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SukaSuka (Worlds End): Season 1/ Episode 10 “My Happiness” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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One of Elq's dolls which look like Chtholly.

One of Elq’s dolls which look like Chtholly.

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As we learn more about the beasts which wiped out humanity, the show tries to establish what everyone has to lose. Especially Willem.

The Origins of the Beasts: Rhantolk, Willem, Chtholly

The beasts were man made bio-weapons. Something similar to what the faeries, leprechauns, or whatever they are called now, can be considered. However, Rhan asks about their origins. What was the original one? For with the damage being the genocide of humanity, countries, islands, and even oceans being destroyed, these questions need to be asked. Who is the source we are fighting?

Well, it is hard to say. All that can be confirmed is that they are human. Something learned while Willem tunes Nopht’s weapon which specializes in killing human beings. Though, all things considered, it would explain that thing which sprouted from the beast we saw Chtholly fight before she got grounded.


Rhan asking Willem what the beasts were created from?

Rhan asking Willem what the beasts were created from?

I was really hoping that Rhan would have sped up what needs to be done. That is, her showing that book she has been trying to decipher to Willem. For he is probably one of the few people, beings rather, alive who can read that. Yet, you know, they have to make it so she distrusts him and of course, add a very odd moment. One in which he is dispersing the venom from them. Something which gives Nopht the giggles and leads Rhan to make orgasmic sounds.

That though aside, I more and more think we need a flashback. Which I’m starting to realize I say a lot but, honestly the present on this show is so dull. I mean, we do see some sort of beast(s) eat up Garick’s scavengers. However, like all monster appearances, we don’t get something epic and fulfilling. It is some sort of last minute shock value to try to reinvigorate the viewer – at best.

Lillian v. Elq: Lillian, Elq, Chtholly

Introducing: Lillia Asplay (what an unfortunate last name)

Introducing: Lillia Asplay (what an unfortunate last name)

The legendary redhead, who I do believe had yet to be named, finally appears again. Though, for some reason, she is speaking about killing Elq. Someone who was sleeping peacefully before Lillian burst in. But, to make matters odder, Elq speaking toward Lillian is like blows being landed.

All the while, Chtholly just watches stunned. Not really sure what to say, do, or what is happening here. Just like us.


So, here is my thoughts. Elq probably is the source of all the beasts and in a Harry Potter Horcrux kind of way, Elq is imprinted on Lillian’s soul. Making it so, while Lillian’s soul is perhaps taking over Chtholly, Elq is benefitting from this rebirth. For it could be very well that Lillian finished the job, but it was after the beasts were already born. Though, there remains the question: Should Elq be considered evil or unknowing about the powers she wields? Much less, in the white room, was that a dream, a flashback, or what? After all, Chtholly is losing it so we can’t say anything seen is 100% fact.

Marry Me: Willem, Chtholly

Chtholly holding Willem as he deals with the realization of what the beasts are.

I’m not going to lie, this had me a bit teary eyed.

While everyone first saw Chtholly as some young thing Willem was messing with, this changes. They still think they are together, but they gain a reason to respect her. For with how good of a cook she is, how well she cleans and is talented at domestic work, they are stunned. Yet, Willem is still a bit uneasy with the idea.

However, something changes. We are told it is because of how she gives him a reason to live, but it could be something else. Perhaps how much she is beginning to look like Lillian or that, after coming to terms with what assumingly was his wife dying, he is ready to move on. For be it Lillian or the girl he was going to have butter cake with, before humanity was wiped out, I strongly believe he was with one of the two.


Up until the marriage proposal, I was starting to get behind the whole Willem and Chtholly relationship. Granted, it is still difficult to deal with him, minus the 500 years, being a grown man into a teenager. However, like with All The Ugly and Wonderful Things, I was forgetting how screwed up the specifics were for, generally, they seemed cute together.

Especially as Willem was coming to terms with what the beasts were. For even though there hasn’t been a single hint pointing towards whether he could have been involved with their creation, that realization raised an eyebrow. Partly because it seemed like a sign of guilt, but also because there might have been a realization that those he loved could have become these beasts. The ones which he is helping and training these faeries to slaughter. And while, granted, it doesn’t seem like the beasts are similar to Eboncandle, who knows really?

After all, it isn’t like these beasts, assuming they can hear and speak, understand modern language. They speak the old tongue. So they can neither be commanded nor spoken to. All they hear is foreign words and maybe that is the trigger they need to begin their assault. [note]I must also mention how cute Rem and Willem are. She has consistently been by his side and helping him with whatever he needs. Their relationship remains probably Willem’s best and all she seems to want is to be invited. Maybe also given a pet, a cuddle, or some sort of affection every now and then. [/note]

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