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TV Series Anime SukaSuka (WorldEnd): Season 1/ Episode 9 "Moonlit Sorcery" - Recap/ Review (with...

SukaSuka (WorldEnd): Season 1/ Episode 9 “Moonlit Sorcery” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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SukaSuka (WorldEnd) has its first real emotional moment. However, it comes from neither Willem nor Chtholly.

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Who I Once Was: Ithea, Chtholly

While Elq continues to haunt Chtholly, we learn that Ithea isn’t who she seems to be. To make something which is kind of complicated simple, Ithea is a spirit like Elq. Well, a spirit which took over after the original Ithea couldn’t fight her off anymore. Thus leading to fake Ithea taking over for real Ithea. A secret she hasn’t told anyone before but is entrusting with Chtholly. Someone who accepts her for who she is.


While Ithea’s words made it sound she was happy that Chtholly accepted her, her facial expressions say otherwise. Something about those tears didn’t scream validation. If anything, I think Ithea wanted Chtholly to ask about who she was before. For similar to how Chtholly is losing herself to Elq, Ithea has lost herself to someone she didn’t even know.

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For years it seems, she has been basing this personality off of a journal. A meticulous one she has followed to a T and has died inside a bit masquerading as this person. She even notes she thought of suicide once. So it seemed weird to me that Chtholly didn’t notice that the soul behind the Ithea she knew was hurting. Perhaps longing to do more than share a secret, but also get a chance to be her real self. Not this person everyone was previously accustomed to.

Goodbye, Hello: Willem, Chtholly, Rhan

It’s time to leave the mansion and it is a bit bittersweet. The kids are going to miss Chtholly, who leaves them with gifts, but she’ll miss them most of all. Mostly because her memories are slipping. Yet, on the surface, we begin a new chapter. One in which Willem she get to see his home after 500 years and hopefully retrieve Lapidemsibilus. A sword which could put an end to Chtholly’s current plight.

Though, perhaps best of all, with the main story taking things to the surface, maybe we may get some more action. That alongside figuring out what in the world Rhan has been reading all this time?


I just want to see some battles and learn about Willem’s past. It is hard to say what else this show could offer? Chtholly’s relationship with Willem has no appeal. So outside of understanding the fall of man, learning Willem’s personal history, and a few fights, what else is there to hope for? I mean, things did get a little creepy with the Elq visions [note][/note], but it is hard to say if that should be taken seriously or not. For I would bet Chtholly losing her memories will be saved for the end. Just so the series could finish with some sweet and sappy moment.

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One which will likely make me gag.

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  1. This show increasingly makes me wonder when they sat down at the planning meeting, what was the actual pitch? I have no idea how to tell someone what this show is about at this point and that concerns me given we’re pretty much at the end of the run.

    • The only thing consistent, thus far, is the relationship of a 15 year old with a man who definitely, before death, had to be in his 20s or 30s.

      So I guess the pitch would have dealt with a love surviving an endless war, huge age gap (when you factor he is 500 + whatever his age is), and the fact she is a being whose soul is a wandering dead child’s…

      • And based on that pitch they still made it?
        I’ve actually enjoyed certain parts of this series but that doesn’t change the fact that as a story it seems a little bit broken at this point.

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