself. That aside, I’m wondering if Yuuki may be an AI which has evolved, sort of like Yui. For with us already misled into thinking Yuuki was a dude, I think her maybe being an AI should be on the table. Especially since it seems as if she is about to present a question to Asuna. Though she could very well be looking for a partner for a quest since, even with her skills, I doubt she could complete all quests by herself [4].

Things To Note

  1. Maid’s name is Sada, and brother’s name is Kouichirou.
  2. During his battle with Yuuki, he asked “You’re totally living in this world aren’t you?” to which she smiled. Leading to the idea she is just someone who spends more time, than perhaps is healthy, in the VR world.
  3. Yuuki = Zekken.
  4. I should note I read the spoilers of what happens in the manga so I have some grasp of what is going on here. Just not the exact details.

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