Sword Art Online returns to Alfheim Online for there is a civil war brewing amongst the game’s AI.

Review (with Spoilers)

Rather than introduce a new VRMMO, or stay within GGO, most of the known characters from season 1 return, as does Sinon, for a new adventure within Alfheim Online. One dealing with a civil war between Al which is nearly a genocide. But with Kirito and co. on their way to assist the Hill Giants, perhaps they can end this war quickly?

Topic 1: The Legendary Excalibur – Kirito


After a recent quest in Alfheim Online, Kirito, and his crew somehow tamed a giant jellyfish they named Tonkii. One which shows them the legendary sword: Excalibur. Something which seemingly becomes an increasingly well-known quest, especially as more than just Tonkii shows its location.


Unless I missed something, I’m pretty sure there is one member of Death Gun still out there and also it seems weird that GGO has been utterly abandoned for Alfheim Online. Which sort of bugs me since, for one, GGO seemed a bit cooler. But I guess since most of the cast is already established in Alfheim Online, it wouldn’t make sense for them to shift the whole series to GGO. Especially since Kirito’s avatar is a girl and that could bring up all the odd moments between him and Sinon. Of which, he adds one more odd moment by pulling on Sinon’s tail in Alfheim Online. Making me question what is Kirito and Asuna’s relationship?

Topic 2: The Hill Giants vs. The Frost Giants – Kirito


The next major arc in the series seemingly will be the quest for Excalibur, which is a legendary item causing quite a bit of turmoil for those who live within Jötunheimr. For with the King of the Frost Giants, Thryn, using the sword to cut off Jötunheimr from the tree which provided life are forestation to their world, the land has become snow and ice covered. Then, on top of that issue, Thryn has taken over the kingdom and between his humanoid soldiers, and faeries who fight on his side in order to get Excalibur [1], the beings of Jötunheimr, and their leader Urd, fear they will be victims of genocide. That is unless Kirito and friends save them from what seems like certain death.


Though I still find it odd the Death Gun situation is dropped, this storyline with Urd and Thryn could very well be appealing. Especially since magic and swordplay is likely going to bring much more interesting battles than long distance gun fire, or gun play period. What especially maybe interesting is whether Asuna gets jealous of how Kirito acts around Sinon. For while their quest is primarily about helping Urd and her people, you know there has to be some fun along the way. Now, whether said fun may lead to some drama, who knows? But with Asuna mentioning she is going away soon, and with New Year’s around the corner, there lies the question of who may get a New Year’s kiss from Kirito?

Things to Note

  1. Urd notes that Thryn is not going to give Excalibur, but a carbon copy known as Calibur for if Excalibur was removed, it would destroy all Thryn has worked for.

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