After getting some background on how the quest came into being, it is all action from there!

Review (with Spoilers)

As we inch closer to the finale in 8 episodes, it seems this arc may end up being rather short. For with us meeting the King of The Giants, Thrym, in the episode, I guess this arc is supposed to be likable filler. Which, as of now, I’m quite into. If just because there is more action in this episode than perhaps what we have seen in most of the Death Gun arc.

For more on “The King of the Giants” look below.

Topic 1: The Cardinal System – Yui


Before they begin the quest, Yui helps break down how such an odd quest came about. You see, like Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online relies on the Cardinal System which can gather local legends and stories in order to make quests. Which, while interesting, doesn’t compare to one of the biggest features of the Cardinal System which includes quests which could destroy the system. Meaning, this quest, based off the Ragnarok events, could destroy Alfheim Online in entirety.


While the stakes in Alfheim Online aren’t like Sword Art Online, in which dying in that world meant death in the real one, I must admit this quest everyone is being put on is quite interesting. If just because it further makes you wish virtual reality was at the level it is in the show’s world. Especially considering the abilities of the Cardinal System. For imagine not just playing out the stories of local folklore or legend, but also that of other countries and nations. Pretty much, the opportunities are endless. Of course, though, the AI needed to do all of that isn’t yet commercial unfortunately.

Topic 2: A Series of Battles and Perhaps a Trap? – Kirito & Klein


With Kirito leading everyone, and Yui assisting, the team rips through multiple levels of Thrym’s castle with slight difficulty. However, things get truly difficult when they encounter a NPC named Freyja. She is trapped behind icicle bars and no one but Klein wants to release her. As for his reason? Well, because Freyja is attractive and the way of the bushido. So, while mostly everyone is cautious of the decision, Klein is allowed to free her and it is a good thing too. For with Kirito’s party only having Asuna as their mage, and her focusing on healing and protection, Freyja’s magic may come of use for what is to come.


I loved watching Kirito and crew take on one monster after another with no pauses, even while discussing strategy. It was quite refreshing compared to what we have seen in GGO where, outside of when we saw Sinon go against those bandits, to see a massive battle. Much less, one after another. Thus making me quite hyped for the final battle.

Topic 3: Thrym, King of the Giants – Kirito, Klein, and Freyja


While we don’t get to see the actual fight, we are given an idea of how difficult the battle will be. For one, Thrym is a literal giant to the point this battle seems like a bunch of Davids vs. one Goliath. But with the cast learning that Freyja was not a traitor in hiding, but one of Urd’s likely associates, if not sister, they are given a slight edge.

Now, as for why she was in Thrym’s castle? Well, she entered under the guise of being willing to marry him. But this was only a ruse get a family heirloom back.


The fights which came before Thrym were quite interesting to watch, and challenging for the characters. So how in the world they are going to defeat the colossus known as Thrym is beyond me. I mean, I know they are going to defeat him eventually, but the question is: what will they pull out of their sleeves to do so? For while Freyja has advanced magic which includes extending everyone’s max HP, and surely will have some strong spells to help, will numbers and Freyja’s magic be enough for a compelling battle?

Much less, what happens after Thrym loses? Will we learn that rather than the lake people being good, instead, they are the lesser of two evils? Or will we simply just head into the next arc? Either way, the season only has around 24 episodes, and there seems to be one more side story, and then another arc. So will this side-story be wrapped up quickly, as well as the 2nd one, and then the final arc? Or will the final arc receive a shortened season 3? I don’t know, but hey, the more Sword Art Online the better.

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