SukaSuka (WorldsEnd): Season 1/ Episode 7 “Home, Sweet Home” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

SukaSuka or Worlds End continues to seem like it wants to build toward something but stumbles too much to make significant progress. The Other Battle Ready Faeries: Nopht, Rhan It is revealed this episode that the faeries we have met aren’t the only ones which can wield dug weapons. There are two more, currently part…

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SukaSuka or Worlds End continues to seem like it wants to build toward something but stumbles too much to make significant progress.

The Other Battle Ready Faeries: Nopht, Rhan

It is revealed this episode that the faeries we have met aren’t the only ones which can wield dug weapons. There are two more, currently part of a surface survey team, who are capable. One being Nopht, who is a bit of a silly one, and then Rhan. She is someone to take note of if only because she is interested in human literature. Which, assumingly her and Willem may one day meet, may lead to some more answers about the end of humanity.


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With there just being a mention about reclaiming the surface, here is hoping that is where this show will lead to next. For, as of now, being trapped on one island and focusing on Willem and Chtholly’s “Will they or won’t they?” romance is going nowhere. Much less, it would be nice if we stopped dipping our toes into some action and got to full on dive in. For while there remains some dug weapons not assigned, it would be cool to see the type of battle which requires multiple participants. That is, rather than one skillful, or berserk, fairy ending a beast rather easily. I mean, it is making me wonder, at least, what is there really to be afraid of? Well, outside of the destruction their falling body part, or for some reason exploding body, could do.

Is It Kindness or Is It Flirting?: Willem, Chtholly

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It seems that Chtholly may no longer be a leprechaun. Meaning, there is the potential she cannot wield a dug weapon anymore. Something which isn’t tested or confirmed but is a possibility. With that comes the question of what to allow her to do next? She may not be able to serve her official purpose so what will she be? May she just help raise and train the girls? Perhaps is being Willem’s eventual wife a possibility? Who knows?

Well, in a way, Willem does. For while he teases Chtholly, it isn’t necessarily confirmed whether or not he has romantic feelings for her. Setting aside his long period of being petrified, he was still a grown man back when being human wasn’t a dirty word. So could he have feelings for Chtholly? Heck, considering this red hair she is developing, could she turn into the woman Willem once loved? Only time will tell.


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Okay, here’s the thing. When it comes to caring about Chtholly and, in extension, caring about her relationship with Willem, I don’t feel it really drives home. In comparison to Alice to Zorouku, there isn’t any real effort in putting Chtholly in danger to make you care. Also, there isn’t any showing of quality time and real relationship building either. Plus, this whole, does he see her as another potential daughter or a love interest reminds you of their age difference. Making it where you really want him to not tease her and just flat out reject her. Because, otherwise, this starts going in a creepy direction.

Though, in general, how romance is handled on this show feels so forced that it’s almost nauseating. Especially since there is this sort of harem setup where the older fairies like Willem, but see Chtholly has dibs, and Nygglatho likes him, but kind of because she wants to eat him. Meanwhile, even with Willem having more personality and worth than most men in his situation, I find it hard to desire him ending up with anyone.

At this point, the main draw to me would be the action scenes. However, they are all a few swings and it is over. Which, increasingly, is getting frustrating.

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