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Sword Art Online: Season 2/ Episode 18 "The Forest House" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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After Kirito being the hero, and main focus, for both season 1, and most of season 2, it seems Asuna is going to relieve him of such duties.

Review (with Spoilers)

After battles in Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, and Gun Gale Online, it seems the focus of the show is going to switch from Kirito being the hero everyone needs and will switch to focusing on Asuna. Which, as per this episode, means we are going to revisit where her and Kirito’s relationship is at, how complicated her relationship is with her family, and other things.

To learn more about “The Forest House,” look below.

Topic 1: A Place Called Home – Asuna & Kirito

With it being the holidays, and even villains taking a vacation, Asuna and Kirito have a date at the Dicey Café. And with them, and Dicey Café owner Agil, reminiscing about the past, they bring up what kept them going while trapped in Aincrad. For Agil it was his wife, for Kirito it was his family, and for Asuna it was Kirito. For while everyone before the game had something, or someone, to lose, Asuna seemingly didn’t have anything. However, with Kirito she found someone to love, a home on the 24th floor, and a sort of daughter in Yui. Everything she could ever want.

And, thanks to an update to Alfheim Online, she gets it all back.


After the GGO arc, I was wondering what the status of Asuna and Kirito’s relationship was. So, with Agil talking about how they shouldn’t always go to his shop for their dates, and neither flinching or saying they weren’t on a date, I guess this means they are official again. Though, with that said, it does make you wonder: what was going on during the GGO time period? For they were close, and seemingly dating, before he went into GGO, so what led Kirito to flirt so much with Shinon? Did he just like messing with her, or was I just reading too much into things?

Either way, I’m starting to wonder: will we continue to see them date in the open? For between Asuna’s touching story, Kirito holding her hand after she told it, no denial of them being on a date, and how cute they seemed in the cabin, does this mean there should no longer be any doubts? Much less, will Kirito stop flirting with Shinon, or presenting any idea something can go on between them?

Topic 2: Zekka & The Absolute Blade – Asuna

With the cabin back in Asuna and Kirito’s possession and a home filled with love and laughter, the question becomes: what’s going to ruin this? Well, the answer is: nothing. If anything, a rumor Liz talks about, dealing with an undefeatable duel master, seemingly is going to be the focus for the next few episodes. Especially since most of the cast, including Kirito [1] lost to this person. So, between the intrigue of facing someone undefeated, and gaining an 11 hit combo [2], it seems Asuna is going to try to take Zekka on.


I find the idea of us exploring Asuna’s personal life, which is spoken on, far more interesting than watching her face off against Zekka. For while I do love the way battles play out on this show, and certainly Asuna does need to reestablish she was once a bigger bad ass than Kirito, I feel like her family life is being dangled over our heads like a kitten with yarn. Especially since, if you remember how her life was in the 2nd half of the 1st season, she seemingly was a pawn. So taking note of how unhappy she is with her family, and it seeming the last few episodes aren’t going to be dedicated to a new adventure, I think it would be nice for some character development.

Though, with that said, a part of me does want to see Asuna beat someone even Kirito couldn’t.

Things To Note

  1. Leafa notes, before Kirito was defeated, something was whispered between him and Zekka. What exactly? That isn’t known. However, Kirito does say that he doesn’t think Zekka is from Aincrad. Also, in Liz’s mind, Kirito wasn’t fighting to the fullest. But, as noted, considering how life was in Aincrad, and how he had to fight for his, and others, life again in GGO, perhaps Kirito doesn’t fight on that level unless he absolutely must.
  2. Outside of Zekka, the highest known hit combo is General Eugene’s “Volcanic Blazer” which has a hit combo of 8. Something which it seems he isn’t willing to teach to anyone.

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